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Pic related is mine that I got last weekend, it's fucking amazing. I got 2 new wigs, and nip school girl uniform for $60 on amazon. I ordered more clothes from Target that I'm waiting for now. Still looking for a pair of shoes.
>owners talk about their dolls
>share tips and helpful tricks
>share pics of your silicone or TPE gf (link to where you got it)
>non-owners ask questions to owners
>share links and resourcesand shit
I emailed the owner of the company where I got mine and asked if I could go to their facility to check out the merch, because this is my first doll, and he agreed. So I drove a few hours to check out some display models and picked up mine.
The arms and legs aren't as realistic as some other companies but whatever, it was way cheaper, and the quality of everything else is amazing.
>where I got mine. Low cost, nice quality. Good for beginners imo,
>they have a loli doll thats only $199 for you poor fags.
>Mine was $420 for a 125cm (4ft)
>theyhave 1 size bigger, and 2 sizes smaller than mine.

>low cost, good entry level dolls. I've seen dolls from this site selling for 3-4x the price on other sites
>medium to high price
>user that posts in these threads got his from here and likes it a lot
>from what I've seen high quality

>high quality, high price.
>option to buy just part of a doll rather than a whole one
>at the cutting edge of technology

>Mass produced sexbots are almost here thanks to the above mentioned site.

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Shamelessly, and originally, self bumping.

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You never feel odd after banging an inanimate object?

The first 2 times I did. But it feels so fucking good I stopped caring.

Do you still look for relationships with real girls or are you just happy with the doll?

All the tell tale signs of a real American. Completely legal loli doll, Steel Reserve, and doing as you please. The eurofag/canadacuck hates this.

Excuse me wtf is this thread

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God damn right. Land of the free, home of the loli doll fuckers.
I wasn't looking for relationships but my ex and I are talking again. I would get back with her but other than that I'm happy with the doll.
Kek there he is. Pic related.

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What drove you to get a sex doll in the first place?
Where do you keep it when not in use?

Does it have an asshole and a pussy or what

That's why it's a sex doll and not a high-end mannequin

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what its the difference from a sexy doll to a good fleshlight? the price?

Basically, a sex doll has the visual and tactile parts attached to a fleshlight so you have to search for porn while you're fappin. And it's not really fapping, it's a whole-body experience.

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*so you DON'T have to search for porn god damn my faggot habit of skipping words

>its a whole body experience
what about paying to fuck a real woman, bitch?

You may have answered this in your previous threads but I can't be fucked to check, how difficult is the cleaning process?

>what about paying to fuck a real woman, bitch?
You can pay to fuck a cold, lifeless, soulless husk who won't love you back, or you can get a doll.

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Will i get vanned if i get a loli one

Not in murica, and there are laws in other countries but they can be worked around.

What about on a watch list?

The chance of the box with your doll being opened in customs is very low. You can make it almost zero by asking the manufacturer about "special line" shipping (means they put a low customs value on the box so it's less likely to be inspected). Only the owner of the company (they are all very nice, usually they send you photos of the doll before they ship it) and his dog will ever know you ordered one.

>implyin that a immobile, lifeless doll would love you

Even if it had feelings and thoughts, it wouldn't argue back cuz there's no way from runnig away from you

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Thats good to know, i think the loli one would be best because of weight itd be hard if its like 100lbs

Turd Flinging Monkey would love this general but TFM doesnt visit the chans

>TFM doesnt visit the chans
that's bullshit

Nah he said so himself. I dont remember which stream so no source on that. If youre in his Discord, just ask him

Sheit, I went to get dinner and forgot I made this.
Because I hate most women, but want what they offer.
>Does it have an asshole and a pussy or what
Yes, and a mouth that can be fucked. Although the mouth is pretty shallow.
The doll is a 1 time cost investment. Hookers charge you every time you fuck them. The doll is just once.
It depends on how well you want to take care of it. It you want to go full sperg it will take a while. I just clean the areas I use. It takes like 10is minutes for me to clean it.
The company I got mine from is in the US, so you don't even have to worry about customs. I didn't even have to worry about the postal service because I picked it up in person.
My 4ft is only like 20, maybe 30, pounds. The biggest advantage for getting a loli doll is the price.

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Thats cool about customs and yea the price is great

Do you cum in it? Isnt cleaning her out a challenge?

They have a message board too. You can check out what other people think of their dolls and see pics. They're so fucking autistic though. Theres one guy that makes comics with his harem, they are pretty funny tho.
I have to say, I have as much fun posing and taking pics of it, as I do fucking it. I'm so glad I got it.

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They sound based and like cool people id hang out and spitroast their doll with em

>Do you cum in it?
No I put I towel down under it and pull out.
>Isnt cleaning her out a challenge?
It would be if I cream pied her, but I dont. I also use water based lube. They give you a cleaning thing with it. I use a smidge of dawn soap and run that through a couple times, then flush with just water, then dry, then I'm done.

>they are so fucking autistic tho
>heres my sex doll eating chips when we went camping!


I have to go camping in order to fuck her. I showed her off some coworkers but don't really want my family to find out.

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