Okay fellow nazis. I have something to tell you. Please support, care, love and fight against transphobia...

Okay fellow nazis. I have something to tell you. Please support, care, love and fight against transphobia. Transgirls deserves love and respect too!

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No, not really. Oh and I think you meant mentally ill man children not girls

You deserve shit. Go kill yourself you fucking faggot and stop spamming the board with your bullshit.

This is what you support, I hope you know that

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In 1 century, gender change will actually be possible and everyone will look back at 2000s as backwards and extremely bigoted.

But until then, get dilated.

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I'm not calling them girls when they look like men and also have penises. I don't have to respect men who take their autogynephilia fetish into the public. If they kill themselves simply because I won't cater to their fragile reality by calling them girls, then it's not my fault.

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Anime unironically skews the perspective of fags. It's not real you dumb mentally ill faggot. It will NEVER. EVER. Look that good. 2D literally turned you into a fucking homo.

Come here, I wanna blow you a kiss.

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whats with trannies and anime? also dialate

Trans rights are human rights. Just end this hate against them.

You're a brainwashed and manipulated tool that's being used to undermine and destroy western civilization. The only silver lining in this is that you're a genetic dead end who will father no children with your frail dumb easily exploited putty brain.

You already have the right to practice your fetish in public and for people to pretend that you don't look like a freakshow. What exactly are you missing?

Trans people are humans, well seen Sherlock, you just want extra rights. Do you think that's right?

Trannies don't like real women, they only fetishise the lives of cute 15 year old anime girls. Notice how their transition goals are always young anime girls, usually lesbians, never actual women

Why wont you just get the fuck out or kill yourselves already, quit spamming our board GET THE FUCK OUT GET THE FUCK OUTTT

You were here yesterday with pro-lgbt shit. Get out mentally ill trash.

>Trans rights are human rights
What does this mean exactly? Human rights are human rights? Pretty meaningless statement.

Have sex incels and stop hating women.

What robotic answers, I will stop bumping your thread, because it's obvious that you are just part of the attack on Jow Forums with those mass answers

>stop hating women.
Men with mental illness are not women.

Okay guys. I was only checking something. Thanks God there are in the west some good lads. Maybe there is some hope for the west. I'm from Poland and hate transfags so much. I'm proud of y'all.

Based. Don't let our (((media))) trick you. Outside of the big cities, the US isn't so pozzed.


i don't hate women i just hate trannies

i'm a Hoosier and i fucking hate trannies

i also have something to tell you OP.

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fuck i hate people like you so god damn much i hope someone shoots you in the streets like a degenerate you are

>Whites build society and technology
>Jews control it
>Jews use it to turn white males into girls
Really makes you think.

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i forgot about that bit. great news

>Transgirls deserves love and respect too!
not really, you have a mental disease, get help

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>People with mental diseases don't deserve love and respect
Then why do Incels complain about not having love and respect so often? You're mentally ill, get over it.

you just validate all the hate by saying that

No fuck them desu. Traps are disgusting and mentally ill freaks. Now I'd fuck a genuine passing trap no problem, but they are only like 1% of less of trannies so fuck them.

being a incel is also symptom of mental illness, but no one gets told not to hate them, you dont see anyone being proud of being a incel or waving a incel flag or making abhorrent threads like you do

Incels just shoot up schools instead. Typical whiteboy behavior desu.

lol trannies really like to portray themselves as anime cuties, don't they? pic related is your average mtf fag.

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I don't really care about trans faggots, I just want to cum inside their assholes and that's pretty much it

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I'm okay with transgenderism, I am *not* okay with multiracialism.

Because you don't look like the pic you posted. You look like an effeminate nerd with long hair at best, a monster at worst. If 50 years from now science actually make you a real woman then I would accept you, but that shit is science fiction

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