What would you do if you started dating this girl...

What would you do if you started dating this girl, went on numerous dates and got a blowjob from her and she told you today that she's trans and still has a dick

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Would drop her because it's fucking disgusting and I'm not gay

I can tell that's a dude

I would say "duh, I can see your face".

it's a shame she's trans. she has a sort of cute personality

Ask if she will let me stroke the clit of course

I have no trouble if s/he is trans
Also no trouble if s/he has a dick or not
But pic related literally shits in a bag connected to her intestines
So, no. Sorry sweetie, should have kept the dick

>butthole is clean and ready for fun 24/7
Why don't you take the colostomy pill, user?

her dick is also massive as fuck. bigger than average so probably bigger than yours

Will she let me hold her hand? If so then yes id date her

>her dick is also massive as fuck
Really? Sienna looked around 5 inches

Sue for being tricked into forced unnatural and disgusting acts with same sex. Also make sure that thing is committed for mental illness.

I've got a pretty good trans radar. Either way, I don't really care. I'd politely decline a future relationship unless we'd really gotten so close to each other that I had stopped caring about the potential future of having kids and introducing family to her without prejudice.

But I realllllllly don't care. I also just realized I was on Jow Forums.

You've probably just rocked that guys world. Now he is going to feel even worse about his micro-penis.

not anymore, he had it cut off

Sienna was almost 8 inches, what the hell? Why would you want to get rid of that? That's Chad tier

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that's not 'almost' 8 inches retard
even if that was a proper bone-press it would literally be 7.0

It's a shame she had such a rough run then all the surgery complications.
If I got along with girl and liked her I'd have no problems if she was a tranner with a dick.

>measured from the side
nah, that gives me more than an extra inch

also that dick is gone, it no longer exists.

it's bad for the environment

I'd say it doesn't matter to me, spoil them & live a loving life playing vidya with my skilled gamer transgirl, one day when we're solidified and very close to eachother I'll convince them to do full transition surgery so she can live as she was meant to be. Then after it's done I'll text them "This is for not telling me you were a guy" & ghost them, never to be seen from again. Western civilization secured.

lol @ people who get tricked by trannies. secretly into dudes then it all blows up and they realize it and shoot the trannie

i wouldn't start dating him since anyone can tell hes a dude

Wouldn't happen I can tell just by looking