Sunday loneliness edition - #773

Are you doing anything nice this week anons?

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Just working i recently bought an american flag for my room im officialy a cool guy now

I've never had a bf, and I'm starting to think I'm just plain ugly... ;w;

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tfw no maplestory bf

Very few people are actually ugly user

every dream i've had for the last 4 days has been miserable.
not scary but just continuations of the anxieties and sadness i feel in my waking life.
even in sleep there's no escape.

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It be like that desu, if your life doesn't improve it spirals

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>It's already monday
Where did the last week go?
Also not sure if I should try weed again and see if I can focus on the surreal ending to my book.

I want to exchange saliva with a cute guy


1 or 2?

Isn't 2 kinda dead already? just like 1

The Pain Shall Remain
i keep thinking jacking off will kill the overwhelming desire for male company but if anything it only increases it's fervor.
i might have to commit an On Doing an Evil Deed Blues.

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>On Doing an Evil Deed Blues
>likes LUM
>likes Have a Nice Life
>likes shoegaze
>likes breakcore
>likes drugs
i might fall in love with you if you turn out to be even more based

1, 2 kinda sux
also 1 isnt dead if you play in NA

>stop samefagging
>stop falling for obvious homobait

He's a subsidiary persona of those christcucks bumpfle and theapostle
It's all made up
They couldn't infiltrate well enough so he made this one to substitute


looking for friends to talk about bloodborne and music with on discord is there anyone like that here

Going to therapy tomorrow.

Does anyone know any comfy gay movies?

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if you speak french, watch CRAZY

user please give me a warning before you make my heart go a-flutter like that
i co-sign those guys but i can assure you they aren't me, i've nearly given up on fighting the demon of man love.
me and bump actually had quite a heated back and forth a while back.

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I only speak English (duh) and Spanish (poorly), unfortunately. Is it worth it to watch it subbed/dubbed?

Of course you did. It was literally you talking to yourself in order to establish the legitimacy of your character by creating controlled opposition. Fuck you.

The Bird Cage is kinda funny

Anyone else really like the band Creed

if it exists in subbed form, it's worth a watch imo

it's about gay guy growing up in 70s quebec. there's some humor here and there.

No but Alter Bridge has a couple good songs

>tfw no american bf to take me around the country, seeing all the different landscapes and people

Thanks, I'll check it out out.

I'm one of the unlucky few :(

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there's nothing really to do in my part of florida but we can get fried gator tail sandwiches and go boogie boarding

"I love you Philip Morris" is the funniest and cutest gay movie ever.
Also, "Bruno" by Sacha Baron Cohen, cut without the cuteness.

Dude drop the act. You're not gay. You're not self-hating. You're probably not even a bible thumping retard who thinks homosexuality is a sin. It's just something you picked out to fuck with people. Die in a fucking fire.

what's going on, big guy?
what am i doing exactly to bring about this heat?
i'm online, shootin the shit, riffin, just generally taking it easy and not going to far out of the realm of casual conversation, and for whatever reason i get a laser sighted in on my head from multiple people.
if it's something i said, let's address it.
if i personally attacked you, let me know and we can squash it.
apart from that, there's not much i can say to defend myself.

God fuck off with the stupid fucking language that you invented for your character
>dropping the gs from gerunds
You pop in one day and suddenly have this long ass relationship with other trips as an informed history that you shill throughout the thread? Fucking really? I hate you so god damn much and I know what you are, even though no on else may see it.

look man, there's not much else i can say.
i can see why you think what you think, but it just ain't true.
are my posts somewhat shitpost-y? maybe.
but like i said, i'm just an extremely online guy.
i make up shit about the other trips to razz them, i don't know shit about anybody here.
what would i stand to gain from infiltrating a webserver chatboard for society's refuse?

Self-satisfaction, because you're a grubby, manipulative piece of shit.

This is where you drop your trip and user-post while quoting me
"dewd stop freaking out brah"

DId you know
that YOU ainT COOL

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Alright fuck it. And fuck you. I'm out. I'm gonna watch a fucking movie.

what's with self proclaimed "tru-robots" thinking that putting on a trip is going to make the trips leave? this is the exact same logic meow had and look where that went

The problem is that tripfags like you are utterly shameless, and so tripping as a parody to shame them is ineffective. All we can really do is report every post relentlessly until they (you) inevitably get banned.

they only ban within reason though, meow went because he was avatarfagging and self-posted at one point, but they took a long time so i doubt that was really the nail in the coffin. i can't stop you from reporting me but it honestly isn't going to get you anywhere when the only thing going on is the word moth over my post

Can soneone link last thread?

as far as i know i haven't done anything wrong except be obnoxious, which you can solve by filtering me if it's that bad.
but honestly i'd much rather get to the meat and potatoes of our beef here and maybe we can work something out.

I never really got the point of this, thread was pretty dead before and almost always is after the next one gets linked. I know which user makes the thread based on the "Last Thread >>" thing, and I assume that's you. If so, why?

Its not me. Sorry.

It's an anonymous imageboard; assuming a unique identity, while not explicitly against the rules, is heavily discouraged. It defeats the entire purpose of Jow Forums. The trip function is meant to be used as a temporary one-off identifier in threads where an individual user needs to maintain their identity for the topic of the thread. If you're hosting a cook-along on /ck/ or explaining a build on /diy/ for example. That's an appropriate use of the trip.

Identifying yourself temporarily so that the topic does not become confusing. Unrestrained use of a trip is a flagrant disregard for what's intended and appropriate. Nobody cares who you are, faggot. You are not special. Post anonymously like everyone else. If you want to attention whore, post on /soc/ or /reddit/ like all the other normalfags. What you're doing IS rule breaking.

>defeats the entire purpose of Jow Forums
to a degree but i'm as anonymous as you, moth is just moth. there's zero information tied to it. it's as identifying as anons who post the same thing daily or post here so often that they don't need trips to be remembered. if an user said he liked socks, and mentioned socks every thread he spoke in then sooner or later he'll be known as sock-user. trips are basically that, just less organic.
>Nobody cares who you are, faggot
the filters exist, tripfagging makes it very easy to block out their messages
>What you're doing IS rule breaking.
if it was then i would be gone, period. no debate. as much as you hate it, if anyone within power wanted trips to be used a specific type of way or even cared to begin with, then it'd be made to function that type of way you've described. i'm not doubting the validity of your explanation, i'm sure that was how it started but seeing as it's enabled on this board and no one's been outright banned for being a tripfag then it's pretty much open game.
i'm not even that active on this trip, nor do i try to be because i'm not malicious or trying to upset anyone i just honestly forget that it's there sometimes or i do it for the sake of letting get bent know that i do hate him and i want him to know it specifically came from me and not one of the countless anons on the thread.

>bf does my make up
>look 3x cuter
You bous should learn. Its a given now days that boys should wear make up too. If you want a bf better learn.

>defeats the entire purpose of Jow Forums
Uhh there's plenty of boards running on an id system, I wouldn't say it defeats the entire purpose of the website but maybe a few specific boards instead. Let's not reach too high here.
>Post anonymously like everyone else
>not having forced all-user

>plenty of boards
See, now you're outing yourself as a normalfag. /b/ and /soc/ are the only boards with ID. Maybe /trash/. It's a compromise made for shitty normalfag containment boards.

>half the reason moth is even moth at all is because he wants to let me know he thinks about me sometimes

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my butt feels nicer than most of the annoying girls i know
get fucked

let me take a feel real quick to confirm.

how do i break up with my bf and end up coming out as the victim?

Ask any girl, she will surely know.

Get out normalcunt REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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I wish I was a great artist who drew perfect beautiful men.

That was you. Go fuck yourself and stop making a spectacle of everything.

I know that feel desu
I wish I could draw cute boys

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no because i've never put the trip on for the expressed sake of pissing off other trips/with the attempt of chasing normies out

>pissing off other trips
i retract that statement, i do like pissing off get bent and that one tranny that left after that thread mind you (youre welcome). but the rest still applies

>tfw no Steven Wilson bf who will autistically focus on writing songs and will neglect you while you try your best to cheer him up and support him, and just when you start feeling terrible because you think you can't help him and he might not be interested in you, he shows up saying he's finished his work and hugs you and tells you he loves you and you're the best for always being there

Is this why all Porcupine Tree songs sound so melancholic and forlorn?

Wanna practice together?

I wish I was dead originallly

He wrote Sleep Together as soundtrack for sex with cute guys.

Feck off to /soc/ fagots

bugs don't piss me off really since i know i can always squish them if they bother me too much

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Fuck you and your family and friends you cunt, piece of shit nigger, kill yourself. You are full of nothing but shit, you smell like ass and all you do is act like a pathetic waste of space, you don't belong here and if I could kill you I would with my bare hands, I hate you so much I want to strangle you and look you in the eyes. You're a fat, worthless, useless, smelly, disgusting pile of garbage, your parents should have aborted you, god hates you you are nobody and never will nothing you achieve will ever hide how ugly and stupid you are, moron, idiot, bitch, you're a coward and furthermore are a liar and a thief, a criminal, a feaud, and above else you contribute nothing to anyone not even yourself, the world would be better without you. The hatred I feel for you could not match the hatred you feel for yourself, I hope you get raped in the eye and survive and be blinded but contract aids you filthy, unwashed, ignorant, queer, strange, dumb fucking motherfucker. Fuck you, fuck your nasty inbred family, fuck your slackjaw no good friends, fuck your city, fuck your country, fuck your worthless race, nobody likes you or respects you, nobody feels bad for you or agrees with you, do the world a favor and kill yourself so nobody has to waste precious time, resources, or energy doing it for you like the lazy nigger you are

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don't freak out, it's just an old pic of Moth from his high school days i managed to find online.
i think this was during his punk phase.

>tfw no bf who will gently tease me and help me about my bug phobia

Shut the fuck up bent, it's a parasite you sarcastic asshole.

Get over it, there's bugs you can't even see everywhere.

hey hey now, i don't like the guy either but i wouldn't go as far as to call him a parasite.
he's more like the bacteria in your intestines, nasty but necessary.

>tfw no bf to discuss the meaninglessness of existence with

>forgot to buy lube
>forced to do it raw
my butt still hurts. at least i have a happy memory while im sitting down at school...

kys yourself slut

Fuck you, you go kill yourself.

why would you still get butt fucked with no lube, how does that even work
what, does he just fuck until the lining tears and blood lubricates it.
starting to think that gay people might be insane.

on bottle 4 of wine with another left and two more beers im fucking living the gid xMn dream baby

he probably just has a very loose anus

shut the fuck up degenerate

You have to be over 18 to post here

I need a hug so badly, I cant stop drinking becsuse it stops the crying and pain

>he feels emotion
what a loser.

Youre rifht i should get another drink

yeah, and then a few more until you black out and stop shitting up the thread thanks

Im irish so goodluck, why dony you make me leavw you lirtle bitch

be safe drunkanon don't overdo it.
booze will only help for a little bit before you have to wake up and do it all over again.
and by the time it's not enough to numb the pain anymore you'll go through DTs if you try to stop.
i would hug you if i could.

>tfw no Irish alcoholic bf

Any other eastern europeans here?
How does your country treat you?

Mine hates gays and since I live in a rural area it's even worse but I'm doing alright for myself.

I've been called a fag once on the street, but that's about it.

I've been called a fag by friends, but I doubt they suspect I'm actually gay.

my anus is oval shaped (until fully opened then it's a circl)e and when shut it looks more like a slit than a balloon knot. is this normal?

Yes, male buttholes look like that.

Well since mine looks like that I guess it is normal.

>bf brap wakes me up
very unromantic and completely ruins the mood or am i too sensitive.

Working on releasing a single with my band