/c9k/ general #2

It's regular r9k except we all post like we're in the Wild West. Welcome to Cowbots 9000.

Notable last post:
>chad bandits outshining us simple cow wranglers
>post like we're in the Wild West
dead on arrival
>Hey pilgrim I'm John Wayne
>Excuse me sir, have you seen my friend? Black feller named Lenny?

Happy trails

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I reckon a bump or to should help move things along a ways.

>fall in love with a girl
>standing right behind behind a horse
>horse bucks
>aint that a kick in he head

lord knows, i will never have this fine lady

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>be me
>going out and about on the frontier like a tumbleweed
>Meet qp saddlebred red woman
>Catch her glancin at my personage
>Think to myself it was probably just a coincedence.
>Cut time to a fortnight later
>Catch her riding into some backwards Injun fort.
>Gives me the ol' black and blue eyes
>Decide to proposition her to a nice evening at the watering hole.
>Dismount from horse to talk to her
>mfw Maize falls out of my saddlebag
>mfw she gets me scalped for my transgression

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>That feel when no cowgirl childhood friend

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All's we have is the old town whore... Jessabelle

This here be a bump, I tell you what

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Any a you fellers read them chinese comic strips? Mighty funny I might say.

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Hey pilgrim, I'm John Wayne. Have you by any change seen my friend? A tall black feller that goes by Lenny.

I've seen a few passed around near the rail road, I don't really get it.

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This is gay

Too tall

>This is gay
ain't it, a real rooting shooting good time if I do say so

A bump and some tunes for you cowbots

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Why hello ther' fellers. How long have ya' been round town?

I've been moseying my way down thee ol' r9k since back in 14. good times I tells yeah.

Howdy there partner! How about you two piddle with me down yonder at the saloon, drinks are on me.

I was over a few towns ova' in /x/ville back in 2016. Sad I couldn't see this good ol' town back in 'er prime.

I can't deny yer' trips partner. I'll join ya'.

I heard some tall tales from that part of town, you ever see a wendigo boy?
well Howdy, sounds mighty fine

You keep rollin' trips and dubs like this partner, and I'd reckon you were cheaten' if I didn't know better. And naw, them wendigo fellers are just and over told folk tale. It's either them or them womens that come and suck ya dry when yer' asleep.

Shush'it! Don't mention them' critters around these parts ye' hear?

Well now, how be all of them folks down in Robot's Ridge, I heard normal bandits and tranny gangs had recently gone down there and stirred up a whole mess of trouble.

>women that suck ya dry when yer, asleep
I know a couple of fellers here would see that as the bee's knees

Is not a soul gonna mention how them political folks sent all them redditors to this saloon after that there civil war?

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Sorry partner, I'll keep my yap shut.

Thems some crazy people ya' know.

folks mad about the war, what else new?

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Been in these parts reckon 10 years now. I remember when that railroad man only known as moot closed the area down. Was a good day when he reopened the land back to us robot settlers.

I tell you what if I could've I'd kill another yank with my pacemaker he better be packin' iron if he know what's good for em'.

Those wer' probly' sum tought times back then I reckon. Sorry ta' hear that.

Do tell? I haven't been getting the papers lately. What them boys up to now?

>mfw some lunatic said that tobacco is whats causing my cough

I-its just age, r-right, cowbots?

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Heh, never changes eh pardner?

Seems like a case of terminal lumbago friend, I'd recommend so fine cocaine from the general store to ease the pain.

how much floor cereal is 2much for 1 night


Now I heard a whole lot of them folks were driven from their homes. I've been meaning to start up a posse, head over to that darn ol town, and make things right myself, but ain't got enough men to set that town straight for shit.

Wut it is wut it is get them yuro peeings tf awae

Damn shame friend, heard that Robot Ridge was a nice town, good luck with finding some good men for you posse though. I would come along, but the doctor says I have terminal lumbago.

try a spoon full of mercury
it never does, Now we're in a war with damn Mexico and I hear the Germans are arming them. What an age
Any cereal is bad, that shit will make your balls rot.

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>that shit will make your balls rot.
Is it ok to eat cherrios when your pussy lips can beat away any burger cancer gay bawls?

I came to do some business with the BIG IRON on my hip

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We've got sum unwanted company in our here town boys. What're we gon' do 'bout 'em?

prove u aint an ugly bitch

I reckon it's time for me to hit the hay. Ya'll have a good one

Have a good night pardner.

Like said, we gotta round up some good goddamn men and save this board. If the ain't going to do anything then I'd say by the lord it's up to us few.

We can't e'vn save our own thread from then darn shit posters. How're we gon' save our board?

>prove u aint an ugly bitch

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I don't know friend if them useless jannies won't do a thing then we have to show these parts that we ain't going nowheres

If we tries sumthin' then what impact will the two of us have on this big ol' board?

Y'all starting a gang?

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You never know, but it's a wild world out there, and if we get enough cowbots wit' us then who knows wut we could be doin'.

So... I'm a bit new here. Where's the saloon?

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Banditfren gang?

just across from the ol' watering hole, there's another on the outskirts of town though

Thank ye'. Be back shortly.

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what bout the Frenbandits gang?

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I'm with it pardner


Sorry to hear, partner...Always remember partner treat a woman like a racehorse, and she'll never be a nag.

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I don't know what we can do pardners, but I'm in.

well are enemies aren't cowbots so I reckon if we we enter their turf as cowbots they'll be yellow belly scared shitless.

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