Warm light breeze from the sea through the window

>warm light breeze from the sea through the window
>slightly drizzling
>it's 1 am, but looks like early evening
>the darkest it will get tonight
Are you cozy right now, user?

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Oh, we live in the same timezone. I guess that makes sense if you're in Norway. Pretty comfy indeed right now, watching good anime in my pajamas before bed.

I live in suburban hell. I'm miserable.

I envy you so much. My shithole is the furthest thing from comfy.

How's the weather? I've heard there were some record-breaking temperatures down south. It tried getting very hot here too, but it seems fine now.
Where are you from? I also never understood why people hate the suburbs so much.

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It's not THAT bad here in The Netherlands, weather is currently hovering around the 23 degrees celsius range, but I fear that it'll get warmer.

I definitely prefer colder weather though, cold is so much easier to deal with and you can wear all kinds of comfy clothes, Northern Europe seems nice.

I live in Sweden.
It's pretty comfy, but it would be nice if we had rain I just love the sound of it and the cooling effect it has.
Right now it's really quiet, can't hear a thing.
It's nice in a way but also I want some little sound in the background else I here a little *hum* in the background.

Currently 13 degrees here. Seems it won't get above 20 this whole week. It is nice. The Netherlands are very urban, right? How easy is it for you to find a forest, or some wild place like that?
It rains here often and unpredictably, which is something I like.

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im always cozy cuz im a girl, trannies will never know this feel

Pretty urban and densely populated indeed, there's a pretty big nature area about 15 minutes of cycling away from me though, so it's not all that bad. I sometimes go there for walks.

Silly user, you know he can't do it?
Yes, that's probably true. If you're really a girl, you're the first one I met to enable my delusions.
Seems nice. I'm a bit jealous of how cyclist-friendly your country is. It's not always that great here.

>Select all images with bicycles

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now go take your meds you filthy homosexual

Oh yep, the cycling culture is definitely a plus to me. Cycling is quite nice, especially when it's windy. I wish we had more nature like Norway though, it's so urban in most areas, you're always surrounded by people. Combine that with social norms of openness and directness and it can be rather difficult for a more socially inhibited person like myself.

Anyway, good night Aiste/Laura (sorry, I'm still a bit confused on this.) Stay comfy ^^


Calm down, don't want to make janny side with him, do we?

Australia. There is literally nothing to do here. I'm an hour and a half away from anything interesting and I have no friends so I just sit at home and do nothing. Outside your window is the sound of the sea, outside my window is the plainest looking street.

Can you explain to me why it's necessary for you to avatarfag? Honestly, why do you do it? It adds nothing to your posts. Why not just tripfag if you want recognition so badly?

Serious question, when will the larp end? This month marks the fifth month, F-I-V-E months you've been doing this. Just think about that for a moment, 20 weeks of larping.

>sorry, I'm still a bit confused on this
Don't worry. It doesn't really matter.
Goodnight, comfy Dutch user.
Just give him some rest, user. He deserves peace too. You know he has no choice, but to listen to your complaints?
Sea is nice, user. At least you can go swimming often. Not the same here.
For attention, obviously.
Well small town has been here for several years, I think. Keep your fingers crossed that I actually kill myself or something haha.

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I'm like three hours away from the ocean and have nobody to visit with. I'd rather just be a neet in scandinavia, that way I can just get cozy inside rather than live in unbearable heat like here.