I've lost interest in everything, I can't enjoy games, I can't enjoy anime and I cant enjoy mindlessly reading a book...

I've lost interest in everything, I can't enjoy games, I can't enjoy anime and I cant enjoy mindlessly reading a book. Nothing makes me feel happy, I just feel empty and bored. Everything bores me, yet I don't feel sad. I just feel nothing. What does this mean?

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as weird as it may sounds, that's actually depression.

it means you need to produce instead of consume
and you're going to go into some sort of programming despite it being the most cookie-cutter productive hobby you can find these days. have fun

I don't feel depressed. If you've experienced it yourself, maybe it's true, maybe I am.

>and you're going to go into some sort of programming

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I've felt like this for about 11 years. Sometimes I do feel sad and there are moments when I see a peek of enjoyment, but for the most part I just exist. I think it's colloquially known as "Walking depression" because you can still function, get up, go to work etc but nothing in life is satisfying and you never really feel anything.

I've never been diagnosed though so I guess I could be way off the mark.

I feel the same. I don't even get angry at things that should definitely make me angry.

People have told me i seam like a dead fish. Most conversations I have end when the other just leaves abruptly due to how boring I am.

My family gives me hell over it, tells me its not "cool" to try to be emotionless. That's not why i'm like this, i'm like this because im bored, always.

Just spend my days pacing in circles, reloading the catalog, and looking at black licorice on amazon that i cant afford, because im a bored sperg that is strangely obsessed with it, but haven't had it in 3 years.

I have no interests or hobbies.

I've heard that psychedelics can help with this, but I have to wonder how if after I take them I'll still be the same loser

I would definitely go see an expert. Also maybe try looking for a new hobby to get passionate about, hopefully, something productive instead of passive like anime and games.

I've also been told that but I just feel like a brief high will result in a crushing low and instead of feeling my usual absence of emotion, I would experienced a much more prolonged and extreme period of sadness. I just not willing to risk it.

user you need to make some friends

i try but they always seem to drift away.

yeah, believe me, its actual depression, you don't even need to feel sad or depressed for it to be.

I wouldn't take the meds they never worked for me, but maybe they will for you, but it's a waste of money and they can fuck up your brain beyond repair, so yeah, it's up to you to seek professional help or stay like this.

After a while you won't even mind being bored or having no interest or nothing to do, time just goes away without you noticing, like seeing yourself from another point of view, i don't know if that makes sense.

There's a word for a type of depression where you lose interest in many/all things and things in general just feel shittier, but not full depression or a chemical imbalance. Kinda like that South Park episode. I forgot the word for it but it sounds like what you have. Also see pic related(?)

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>What does this mean?
that you're depressed


it's anhedonia user, and it's a core symptom of depression

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this is what depression is?
wtf man i'v been like this my entire life

I think I've experienced something similar to that when I first smoked weed. Even though it is such a tame drug compared to others, I was absolutely dead for days afterwards, experiencing lows I hadn't been in for years. Haven't touched anything since then.

Gotta go out. A new game might work too

It means that you're probably living with depression. Been there familia. Go seek professional help and stop complaining on a nepalese hash kneading imageboard, you fucking retard, we have sixty threads like this every single day, nobody fucking cares you cunt.

Stop being such a pussy and solve your shit or just helium bag yourself.

Can relate
About to change
Ketamine on its way
Sweet cure for sure

you know what it is mate, go get help

I would unironically consider finding somebody to love. My gf is literally the only thing in life that excites me.

Same here famalam.
Thinking of quitting my job when classic wow comes out and play it til i run out of money and hang myself, might actually have fun for once.

same except it's not my gf it's my therapist and I haven't seen her in months

nigga no need to be rude

that's known as "high functioning depression" afaik

This sounds like depression for sure, depression doesn't necessarily mean you're sad, it can mean that you don't find enjoyment in anything

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Spend less time with media, internet and social media and start spending time with your friends.

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I feel deep hatred at your family with that short description

>just have emotion son