Ask guy to lick my armpits

>ask guy to lick my armpits
>"hell yeah"
>"you are a cool girl", etc

>ask to lick his armpits
>total disgust

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Yeah it be like that, were they shaved desu?

>tell a guy I want to eat his ass and suck his dick and but I hate receiving oral and never want him to give it to me
>he's disgusted
wtf, most women would kill for a man who'd say that to them.

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Be my brainlet freaky GF. Pls be west coast

Not even on the same continent sorry.

Ew why would you want to lick my sweaty hairy armpits you whore

I just think he didn't want you to eat his ass desu. Idk why some dudes like giving oral though.

He was ok with it actually. He just didn't like me saying I don't want to receive.

Why do some girls not like to receive?

I just don't enjoy receiving any kind of sexual stimulation. I want my partner to feel good and seeing him aroused and enjoying himself is what makes me enjoy sex.

Straya? Be my e lewd outback gf

you just have a disgusting pussy. and that is the real answer.

I mean, I wouldn't know.

you have a nose and eyes you can smell and see. the only girls i know who don't want their pussies licked all have insecurity problems

More like I was raped as a kid.

What if your partner gets aroused by seeing you aroused

what kind of rapist eats your pussy

then just do vannila, that ass eating shit is disgusting

I see this all the time in porn & don't understand how guys can want their asses eaten honestly, like when a guy does it he's a dominant hunk who wants to ravage her.. But imagine having a cutie precious gf & having her use her fuckin mouth & tongue on your asshole. I'd rather get pegged.

my ex was exactly like that, liked giving but never receiving

>dont have sex for 22 years
>have sex with a girl
>be good at sex stuffs
>dont have sex again for a year
>have sex again
>don't hace sex for 3 years
>mfw upstanding guy to be around and everyone likes me but I'm never gonna have sex again

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Idk what's going on or who's LARPing because its Jow Forums
But you are genuinely stupid

she complains about being raped, yet doesn't want oral. oral is the least rapey thing you can give a woman. fuckin her is more rapey.

Ass eating is fucking awesome, you shut your mouth.

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a woman who licks a man's asshole is very hot, but she's basically ruined for marriage after that point.

Why are ugly guys fucks pretty girls a cliche?

>but she's basically ruined for marriage after that point

Why the fuck you already jumping to talk about marriage, Boomer? Talk about outdated.

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how can you really look at a woman with love and affection and truly respect her if her tongue has been inside another man's asshole?
it's so image ruining. You could have the sweetest girlfriend but visually the thought of her licking another man's asshole is revolting it stains her image.

Woman armpits are superior so it's desirable to lick them

You have some weird control issues, man. Your partner had her own life before you came along; it's weird to focus on what partners they may have had and what they did together in the past.

As long as you two get tested for STDs before committing to having sex only with each other, I don't see the problem of either partner having their own sexual experiences with prior people. If it legit is something that bothers you, I suggest working on yourself and seeing a therapist before trying to go and find someone to date.

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rimming is probably the foulest act a woman can do with a man other than drinking his urine. it stains a woman's image. it is hot but it's just not something a guy can visually stomach when it's their gf.
if her own life included getting trains ran on her, rimming guys, and drinking piss she's ruined, don't care if it's the past.

it's the equivalent of me telling my gf i used to jerk off to CP, or have paid for sex with a hooker. Fuck acceptance bullshit, some information on your partner spoils the image you have of them.

I have a friend who'd said she'd done it and I told her that I was disgusted my opinion of her was irreversibly changed. She didn't understand why I thought it was so gross. I don't understand what's wrong with people.

I love licking girls assholes but I would hate to have mine licked. Man ass is not arousing, period. Women's assholes are hot

It's not in any way comparable to fapping to CP, considering it's a consensual act performed between two adults. You just have issues, desu

>my image of my partner is ruined by my knowledge that she might have consented to sexual acts I don't like before she even knew I existed

You're a control freak. I suggest getting a pet. People aren't toys or accessories, for you to dictate to them what they should or shouldn't have done in their past. They have an autonomous existence, and the fact that you get triggered based on a consensual act they performed before they even knew of you shows you have issues.

>fuck acceptance

Maybe if you accepted people, rather than expected them to conform to your weird, warped, and very specific ideals, you wouldn't be an incel. Consider that?

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i ate a hooker's asshole out. i dont have STDs. it was just in the past. accept me for who i am even tho this knowledge ruins the image of me completely.
Sorry if you won't accept my flaws, I wont except yours shit/cum drinker.

How do you know they're an incel
>everyone I disagree with is an incel

i mean that's pretty obvious, if someone has a scat fetish and you don't, it wouldn't be too bad to poop on someone else right? but would you really want someone to poop on you? nooo way. Same for piss. I'd considering peeing on a bf if he really wanted me to, but if he wanted to pee on me i am breaking up with him lmfao

women's sexual liberation is just hedonism. thats why i dont take them fucking 10 other guys prior to me with a grain of salt.
If you had to charm your way into dick you'd understand. But you sit there and basically wait until what you want comes along and repeatedly stretch your hole.

women ideally should be keeping their sexual partners lower then men and only be fucking people who they have actual futures with. If getting dick required skill for women, i wouldn't have a problem with this. But it's basically just them giving into dick that comes there way. A man with a lot of sexual partners has more value because it's proof of his confidence, charm, and likeability.
For a woman who is rimming guys, getting into threesomes, drinking piss, it's just them being an easy slut and ruining the value of themselves. Pussy is the main thing you have to offer men, without it most men would not be interested in a relationship, and to hear you just hedonistically gave into any hot guy that came your way rather than preserving any sort of dignity your hole has is offputting.

You should leave Jow Forums if you dont want to hear the opinions of incels. A slut has no value. Pussy has mileage too it, and no self respecting man wants to settle down with a girl who has had 10+ sexual partners, or takes them seriously as a love interest.

You gave a way pussy frivolously, simply for the sake of fun in your 20s. But understand why you're single at 40 and no man wants to settle down with you.

How exactly are men supposed to have more sexual partners than women without becoming faggots?

its easy a charismatic chad. not some pretty looking inane hole, who's primary value to men is their fuckability rather than charm, character, or intellect.
>gif related.

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Pretty nonsensical comparison. Even within your own comment. Scat fetish is pretty hardcore. I would absolutely have a problem with someone wanting me to shit on them. I couldn't and wouldn't ever do it. Give or receive. Meanwhile pee is lightweight. If someone wanted to pee on me I'd try it for them even if I didnt particularly want to. I'd pee on my partner if they wanted me to as well. Its not that serious. Shit is a hard limit, period. You can't just draw and equivalence when there isn't one. It really makes you sound foolish or inexperienced

It's my dream for a qt to lick me in the ass. Especially a qt white girl since I'm black.

You are wrong, clearly.

Well said
Roastie toasted.
Basically men have to put effort, effort and risk taking brings forth the formation of strategy and the evolution of the specie.
Women have to select the best mutation, if you do not select, your whole role as a woman is flawed, and you're less than a woman, you're an object, a fucktoy.

I wouldn't mind if the roles were inverted though, it would be much more beneficial nowadays.

based racebaiting cuckposter

Can you please confirm being this stupid?

It's entirely subjective, don't deny equivalence when they're just giving examples. It being that much of a taboo for you is just subjective.

How am I stupid? You are stupid.