Tfw your father will never be this proud of you

>tfw your father will never be this proud of you


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It was obviously going to happen

>LGBTQ social

>The West, 2019

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is that the same guy from that tranny reveal?

Why does she look like a guy? Does she want to be a guy? Is she a tranny?

It's called being progressive you evil narcissist

>scruffly beard

We're living funny times.

Is that shopped? It looks like his face was shopped onto a thumb and then put on someone elses body

just one look at him and i understand why his daughter is mentally ill

>Misgendering your son

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Is he though? lesbians can wear suits if they want to. stop thinking in outdated stereotypes about fashion. just because they are both brides doesn't mean they both have to wear dresses. jeez.

You're right. I was being presumptuous.

go back to fucking pol you stupid fucking retards holy shit just kill yourselves already

Take your meds you schizo

>is that the same guy from that tranny reveal?

Nah, it's just a common side effect of birthing mentally ill children. You lose all your hair, get really fat and grow a goatee.

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I can't tell if that's the dad or son, if it's the dad then the wife just got mogged desu

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its time to dilate, have you been dilating yourself properly? contact an expert at 01-8000-toasterbath

Proof that you can pass even if you're male

fuck, that's an intense case of crazy face.

it's not. i'd be interested to see what he looks like without studio lighting and retouching. those crows feet in the first picture are still visible in the second, but have been blurred. other things will obviously have been changed. Plus, no surgery for shoulders or manhands.

I can't tell if this is an attempt at sarcasm or if your first instinct was really that a woman in a suit must be a troon.

Honestly id be pretty happy with a CHAD lesbian daughter. That dad takes pics like a woman though so I'm guessing the whole family got the role reversal pill or something.

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