Another /creative/
You know the drill
Made a music video for another anons song, i'm not the best at editing, i apologize

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Sup OP, I drew this a few days ago. Taken an art break since then.

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posted this in the last thread but it died shortly after so posting again in hopes for some feedback besides commenting on my legs

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This is cool as fuck, user.
Also, nice legs.

Cool picture, why did you take a break though?

cos I'm happy with it and I'm gonna take a little while to soak up the experience I got from drawing it. I draw a lot normally I just don't feel like it.
At least it's better than art-block.

I made a test video with a looping thing I drew

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did you write the song or is it just the illustration which is yours?

Song is Hey Faggot - The Ropes and yep only the illustration, was testing the quality of it if i'd actually animated something

fair enough, have you done anything with a bit more motion?

nope, I never have the motivation to properly animate. I'm planning to start learning to after I get my anatomy and stuff better

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it should've been more alive imo, make the clothes move around or the hair wave around a lot more. other than that, it's great

The video and concept are great, but you should work on your editing and camerawork. When showing off all the pieces you need, there is no reason to cut to an out of focus shot and then show the camera focusing. Do a couple more takes of each step and make sure you get a few where the auto focus doesn't go in and out so you can cut those as you like. Also, when showing off the finished sections move the object in your hand and not the camera around it. A shakey object can be a bit annoying, but it is worlds better than a shakey camera since the background stays static. For example, your shots at 3:40 and on are far better than the ones at 1:40, so try to do more like the former.

Hope my extra film classes at college can come in a little handy to you.

thankyou for the feedback and i will bare what you've said in mind.
> there is no reason to cut to an out of focus shot and then show the camera focusing
though that part was purposeful because i like the aesthetic

these threads are awesome, I posted a song me and my friend made and another user made it into an AMV


thats great, do you do engineering or something at uni?

>thats great, do you do engineering or something at uni?
thanks user, I'm doing product design, i just do this stuff for fun

If you're doing it for the aesthetic, then for the love of god please don't use auto focus. Use manual so you can get a nice smooth transitional focus and not the weird chopping in and out auto tends to do.

I've been making maps in wonderdraft:
Its a bloody amazing piece of software I must say, and its very theraputic drawing maps. I've already started colouring this one and its turning into something very special!

it is manual focus, it's just this is the first time i've used a DSLR

Ah okay, then take some time to practice making it smooth and not over correcting. It's not the hardest skill, but it definitely takes some time to get your hands used to turning at a constant rate. Another thing that might help is actually starting more out of focus so there's more contrast when you do focus in. Specifically at 0:28-0:30 you start out very close to in focus and then tighten it in only a little bit (a part of that particular problem is that the foreground shot with the outlet that directly preceded it made the background VERY out of focus, which you then cut to a shot of the background only slightly out of focus).

I love the comfy runescape music

thanks dude, i'll bare that in mind, the DSLR isn't mine and i only had a few days to borrow it but next time I get my hands one one i'll have to practise my focus pulling

afternoon folks

Nice one user, maybe do a proper recording and throw in another instrument? I really like it

"proper" stuff planned next week
I have the party van and a roadie ready to go

hi bump
it has been a while but that has been because of dealing with being putting priorities into caring for a critically ill family member so have not been able to even leave the house for six months as that would have been a risk vector for someone undergoing chemo and having a compromised immune system so i stuck it out and started writing a new album instrumental to carry on from the last one called Origins which had a track which did relatively well called Just A Robot, which was posted here last year in this general. here is a clip from what i am working on and i kindly ask it not to be spread outside the board. it is not mastered yet, so this is direct from the recordings >dropbox.com/s/laphws9ckiefg6d/Test.wav?dl=0


i like this.

i 2nd this guy, a proper recording would make this shine.

Yeah, my post came off a bit cuntish. It would sound really good on a high quality mic though

The mic is good quality but the room is shit

i beg you like my pictures i need validation

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I'm just using a shitty practice amp and I have the mic in between me and the amp so that it can hear both but without any reverb reducing stuff in my room
The roadie is borrowing a speaker system and bass amp from church
Next week is when I'll do some recordings where I try not to half ass it

plus I compressed the shit out of it otherwise you guys say it's too quiet

I see what you mean about theraputic

just originally did this drawing

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a bump with originally another one of these

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loling at the wedgie. good art though brother

Never posted in one of these before
Is it kosher if I drop my black metal band in here?
I'll do it anyway

How did you do that most recent one? It seems different from the others.

Whoops, that second part was directed at

You're fucking sick, promoting pedophillia. You should be killed

seething. Kill yourself aging roastie

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Degenerate subhumans. I'm not a roastie just because I despise your subhuman filth who make drawings of harming and sexualizing innocent children
Just like the Podestas you are shit and a cancer that should be removed from the world

uhhh wtf are you talking about user? i just like drawing cartoon characters??

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>I take the internet very seriously

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uhhh i'm not sure what you're seeing as sexual about my drawings... if you see that kinda stuff then that's on you

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t: came to Jow Forums from r/The_Donald during the 2016 election.

>being this btfo at a picture
lmaoing at your life fag

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why the frick did my wedgie drawing get deleted

tell me, jannies

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faggot probably got his discord buddies to mass report it, with enough reports things get auto-deleted.


Does anyone like drawing fantasy stuff, I'd post some of my work, but I don't have the proper equipment.

This gave me a boner, make sure to wedgie her more if you can

thinking about making a power metal album about Wizard101 and the Grizzleheim zone in the game with my friend. And for my drums im only record it with one 50 dollar mic (blue snowball)

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Please tell me you take commissions or something please

Do it and send me the link to the place your going to post it, I'm a conisseur of power metal.

ill probably just post it on here if it ever gets finished but right now it's just an idea between us and its mostly just for the funny ha-ha type shit. My friend has a distrokid so it would be on spotify, google play music, itunes all that jazz

an exercise I did practicing momentum and modulation.

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thats beautiful user. It sounds exactly like a happy smimen smelling the lovely flowers

It was actually this, I just used intelligent selection on the torso

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sminen is a boy cool

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>using filter evasion in /creative/

Lost all my old /creative/ files when my computer an hero'd.

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Never stop making beautiful art.

Reminder that everyone should always have a physical backup as well as an online backup.

poem i gone and did

bundles of joy wrapped in pride
healthily squealing nothing inside
just in time the clock shall unwind
but behind the times the clock will shine
hundred before, another comes next
but the one we forget breaks our necks

Holy shit user, that's me, I was the OP and posted it in this thread, cool to see you!

bump1ng this thre4d

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Here we fucking go bois

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I made a youtube channel the other week.

I am going to try and make /comfy/ tier content

Please subscribe frens

Also looking for ideas, so if you have any let me know

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>art rock

Got something really good for you this time.

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holy shit user those are pretty fucking good
great job friend, really original

good shit

two things
try making the camera a little more stable, the movement gives it kind of a nice amateur touch, but it moves way too much
second, clean the audio a little bit more
still, sub'd and sav'd

thank you man i appreciate it

recently posted my new song so let me know what u think

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I though these were /creativegeneral/, not /creative/

I'll start editing more, since I'm out of education

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i play bass cause i can't barre an G9 chord as such 353435 but post-ironically

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