Are asian males the most JUSTED in the world?

Are asian males the most JUSTED in the world?

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>race topic
very good

reminder that ALL race traitors will be killed when the race war kicks off. this includes white bois who chase gooks. either youre killed by neo nazis or buttblasted chinks. either way youre gonna be hangin by a tree

no way bro. us race mixers and people that support them will be our own legion

Fucking chinks disrupts their genetic lineage. You think any white guy is ACTUALLY settling down with an Asian? They're toys dummy. It's a net benefit to the master Aryan race.

On one hand the Neonazis are definitely trying to kill all the asians as per the manifesto "The Turner Diaries". But as I see this kind of this asian women miscegenation over and over again I think it's time to make an asian nationalist movement bent on securing the race. Asian women are running to white and black men at obscene levels. Asian men are immmasculated and so unpopular that they are even less desirable than black women. Our own women don't even want us. It's time to take back what is ours, asians for the asian race.

yeeeaaah ok bros

>Be white but with dark hair and eyes
>Nearly all asians want blonde and blue eyed chads or close to it

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> white and black men
This post was made by a delusional blackbot. Only black people keep telling themselves people desire them.

I hate niggers and I only date my own race. Asian women hate niggers more than any other demographic in the world. Not a single one of my friends ever said black guys are good looking and if I ask them if they would date one, they always say no.

t. asian fembot

Her poor whitewashed mind

Nobody's about to do any race war. Shut up man

>Be white guy with blonde hair and blue eyes
>Also a manlet
I just want to die tbqh

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Y-you're a manlet too? user...A difficult life for us both. But at least you can find a group that will accept you

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>Be white
>but with dark hair and eyes
congratulations, you are not white

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Feels. But just convince the girl on the first date you can hormone the child to be 6ft chad and he'll inherit the blonde hair blue eye aesthetic. Slay on my Anglo brother

Spics don't care about height, jbw works at any height on them

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I don't think I am but many Nordics say I am. I don't know what to believe. Not even med women want me. It's over

name one prominent white nationalist right now who hasn't dated asians

Jared Taylor
Richard Spencer
Andrew Anglin
all dated asians

Eurasian is the new masterrace bitch

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Nobody accepts us manlets user. It is a bitter life.
Do you think anyone would actually believe that? Might be worth trying.

yikes, you sound upset

blasian couples are everywhere in my city, im in one myself

This isn't a positive of the movement. This is a negative, how will anyone be inspired by a bunch of racemixers saying "Hey, please populate the land with white babies while I fuck my gook/nig" I'm kindof disappointed with how soulless white nationalism authorities are.

I was half joking as you don't say this on a first date, but hormone therapy works to squeeze a couple inches as environment aspect usually isn't maxed & hormones max it. & your kids will be taller anyway.

Not at all, because asians have access to the most beautiful women on earth. They should consider trhemselves lucky that their women have good taste and generally only date asian or white men. White men have to deal with white roasties who will fuck niggers.

It's less common than you think, once our (((eternal enemy))) falls, it'll be about as common as beastiality again.

at least the baby is not an ugly ass niglet. this is race mixing done right.

>life is complete shit
>remember i'm not an asian male
>instantly become happier
I don't know how you guys go on living. The worst part is that you are smart enough to know how fucked up your situation is. You can't live in blissful ignorance like others do.

yeah pretty much. being a pajeet is magnitudes better than being asian

t. asian

i love how enthusiastic she is about getting successfully propagating white genes

>Be me at the grocery store
>The people in the line next to me are a white boomer and his two hapa kids
>Girl of about 14, pretty , bubbly
>The cashier is going apeshit, lavishing praise on the girl, complimenting her beautiful smile, wanting to take her home, telling her she's beautiful
>Meanwhile no one even mentions the skinny, chinless beta who is her brother
The memes are real. Creating hapa boys is fucking cruel.

>"""people"" are still using a proud mother and her newborn to race bait on Jow Forums

just be like Steve Aoki or that one swiss model, bro.

jbw confirmed. whites cannot be robots under any circumstance. Slant eyes are the truest robots, to the point of having no empathy


White people cant be robots.They are normie by default.

Well it depends by what you mean by Asian. If you mean East Asians yea they're sort of cucked but they unironically have so much potential and wealth. Besides what the memes say they are rather isolated from the rest of the world. They have great education and career opportunities unlike us Mexicans.

Us Mexicans and other latin americans are completely fucked we have zero sex appeal hardly any chance to get out of your living situation. Dramatically underpaid, corrupt goverments, shitty schools, and cartels everywhere. Maybe we don't get cucked as much as Japs but that's because our women are orcish and nobody really gives a shit about them.

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>dont get mad at white people
>this non asian, non white boi gets salted over
irony is you saying that others have no empathy. see if you can figure that out owo

>non whites so salty they keep pin pointing asians as an example of "JBW" when neither asians or whites want their petty little JBW drama

I like how supposed robots argue over topics they should have no experience about. If any of you can get a gf or care about who others fuck, not how many people they fuck FYI, then you probably dont belong here. This place has turned into a politically incorrect circlejerk knock off reddit

>Race traitors

God that is disgusting...
Why would a women do that to herself?

By having a white gf

>our women are orcish and nobody really gives a shit about them.
>Latin America
Maybe for Mexico, Bolivia, and Central America but you're completely wrong about the rest of South America

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>feel bad for Asian males
>then remember that they're like white men in their own countries

Just go back to Korea, bro. They can't refuse you guys if they got no choices. At least you're not expected to save and shoulder the burdens of your own communities while reaping no rewards, benefits, accolades or even praise until you've significantly been worn out and suffered for it t. black woman

come on user. Bleaching is never bad. Just have some white babies too

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>black people telling asians to go back
racist asf

>thinks we dont have a Chad/normie/cyborg alliance nation

Nah, nah, nah. You misunderstand. America's standards are fucked up where women will consider a dumbfuck redneck more attractive than a fit educated successful Asian man. The Asian women I've known got white fever or whatever its called when they've got damn good men right there in their community unlike myself kek. At least you can go back to your own country and find women who are proud enough to still love their own men. unlike myself ha;_; You guys got it better than you know and than the world would like to admit.

oh i understand just fine, sweetie

Wow, niggers are really ignorant and uneducated like everyone says

Go live in some other county, please. You just cause problems.

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ey whats up with the racism? cant express yourself without resorting to such crude name-calling?

Wow, african americans are really ignorant and uneducated like everyone says

i mean thats better.

It's possible for it to only take one person to change someone's mind about a race. Unfortunately, most of us will never meet a smart nigger. Most of you are incredibly stupid and you fail to change my mind, you only reinforce my beliefs. If you want people to respect niggers, stop being so stupid and use your head more.

mmk, im not even black.

based and rp based and rp

t, that one racist black fembot

black girls be like
>"go back to asia!"
cus dey had it good and didnt hafta share dey white mans. mmhmm *snaps fingers*

Her face when she discovers the majority of blue-eyed, blond-haired babies will develop brown eyes within several weeks and brown hair by puberty.
Oh well, she can enjoy the cuteness while it lasts.

ironic she didn't get a white baby but a mongrel that isn't white nor asian

s e e t h i n black fembot

I don't know about the Asian males in Asia, but I kind of feel bad for the Asian dudes in America. Not even their own women want to date them, and those who successfully dated non-Asian dude are very vocal about their successes.

the asian men will trickle down, sis

They really discard all logic just to take the chance to take a racist potshot and thinks that somehow makes them right. Ask em to come up with an actual rebuttal where they're not resorting to stereotypes, hatred or racism and they'll not only fall so ridiculously short but get mad that they can't get a cookie for being a racist twat.

>waaah i want good coon niggers to cater to me and make me feel important about my buttmad racist feelings

The fact is that nobody cares about the opinion of a buttmad basement dweller like yourself. Go die mad, Tyler.

Dicky's wife was Georgian, hardly asian.

uh ok bros. seems like asians are the only ones not mad t b h

I have written some of these concepts before but:
>yellow fever fags are projecting their moral beliefs onto women they find sexy
>yellow fever has similar delusional patterns of thought as trannyfags

>he thinks he's white

>Asian women hate niggers more than any other demographic in the world.
Nice try, chink. Stop trying to desperately appeal to white men.

>talking about being a manlet
>talking about best manlet
Vegeta a good boy

>being a hypocrite
>master race

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original image for those interested

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as god intended. oregon trail

>descendants of monkeys just like Africans
>small penis

I don't care, i cant imagine being in a relationship
If i ever get horny enough I'll just get a prostitute

holy moly look at her behind

That's one ugly ass baby
Blue eyes won't save this mongrel

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I would pay to see all their holes stretched by BIG WHITE COCK.
Beautiful BWC lovers

>I only date my own race
Are you retarded or just illiterate?

Are you retarded? Because it was pretty clear I was calling you a liar.

I'm sorry that you're a retard, user. It must be hard for you to live life as mentally impaired imbecile.

>it must be hard
Nothing in my life is as hard as it was for you to use multisyllabic words.

>mentally impaired imbecile
As opposed to what? A brilliant imbecile?

He had an asian gf before.

my mom married a white guy, and when i was adopted by chinese step parents they also wanted me to date someone higher "class" aka white. Pretty funny i guess.

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get the fuck out tripfag, you are a subhuman no matter your race

and not a single guy in this thread has an asian girlfriend

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Maybe that's not what they meant and you're taking it the wrong way? There are plenty high class/rich asians.

I would assume it's hard for you to even wipe your own ass or put on your own clothes since you equate "I would never date white men" to "white men please date me!!"

I've never seen such a retarded individual, you take the cake as the biggest moron. Who is your caretaker and why does he let you use the internet unsupervised?


No, it is what they meant. I'm paraphrasing so i don't have to type the full thing they said.

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The lady doth protest too much and too originally, methinks.

Sounds like you were projecting, user. Are you a brown man who has a huge inferiority complex towards white men and act hyper sensitive about it all the time? Just a feeling since you refer to white men as a third party. I'm dating a korean guy fyi.

I am not.

Weird you said that unprompted.

Have a nice night or day, wherever you're from. There is no need to argue online, we don't know each other and have nothing to gain from it. Sorry for everything disrespectful I said.

You too user, hope what I said prompts some self-reflection. All the best.

So basically anyone who isnt an asshole can chill while people who care about the fact that others look different can eradicate themselves? Sounds redpilled

not really, user. if you're talking about the white men thing, you accuse me of white worshipping or something along those lines. I only want to date my own race. you made a really big assumption and you don't know me in any way.

what I will self-reflect on is how I treat others. I don't want to be mean to people just because they were rude to me. I think I was meaner to you than you were to me anyway. sorry.

Thats totally fine, but it reminds me of the fact that Asian men are going to Africa in droves to find better wives

I thought you said goodnight?

Whats your countrys currency exchange rate to American dollars?

this psychotic obsession with race and dating from both ends of the spectrum is actually mentally ill and everything this board is constantly talking about. you all must be economically privileged enough that this is considered your core issue, that THIS is the biggest detriment to your life. in that case kys.

t. asian woman
Your kind is the only one obsessed with racemixing because you hate your own faces

We are not lol, why would I want to go to a war infested shithole like Africa when I have an Asian wife and good job?

>your kind
I dont associate myself with anyone faggot.

relax user bleaching isnt bad