R9k thread for the stoners? what you smoking on?

r9k thread for the stoners? what you smoking on?

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Fitting because my autistic sense of pride keeps me from getting a designated weed pipe, I smoke green out of a traditional tobacco pipe instead. It's broken at the head so I'm keeping it together with duct tape with a fucking hobo

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where do you live? have you ever had a glass pipe?

Denmark, and no, but I've used 'em through friends

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just vaping on some nicotine atm

Really only smoke joints.

I bought a glass pipe a year ago and i find you just waste a lot for the same high. Also no one really smokes blunts in my country

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gas yourselves normalfaggs

gas is slang for high quality cannabis.

High rates of drug consumption is a symptom of psychological issues and isolation. Smoking weed in solitude is a certified robot activity

>tfw finally getting some weed tomorrow after a 2 month dry spell
Feels good lads, especially since I just passed my finals and have absolutely no responsibilities right now. I can just get stoned and not have to feel bad about being a lazy fucker since I have nothing to do anyways

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>Smoking weed in solitude is a certified robot activity

Or just a really good idea

Drug consumption is both totally robotic () and also completely based in a philosophical context. Do you have any idea how many drugs philosophers took? We're not dropping E at parties, that's horrid

smoking on some sherbert in a glass pipe outside

>i find you just waste a lot for the same high
oh no
the opposite is true
what makes you think you waste more with a pipe?

Who /hemp/ here?

smoking white cheese. got the last of it rolled up into a nice fat spliff, heading into town tomorrow to see if I can find more green for a new stash. everytime I tried this I found some kush to buy from someone, so I'm hoping my lucky streak continues.

how do you find people who will sell you?

everytime i ask my friends or go through a dealer its a negative experience, they make me wait a lot etc.

just gotta try your luck with different people, some give you shit product, some make you wait forever, etc. but there are good dealers around too who will give you cheap stuff at a discount and won't make you wait forever. also you can look into weed delivery services, there are probably some in your city if you check weedmaps. they will usually have a website on there where you can check product and then call the number to place delivery to your location.
>how do you find people who will sell you?
in your town or city, go to where young adults congregate like university campuses and college party spots downtown (bars, restaurants they go to). I go to a couple spots myself and usually a college frat boy type or an obvious stoner (bob marley shirts, weed merch, long hair etc.) will point me in the right direction. also weed is legal here but the shops have dismal product that is more expensive.

also the guys I ran into all had product on them at the time I was buying, so it's possible to find a dealer who already has stuff on them too

Obviously a 3rd world education

I abandoned this thread but I didn't mean to.. I have been having a chill azz night with my dad and my bro. My dad made some chicken parm and we got fucked up on that. Currently trying to pick up from a delivery service

side note does anyone here remember TC "tokecity" forum? It has been down for awhile now and I am wondering what other forum type stoner communities are out there (not reddit)

I've been clean for about 2 months and I'm scared to smoke again. Usually something bad happens, caused by gf and my lightheadedness when I smoke.

>everytime i ask my friends or go through a dealer its a negative experience, they make me wait a lot etc.
welcome to dealing with dealers. this is how it is.

most reliable guys are the ones who don't get high on their own supply. find a straight edger just there to make money. always the best dealers. rare though.

Weed makes me paranoid and anxious and I hear voices.

update, I got a 5g slab for a full bill and I didn't have to leave my house it was delievered. God bless America

>what you smoking on?
Pink Kush, its alright but god damn it's so dry and tastes like nothing. I only bought it cause it was 23.5% THC.

i pissed off my plugs so ive been drinking constantly for the last couple days i think

>and I hear voices
you're schizo, buddy. Marijuana does not do that, that's all your head.
I'd see a doctor if I was you.

A pipe I got from a friend. Anyone like listening to podcasts while high?

not even that high my dude. plus THC content isn't what makes a great bud. it's the terp profile. the genetics.

TAP but I won't tell who I am :))))
I'm pretty cringe

>not even that high my dude.
I don't have $200 to drop on every ounce. Best I can get for the price and without getting scammed, half the sites I find that have alright prices turn out to be straight up fake.
It also gets me high, so it's doing something right.