How do I go NEET? After I turned 18, I started feeling like a bum. So finally, after so long after turning 18...

How do I go NEET? After I turned 18, I started feeling like a bum. So finally, after so long after turning 18, I got a job. But I hate it so much. They work me like a slave. I'm expected to do every single task by my self. Sweep, mop, put the rugs down, watch the store, restock EVERYTHING, and cater to the drive through. I get paid $40 a FUCKING DAY TO DO THIS SHIIIIIT FOR 8 HOURS AND THEY'RE EXPECTING ME TO DO 2 FULL FUUUCKING SHIIIIFTS WHEN I GO TO WORK TONIIIIGHT.

How the fuck do I go NEET? Do I get disability? If so how do I go about it? Or is that a meme?

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And i get 400 a month for the same shit
You're pretty lucky user

jesus is that even legal, wtf?
where do you live?



Why are you working under the table?

No specific reason. The boss just said it'd be easier on him paper work wise since I'm only working over the summer.

get a comfy office job you loser

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>making 5 bucks an hour like its 1985

Welcome to the work life, youngling

Can't. Not yet. I have another year in high school because I tarded out in middle and got held back.

It's already been 4 days and I despise everything about it. I'd rather work dirt cheap for a place like Uber than this shit.

moron, your boss is kikeing you and treating you like a litteral slave. Always work on the record if you are not an illegal scum.

>I tarded out in middle school and got held back
>I work under the table
>Believes in slavery

OP is a schizo

I realized that already. No one works 2 full shifts during one day for $40.

Not a schizo user. I just stopped doing my work in middle school one year and got held back. :(

op would probably do ok in an office job, if you're a fast typer and good at handling calls, that would work great for them
yeah uber would be good too, you should just go for that. if you have a car, just try to keep it clean and smelling nice, and you'll pull the money in.

if all else fails just save some money for a greyhound and go on a roadtrip, maybe your location is just shitty

I'd get an office job but I can't just yet. I type pretty fast and can handle calls well I guess.

I'll try Ubering next time I get a day off and see how that goes.

You need to start the long con user. Spend like a year or so getting really depressed. It dosen't matter if you actually are, just make sure it seems like it to your family and friends. Then you do something really fucking stupid like have a meltdown in public or try to kill yourself but in a really pathetic and safe way that would never work. You'll spend like a month in mental hospital minimum but you have to keep telling the doctors that you can't stand to be around people. It terrifies you etc etc. If you're convincing enough; you'll get your neetbux.

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Would be faster, more effective, and frankly more believable to family if OP went trans and did a half assed suicide attempt

I don't need to do the long con. Being around people terrifies me which is why I'm working night shift. I only have to interact with customers through a window.

or just quit working for your asshole kike of a boss and get a proper min wage job. On the record this time.

holy shit no wonder you gave him a free pass to do whatever the fuck he wants

sit down in the middle of the store during peak hours and start to cry and shit yourself, the chain of events that follows will ensure you are never employed again

I would, but a family member of mine works at the store, and he's there with me at night.

does he work under the table too? I'd report your boss as he's weaseling out of paying taxes for your employment. If they ask why you deicded to work under the table just say he pressured you and being 18 year old dumbass you bent to it.

I'm disappointed in you user. I hope in the future you can learn to be a kinder and less forceful person.
It's more about getting your family to believe you and arriving at the right state of mind so that you can pull off the mental hospital section without a problem. If you really think you've done enough preparation though - go for it. It's better now than never because if you're lucky your family will pay for the hospital. It can get pretty pricey - easily a couple thousand.

>A free and voluntary contract is Jewish slavery
>Big government intervention to ensure OP treated like a human being is somehow desirable.

Fuck you commie. I wish I could throw you out of a helicopter. Don't you know how many people communism killed? 6 gorillion! As soon as I graduate with my Political Science degree I'm going to spend my lavish paycheck on guns so I stop people like you from taking my guns.

you spent the first few years of your life crying and shitting yourself in front of family members and now you can't do it when there's an actual good reason to?

You can't really be a NEET unless you want to live in your parents house. NEETbux is a meme, 99% of NEETs here are in school and will be wagecucks eventually, those that aren't and are true NEETs live in their parents house. Best thing you can do is get a better job. I work 11am-11pm 3 days a week. I got to bed at 4:30 when I have no work the next day, 3:30 when I do, and wake up at 12 on days off and 10:15 on work days. 4 full days off, I rarely work consecutive days so my free time after most work days is really only about an hour shorter than people who work 5 8 hour shifts. It's kind of like I'm living a hybrid NEET/Wagecuck lifestyle, I get the full benefits of being a wagecuck (money, Independence, social life, qt gf) while also being a NEET 4 of my 7 days a week.

My uncle is employed. I'm the only one working under the table. Form what I understand, everyone who started at the job worked under the table. I don't mind him weaseling out of taxes if I get paid well. But $40 a day for 2 days a week should speak for its self.

I'd rather completely leave my family out of it. I'm independent now so they don't need to know. There's now way I don't have social anxiety at the least. And my doctors have testimony that all I do is sit inside and play games. Once I tell my psychologist that since I've gotten the job, I've started having suicidal thoughts, all the stars should align. I hope.

>NEETs here are in school
plz lrn words

Yes most NEETs here are in school and larping as neets during their breaks.

that's still illegal and kikery. Report his ass and don't let him abuse people like that.

ehhhhhhhhh speaking from experience I think you might need to go a little further. Every wagecuck and their dog has suicidal thoughts, but very few of them actually do anything about it...

I don't have any plans to move out. I live with my grandfather and he has it set so that I'll be inheriting everything of his when he passes away. With the money I'll have I can probably live 3 - 4 years being NEET with no money income at all. But that'll dry up before I know it.

I might try to kill my self I guess. I have scars on my arm from middle school when I cut my self once. Although that was back then. Aside from that, anything else I should do?

>How the fuck do I go NEET?
Do not become NEET, it is substantially worse than wageslaving.

I doubt it. There's no way it's worse than what I'm doing.

Plant your baby photos in his file cabinets and accuse him of collecting CP

Don't have any nor do I want to. I just wanna quit and live NEET life.

ITT: OP asks for advice so he can actively ignore advice.

I'm not ignoring advice. I'm considering it all. Like that one user who said I should get everyone to think I'm depressed. And how others said to get an office job or drive Uber.

Uber sounds comfy and is going to be my go to when I quit. I can't work an office job yet. Getting NEETbux is third priority.

Here's your best answer , OP

get an overnight stocking job user, its so much easier. you just work through all the bullshit and then go home, no extra tedious bullshit required, no social interaction except what is absolutely necessary

No stores near me are open at night besides shitty convenience stores run by pajeets like the one I work at.

nigga just get a cisco cert and do IT shit. problem solved.

you could actually try to kys, if it works, great you're free, if it doesn't, great you're a neet, its a win-win situation, just make sure to choose a method that wont fuck you up if you survive

At least your doing something, who cares. Youre putting effort into life which counts for something

Guaranteed suicide is a last resort. I still have things I want to do and see first.

The effort isn't what matters here user. The effort of slaving hard for 8 hours for $40 bucks a day isn't fair. Especially with how much slaving it is, and how they want to add more.

Just join the military bro


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id still do it man. indeed search 'overnight' see what comes up

Why would I change one pajeet store to another? It'd be the exact same thing. If I get another job, I'll do it during the day.