Anno domini 2019

>anno domini 2019
>tinder exists
>there are robots here that STILL claim they can't get sex
>it's literally this easy

Explain yourselves

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I've written quite a lot about why I don't like online dating, so I'll just link my blog instead of repeating myself

absolutely based, but OP is talking about incels

>sex will fix everything


the title was kind of tongue in cheek, I actually identify as an involcel (involuntarily voluntarily celibate)

I'm not white so it won't work

I never claimed that but if you look at a large portion of the people here, they sure think that way

I don't have any interest in sexual relation without a romantic relation.
Banging some slut will only leave me disgusted with myself and questioning if i'm even a worthy person and why i even work on myself if i'm going to throw it all onto the next best hoe.

Because I'm a low status male with nothing to offer, thus I have no worth as a man. I'm not attractive enough to have women desire me.

Do not get any matches, though

It's amazing how many males don't consider that women want to experience benefits and perks from sex too. Like the dude getting his dick sucked and nutting isn't an incentive for women.

How do you even get that result?
How do you set up your account for that outcome

user, I used to be like that.
Waited for 21 years until I found a girl I love and thought loved me back. It's all a myth. In the end it all ends. No matter how special you think she is, it eventually goes away.
Might as well meet random girls, have a good time, do all the cutesy couple cuddling shit, get your dopamine dose, then move on.

I have 3 photos, first one is a photo of a polaroid I took of myself, second one is a generic full body clothed mirror photo in some fucking hallway, and the third is a generic w friends photo. Also, I'm a fat fuck with an unkept beard.

"occasionally i shave the monobrow, i swear.
theatre. shoegaze. sunsets over sunrises. dry red wine. sushi. 35mm. sometimes i bake bread. posh chocolate maker usually."

Pictures sound typical.
I need to come up with a better statement I guess

Post pic of the guy though, you can say you will maybe strangle the girl to death & have a criminal record yet she'll want to bang you even more after saying this if you're hot as fuck.

I hope i am good enough in reading people by then.
I will be a little cringy now: i think after years of thinking about anything i did and what other people did i finally figured oht hos to live, how to master skills and how to know if you actually know something. One day it just all snapped together like puzzle pieces and more pieces are added every single day.
I found some sort of enlightment, have found what god is for me and i hope i am ready to find the right girl.
Im not some DMT faggot or other drug retard, i'm actually against that hippy shit in my surroundings.
I'm on the way of beeing over average, coming from skinnyfat neet who played video games 10 hours a day and was on his phone the rest of the time to now, 2 hours phone nothing else, in uni not failing anything already 2 semesters in. Gym is 6 days a week for 2 to 3 hours and i have good friends.
I again think that i know people, i could tell who would and who would not be a good friend after 2 minutes and i was never wrong about that.
Sorry for tism posting, today i have relapsed and beeing shitposting since 5 hours.
Have a good night :)

i still have a bit of dignity left

same even 300 lbs landwhales dont want me

>photo with friends
I have a decent friend group but not a single one of them do gay shit like group photos of our activities.
Probably because we're all D&D playing nerds

This is usually what people mean when they say "have sex". Be intimate with a girl atleast ONCE so you know for yourself FIRSTHAND what it's like. It's a whole 'nother world.

>Eating out Tinder girls

Its incredibly exhausting to act how thots want you to be. I can just stroke my dick to porn and the need to fuck goes away for awhile.

Women don't want who I am, they want some hyper social dude bro who lifts 24/7 and has a shitton of money. If there are real guys like that out there then more power to them. Jumping through hoops for a little pussy is not worth it to me.