W-would be n-nice if any guy would say lewd things to me in this th-thread please

W-would be n-nice if any guy would say lewd things to me in this th-thread please

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I want to slap the fuck out of you

Like what hiro friend?

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Nice balls nigga

Why would you slap me meanie

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Send me pussy pics to confirm chromosomes and I'll lewd you

I like the idea of slapping a women/man in a sexual way.

I'll pat you

user, your legs are so smooth ;D

Post pic of balls & timestamp slut or else you're fucking gay

I'm not sure if I'm really comfortable saying lewd things, but I can give you headpats if you don't mind?

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Fuck you tranny, I can't stand any of you on this board

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i want to do you like pic related
is this lewd enough?

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Ok you may slap me gently
I feel loved

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>it wasn't lewd enough

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If you were smol and smooth then I would bend you over and spank you until your butt and face were flushed red.

Would be nice if you just managed to get a partner to stop bothering us with this shit.

No, not gently


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Why does everyone want to slap
It would hurt me!

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Don't really know. I'm not excessively violent, just want to slap and punch a little.

I wanna make out with another boy

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Id fuck you. Id fuck you hard.

I want to keep you as a slave in my basement, has heating & cooling you will not die of enviroment. Also will slap you because everyone else does and I want to continue the trend.

Sluts begging for lewd get it rough. Those are the rules.

I want to slurp you like spaghetti and rub olive all of your sweaty body. Do you like stinky meatballs? I have some with a big loaf of salami. I can rub all that meat and tenderize it in your soft olive oiled face. Maybe you can taste my salty meat, I'm sure you salivating for a taste. I hope you like Parmesan because at the end of this session it's going to be all over your slutty face

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What the fuck did I write. I'm clinically retarded

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A-user-kun... I-I didn't know you were into things like this...

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please show us your titties

I'm so lucky to have someone such as you, my user. Are you sure you want someone like me though?
Is that so? user, you have touched my heart, please allow me to repay your kindness and love the only way I know how.
Haaa, haaaa, my user, does it feel good when I touch you there and rub you all over? I can feel you heating up, my dearest user, does this please you? Allow me to fill all your desires, please just ask and you shall receive it. Dearest user, I love you, do you love me too?

I wanna cuddle to fuck out of you, and maybe, if we get lewd enough, we can have intercrural under your skirt

I will have to buy you froyo and see if we get along first, I can't get lewd with someone I don't know my liege.

Being cutesy with another guy is cool and all over the internet, but most guys are stinky irl.

...oneone .......
..... .. ....sevenseven?