Hey anons, draw some cats to cheer you up!

Hey anons, draw some cats to cheer you up!


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I tried, it tried

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That's not half bad wtf

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Kinda sucks at creating dicks though

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i tried doing it like you and,well....ill let the pic tell you all you need to know

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Hey oo holy shit mother fucker lolwut

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I knew drawing furry art would pay off one day

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i tried my best guys

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welp, this is what I got boys

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Going to sleep now, like this cat
wish me luck and a good sleep

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Look at this nice boy

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better one
eye and leg fixed

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This one is approaching normality

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I don't know what hapened

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This is kind of kawaii


leave me alone filter

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o lord this is nice

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very originally updated version

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jesus what have i done
im so sorry r9k

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garfield sunday amirite

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Im not schizo, i promise

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In my dreams it haunts me, harries my every step.

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Even god fears what I have created.

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It didn't work :-{

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Try not filling in areas. It's just looking for edges, so all that scribbling is throwing it off.