You have mere minutes to court this woman. What do you say/talk about?

You have mere minutes to court this woman. What do you say/talk about?

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i hate those fuzzy sweaters, id just leave

you wouldnt even let her know?

nope id just walk away, anyone that wears those stupid fuzzy sweaters are just weird and gross. the stupid fuzz sticks to fucking everything, dont even get me started on how it affects laundry. those sweaters literally ruin everything that it comes into contact with. its like wearing a cat 24/7

maybe you could change her mind and start an anti-fuzzy sweater revolution

did you know they add the smell to gas?

What's wrong with sweaters? They are extremely comfortable, is this some kind of American meme tied to a certain demographic?

You're in. Good job.

It's just a random user lmao

Yo, nice sweater. My little sister has the same one. She's not as tall tho. Where are you from?

"I post frogs on anime imageboards"

h-hey user wanna sing hymns with me?

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H-hey I'm user what's your name?

hello, i'm a lost foreigner. would you mind showing me around?

how is that

many autistics hate imagining the texture of fluffy things

it doesnt actually matter what you say right

Hey you look passable to fuck. Can I get your number?

& then drown in inevitable pussy.

Wanna make a baby and live happy ever after? Would literally say that; I'm 37 why not.

blonde haired blue eyed women are so beautiful. why was I born a hapa?

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That is a lovely sweater. I bet it would look real nice... on a lady.

the worst part is that you will never get a second chance at being born blonde haired blue eyed in life

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>What do you say/talk about?
>Do you like sexual intercourses?

>>Do you like sexual intercourses?

life is fucking unfair fuck

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because your parents decided to racemix

stay on topic or take your mental illness somewhere else jesus user

Really? Mine's smelly when it comes out of my butt.

do they really? how?

i could have years to court her, i know i wouldn't do shit

Natural Gas is relatively odorless and you would have a difficult time telling if you had a natural gas leak until the volume was so high it was dangerously lethal. To keep you safe and make it reasonably easy to tell you have a natural gas leak, they add 2-methylpropane-2-thiol or Tetrahydrothiophene which gives it the characteristic odor.

I don't like chicks that drink alcohol

Not my type She looks like she is in to talking about boring preppy shit Doesnt seem very down to earth

>drinking beer
hateful harlot

Where is this? I might learn a fourth language just to acquire an european wife

If they look that big with a sweater, how do they look without?

Talking about her chest fat deposits.

courting is for faggots, I club her over the head and drag her back to the cave

How do you know she isn't drinking her own piss?

Global Zionist Conspiracy of course

ask her why i should care then walk away

redpill her about Bilderberg group and stuff

Doesn't matter. The opportunity would never present itself in my life. If it did I would fail. Why? Because I've not put in the work and effort required to let her put my pee pee in her vagene-hole. Do I hope to one day be able to? Yes, but for now I haven't earned it.

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I got aspergers. I don't understand wtf.
Autists can't hate fluffy shit right?

>be me
>be white
>have to make small talk with other whites
>panic bc no idea what this particular white person is into
>whites are usually extremely opinionated and judgemental about other people's tastes
>meet pajeet, talk about some bollywood or food shit
>meet wang, start talking about some anime or culture shit
>make brown frens super easily
>brown qts are usually extra nice and friendly

Why is it so much easier to talk to other races? When I talk to a white roastie I have no idea if she's into baking, trap music, or white nationalism. Whites are so hyper individualist and stuck up.

I hate blondes, I would just leave.

I thought that they added trace amounts of hydrogen sulfide.

>Hello I'm an immigrant

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There's a woman, she's standing a few feet behind you. She's been stalking me for months and finally approached me to ask if I had a gf, and if not If I'd like to go to whateverthefuckI'mat with her. I told her I did and would. She's been watching me like a hawk ever since I got here. I don't mean to trouble you and I hate to ruin your time here but could you just take on the role for a bit. Even if I have to pay you. I'm genuinely worried. She has a very crazy look about her. That's when I'd lead her to a secluded area and rape murder her. But that isn't relevant to ops request so I decided to leave it til the end. Nothing personal, kid.

>he unironically would rape and kill a woman

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No, hydrogen sulfide is an undesirable byproduct found in certain geological areas. It's not added, it's a naturally occurring impurity.

Based and Elliotpilled. Remember that this will be your son if you fuck an asian woman.

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I only need to say 2 words

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>elliot was a few mm of jawline away from being chad

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Dark Souls combat is mediocre and the game only has a skill ceiling due to how people abuse i-frames. The melee and magic combat are extremely limited compared to other games.

I hit her and tell her i'll meet her in court.