Why are Southern Europeans viewed as more attractive than Northern Europeans?

Why are Southern Europeans viewed as more attractive than Northern Europeans?

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They aren't. Southern European *men* are considered more attractive than Northern European men. The opposite effect exists for women.

because they have more persian admixture and they are the most beautiful

This post is correct, avoid Italian, Spanish and Greek women

You tell me sir.

because sickly pasty skin color is not attractive

>avoid Italian, Spanish and Greek women

What's wrong with them?

They aren't. Southern European men are often shorter and uglier than their Northern Euro counterparts. These days female sexpats would rather go to places like Germany, Norway, Sweden, etc.

i like it, all these scandinavian women tanning and aging like shit makes me sad

They act like cunts and people will say things like "There's that Italian temperament" as a way to excuse their behaviour. In general you should avoid any woman who's personality is described as "fiery".

Fuck bros I want a sickly pale GF so bad

Southern Italian women are god tier

>tfw met shortstack norwegian but never got to see her again
And then she walked out of our lives forever

I'm black and American. Tell me which is which. Seems like the girl on the right could be just as pretty as the girl on the left if she wore as much makeup and better glasses if any at all.

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Except German, Norwegian, and Swedish sexpats go to Spain, Italy, and Greece looking for Med BVLLS

They look like Persians, a muddy brown.

White American here. Italians Spaniards and dgreeks are brown. The look like mexicans

Tanned skins gives the impression of a healthier, more lively person.

The both look subhuman imo

This is just wrong.
Northern Europeans are better in all ways.
Don't ever try to compare us Wikings with those filthy Kebabs again.

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Imagine preferring brown skin to a pale one.

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Darker traits are more attractive than lighter traits

Southern Europeans have more human dna while Northern Europeans have more Neanderthal dna

Pale skin is fucking gross and is reminiscent of a corpse.

>tfw no Speak Now era Taylor Swift gf

wrong on literally all accounts

nordic women dont have a personality, they're just whores. go ahead and google it, on average nordic women have like twice as many partners as italian women.

Have you ever seen a white person who had brown eyes and brown or black hair? That's a Southern European.

Liking white women is literally gay. The skin reminds you of cum, that is why you prefer them.

As polack looking like a spanish inquisitor, I can confirm northies want the D all the time.

I prefer pale Northern Europeans to Southern Europeans. It's a matter of personal taste, faggot OP.

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I just want to impregnate a girl like right. Maybe it's cause I have some natural blonde hair.

Northern looks awful

South european men are considered more attractive.
Northern european women are universally considered more attractive than (arguably) all other races and phenotypes of women.

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s-source on this?

It's not quite as extreme as you make it out to be.

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Is that a boy or a girl? Looks retarded

>letting your women get gangbanged by niggers

This never happened user
W-we vikings a-are s-stro-ong and w-would never l-let them d-d-d-do this to us.

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>italian men per women
>Sweden men per women
>they are not whore user.
>it's not quite as extreme as you make it out to be.
This is either bait or retardation. I sure hope it's bait