ITT: Tell us about your dad

ITT: Tell us about your dad

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He's great, but I'm an introvert fuck so not an incredible ralationship

This honestly. I'm a huge sperg and was never going to live up to his expectations as his only son but he puts up with me.

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hes kind of an idiot but not a bad man

we both act the same way. i have his nose, it's a gene, his brother my uncle his son have the same size nose. he got me into a good place to work at but it is going down hill.

He's the scum of the earth, he's where I get my sadism from, and I'm glad he's in jail.

He was a hardass, not too bad a father but he was always so cold towards me, all to try and "teach responsibility" apparently. Changed when I was 14 though and he had a pretty severe brain injury. He's a shell of the man he was but at least we get on a bit better now, not sure it's an improvement.

He's great, super supportive, we share hobbies, didn't hate me when I told him I was gay, and is still an active part of my life.

Compared to other people he could have been a lot worse.

He's a 300lb diabetic senior citizen. Sometimes I hear him having phone sex with women who aren't mommy. He is a man of weak mind and weak will. He hasn't traveled outside of the state where be live in over 20 years. The fanciest place he's eaten in that timespan is Olive Garden.

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He's extremely personable and nice, but only to clients. With family, he's short tempered and mean. He doesn't like me or my brother and he's generally not a fun person to be around. Also I think he might be on the spectrum but I can't really tell.
3/10 not a good father figure. He pays the bills but utterly failed at parenting any of his children, thank God my mom could pick up the slack.

I don't remember too much of him, he died when I was 13. The memories I do have are positive though.

He killed himself when I was a baby.

He's a typical narcissistic boomer with a ego bigger than the Empire State building. He makes it his life mission to try to be better than his brothers in every single way, and he wont stop until he's dead or all his brothers are. He also looks exactly like the boomer meme

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The older I get the more I realize that we're exactly the same.
He has the same habit of bottling up anxieties and refusing to tell anyone about them, the same unease in social situations, the same not-quite-autism-but-not-quite-normal way of thinking and interacting with people.
He cares about people but it's not always obvious, always willing to sacrifice his personal time and energy if someone needs it. He's got a goofy sense of humor and goofier interests, the kind of guy who lives in a quiet lower-class suburb but taught himself Arabic to understand Syrian civil war videos, the kind of guy who last smiled in a photo in 1992 but who makes dumb dad jokes when you're trying to work on something and cracks up when you get mad.
>tfw realizing how badly I treated my parents as a kid
>tfw moved out too early because I wanted to be independent
>tfw consumed by overwork and loneliness
>tfw missing dad

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He divorced my mom when I was 2 and moved to China to pursue a career in music.
He's back in the US now with a Chinese wife working on some project.
I see him once a year and email him twice a year.
I think about the guy all the time despite not knowing much about him.

The guy sounds cool.
I wish I knew my dad enough to know his weird intricacies and habits, seems like you respect him a lot.

>The older I get the more I realize that we're exactly the same.
This one hit hard

Dad is one of those that worked his ass off to provide for his family, giving me and my sister a comfy childhood but not a strong relationship with him. He drilled into me a desire to excel and improve, but now seems pretty content with his boring life unlike me, heh.

he dead just like everyone else

He was a apathetic accountant that didn't know how to act around us. He took everything seriously and never taught me anything, and instead always scared me and made me feel weak and stupid. He eventually crippled himself in a motorcycle accident that make him more angry at life. He left us when I was 14 for some high school squeeze back in Minnesota. Can't say I miss him much but I'm sad I didn't have a normal and good connection with him

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He's overbearing as fuck and I'm sick of him, but he's a decent provider.

I should add that he's basically evidence that robots and incels shouldn't reproduce. He's got the same kind of vengeful misogyny and hatred you'd expect from someone who spent his school years being bullied and rejected.
Honestly guys, don't have kids. You won't be a good father if you're anything like mine.

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50 years old, 6'5 220lbs trucker. Pretty good looking for his age and in decent shape because he likes to hike/bike. Quite empathetic and intelligent, can hold a conversation about just about everything to some degree. Also very broad know-how about things such as construction, cars and electronics, and even computers though I don't think he has built one since my uncle (who he usually did it with) died about 15 years ago.

Quite a workaholic, probably because grandpa used to be a hardass motherfucker who instilled that into him. Doesn't talk about or show his emotions much. I'd say his worst character flaw is impatience, like when teaching someone if they don't get it right the first time he'll just do it himself again. Also gets frustrated with lazy people or people who lack agency to take initiative or blame their surroundings instead of taking responsibility for their life.

I'd say 8.5/10 dad, hope he could've had a better son

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>having a dad


He was murdered when I was 12

My dad is a great man. Hes very empathic and poetic fella.
He grew me and my siblings up alone and we were always poor but he was strong and always guided us and gave us everything we wanted in life. Wow guess i just relized something very important about family

he's a narcissistic consuming cunt and a pack rat hoarder. all he does is go to work and buys bullshit that he doesn't need, he's like a fucking woman. he buys junk that he says he's going to fix up, but he never does so it just sits there collecting dust and then he buys more 'fix up' shit and just stacks it on top of that, and on and on it goes. when he dies it's going to take years sifting through this shit and throwing it out. it's absolutely sickening.


He doesn't care about much at all

I think I picked that trait up from him

total piece of shit
selfish,irresponsible,vain and violent,mostly verbally but also physically
every time i interact with him he finds some minor inconvenience to berate me and insult me for

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When he was my age, he was a skinny manlet virgin with bad grades, premature ejaculation, severe acne, incurable pakistani, and living in poverty under a neglectful single mother after his abusive father died.
Now he's a multimillionaire musclechad in his mid-late 50s who looks early-mid 30s. Only been with one woman but never divorced (because my mum is based and not a whore like most females) and retired early because he was bored of working (so he spends all day at the gym, planning his next holiday, and watching TV).

There is hope for everyone, lads.

Turbomanlet who used to "verbally abuse" me growing up.

Van by the river, jesus

He was away alot so our family could have a good life (He works on ships). Had a good relationship with him as a kid but as I became a teenager it kinda fell apart. Now as an adult we barely speak about anything fun. My little brother has an awesome relationship with him. So much so that he now constantly calls me his name by mistake. But I don't care because I have a strong feeling that he's cheating on my mum and I have seen some evidence as well. If we had a better relationship I would be devistated. Now I just act like I haven't seen anything because I know my mom wouldn't be able to handle it if she found out.
Also he's super edgy and I subconsciously act edgy as well because I guess I still want his approval. Which is sad because my edginess is ruining my social life and mental health for years now. But on the bright side I have an autistic image in my head that I'm somehow a badass.

Yeah, I'm incredibly lucky to have him. I'm a KHV loser but if I ever somehow had kids I would try to be as good of a father for them that he was for me.
The spooky thing is that I look and act like he did at my age, and he looks and acts like my grandfather did at his age, and if you go all the way back through our family tree there's this almost unbroken line of guys that look exactly the same.

Good guy, lawyer with an engineering degree. Might follow in his footsteps because he seems to enjoy his job. He's a little weird, but I cannot really complain about that, he's just kind of old. I wish both of my parents would workout and eat better, but they'll be alright.

He pushed me to become a better person, but I think he just does not understand modern youth culture and thinks everyone thinks like his small-town community, although we live in a bigger city these days.

He sounds awesome. Patch things up with him.

your mom has 100% cheated on your dad you know that right user?

You ever see that movie Fight Club when he talks about the fucker setting up franchises?

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spineless beta pussy who has been a workhorse his entire life. but he's a nice guy with a heart of gold who's let me NEET off him for 28 years

Tell your father to repent and go to confession

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He's my favourite parent. I grew up watching him fix cars and going to car meets with him. He immigrated here when he was seven and he can still speak German fluently. He's a bit of a tough lover but he does care.

he has cool hobbies and is a nice dude

Fun one for you all

>Mentally ill from substance abuse
>His brother has an accident, low odds of recovery, and gives my father the choice of terminating his life or continuing to fight
>My Dad breaks at this moment, never seen him cry so much. It was his only close relative.
>Goes into manic depression, would stare at blank TV for hours in an unsettling way. If asked he would say "I'm watching TV"
>Abusive physically, would bruise my arms, but the worst part was always the looming dread of if he was capable of taking things further.
>Would be kicking the wall during the night, then say he has no recollection. Would happen for weeks & wake everybody up.
>Also locks my mother outside the house whenever he's upset with her, whether it's in his mind or not.
>Tried to commit suicide 2x, one time jumped into a rapid river, but police managed to recover him somehow, was very young and didn't really understand the severity of this
>He came home in a cop car from the police station with us, sobbing & asking if we loved him. I gave a sentimental speech & he hugged me ferociously.
>Some time passes, his mental state seems to be declining further
>Boils to a confrontation with him being extremely angry with us, don't remember why.
>Seriously thought we're all going to be murdered
>He is smashing the house up & mentally breaking down
>Call police, upstairs away from him.


>Confronts me & my brother as they arrive & seriously have never been so terrified, couldn't think of anything but the police wouldn't be able to do anything if he wanted to harm us.
>He gets placed into a psych ward
>Months pass, have some visitation & calls.
>Gets therapy which is very unsettling, I was there for some sessions & he just seemed so done with life.
>I got sheltered from a lot of it, but apparently he was a very bad resident & almost got removed for scaring/threatening the nurses.
>My mother uses this time to separate from him, he has his own apartment also.
>Got bullied by students & also a teacher during this time, didn't occur to me before now a teacher would ever do this, it made me have manic anxiety & stop functioning for a good few years, dropped out over this combination.
>When separate from him, we would call. And he would tell me often "If I die today it's not natural, X did it. Just don't believe it's natural, I need you to find the truth."
>He's verbally abusive out of the blue, calling me a disappointment as a son for not calling long enough, saying it's all my mothers fault things ended up like this, sobbing to get her onto the phone to speak with him etc.
>Stop calling with him as I can't function talking 1-2h every night and dealing with being guilted constantly.
>1 week after ceasing to call he kills himself
>Found many letters in his house, about family members conspiring to make him split off from my mother calling my aunt a whore who was poisoning my mothers mind against him & helping her find another man to date.
>Found a letter partially blaming me for his suicide, as I "isolated him."

I'm mostly over feeling guilty but this will never really leave me. It really sucked.

The man I aspire to be with all my heart, what a fucking legend. Took care of me from the day I was born, knocked some sense in to me when I was being an annoying little shit. He did get fucked over by the courts and that basically resulted in me not having a father figure for most of my teens but he still managed to keep in contact. The guy lived off of pennies for most of his life to let him travel and experience life.
Apsolute fucking boomer though.

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fuckin a... fuckin a

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>treats his employees like shit (he's a CEO)
>beats his entire family including me when I was 4 or 5
>beats his dogs
>basically forced us to put up with his abuse because at the time mom couldn't divorce him and make a living on her own with us
>soulless, has pretty much nothing going on besides work

Now that we're grown up we left and consider him a thing of the past
Unsurprisingly enough he suffered abuse that's very similar to the kind he inflicted on us during his entire childhood

That said his way of treating us taught me about how evil a person can be, in a way that a regular father couldn't have shown me; this is maybe the only thing I'd like to thank him for

my dad is a bit of manchild. he is obsessed with video games and has bought literally thousands of games for the xbox 360 alone. he has fucktons of accessories, hardware, etc which he literally piles into this one closet. his default conversational topic is video games. he didn't spend any time with me as a child, so i picked up playing his video games, and i found it hard to relate with kids at school. i constantly tried to please my father, making choices in my education for him instead of myself, which always ended up with me failing and him telling me how i'd amount to nothing. when he found out i was a faggot, he didn't take it too well overall. honestly surprised there hasn't been any divorce yet.
i am thankful that he provides for me though.

I haven't talked to him in a really long time

Fuck all you fuckers with good fathers.

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Typical boomer born in the '50s. Worked blue collar his whole life (actually worked in the same company for 40 years and will be retiring this fall), made a lot of money, has a younger trophy wife (divorced my mother when I was 7), and has several cars and goes on vacation. Can't say I hate him because he doesn't start drama like my mom.

He only showed interest in me when I was little and not fat.
So I grew up alone and online.
He pays the bills but I can tell he dislikes me more each day.
Other than that we're pretty similar music taste and demeanor wise.

He died 3 years ago via drinking himself to death. My brother who celebrated his death has been using it to get pity points for years now.

He is annoying as hell. i hate him. if he gets a chance to get some exposure that literally costs giving out all his information about his family and home town he will do it. just like i said i. fucking. hate. him

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Anyone here NEVER once talk to your dad about women, relationships, or anything remotely sexual? Not because of religion or anything like that but because it would be super awkward

i'm that way. when it came time to have the sex talk, my dad rented an educational video about it at blockbuster and never actually talked about it.

Only time he talked about women with me was when he was drunk but it was all bullshit he came up with with his drunkass mind at the time lol

I don't really know shit about him.
Most of my earliest memories are of him and my mom fighting.
He robbed a jewelry store when i was 5-6, he went to jail for 7 years, got out, did some nigger shit, went back for life.

My dad went to jail once he almost killed my brother.

he likes the moody blues
he is a male feminist
he is very italian and diabetic
he was a gud dad, he only physically abused people and couldn't hold a job because he is the kind of liberal who couldn't stop saying nigger until the huge political divide now he is just chugging koolaid like crazy and turned my mom into a trumptard
he pretends to be spiritual
but out of most boomers he is definitely not the worst of them

when he was out, he bought me a car with stolen money, got hooked on heroin again, got arrested for stealing a slice of pizza, left me as collatoral during a drug deal, tried to hook me and my teenage friends up with an ounce of dirtweed, which he then used to score for himself with the money we gave him.

The guy was an absolute sleaze. he was a turd circling the toilet bowel and i was the afterbirth.

I feel you on that, I remember watching a movie with my dad when he was drunk and he kept on talking about how hot the actress was and talked about women maybe once other than that.

Always strange when I see Dads talking with their sons about "Gettin action" and stuff like that

I forgot to greet my dad today a happy father's day. Managed to catch him just before he went to bed and greeted him. I'm so glad that I was able to. At least if anything, it made him happy to know that I remembered and cared.
My dad is my hero. He puts family before everything. He raised us so well with wonderful values. I'm often shocked at the level of kindness and patience that he has when dealing with other people. I look to him as a source of strength which I frankly lack in my own life. I know it kills him inside to see me neet-ing my life away. And yet he continues to support me and understands that I have problems I need to resolve and need the time to do it. I wasn't always a good son to him, in fact I was rather harsh and had a lot of anger. So now I'm doing my best to make it up to him and hopefully I can make him proud some day.

our dads aren't supposed to be better than our moms

I told him I liked paul rudd and he didn't seem to have a problem with it

when people acted proud to be white, I had no idea what they were talking about. I felt like absolute trash. My mom's father was a doctor, she became and engineer. She was from a rich family.

How she met my dad I have no clue.

The shitty moms I have known were always 10x shittier than the dads I've known for just not being in their childrens lives

>drank a lot
>sometimes got physically abusive towards the rest of the family
>became more of an unhinged drunk after mom left and eventually started fucking me
>actively avoid him but he alternates between begging me for forgiveness and calling me an ungrateful little cunt and claiming I seduced him
>really liked cowboy movies and corny, kind of crappy action movies
>had pretty good stories when he was sober
>knew a lot about computers despite us being too poor to own one
>one of my only happy memories is him stroking my face and kissing my forehead when I was sick, and reading me stories for a couple hours that night

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he tried
he just attatched you to his relationship with her, which is selfish
I mean thats how reproduction works but what are you supposed to do about that? invent skynet?

Reminds me of my friend Alan's dad. Guy was a fag, liberal douchebag, but he was a pretty decent person otherwise.

my dad had a lot of "religious" type family members kill themselves through booze including me
he is stuck in some kind of loop, but I don't think he gets what the loop means or is
I just want to watch tv with him till we both become one with the earth
I am sick of all of this fighting and I know he is too, but I am not going to be vigilant about something I don't fully understand and get myself "facebook jailed" or w/e he is talking about
how did you get your parents to stop facebook shitposting? even when they are on opposite sides?

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>ITT: Tell us about your dad
I dont really know him well, he was never around when i was kid (not a nigger, its just his work as militaryman)
>all i know about being a man was taught by 80s action movies and chinese cartoons
I wrote this post and then started staring at the wall for a minute
Fuck me

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>all i know about being a man was taught by 80s action movies and chinese cartoons
>this happen to a man whose dad was in the actual military
This is just not right.

I said earlier, my dads a lifer. they don't let you post on facebook in prison.

If you are a woman this is a perfectly normal and healthy relationship.

I hate facebook but I don't want to tell my parents about Jow Forums. I choose you guys over them but if I do that they can't learn how bad they screwed me.

I just wish he'd tried harder. I could forgive a lot of what he did, but not that.

I get it. I have a mother in law I physically fought and the only reason I didn't beat her 60 lb ass was because she wasn't so tweaked at the time and I was hung over. If we were both on meth I would have cannibalized that bitch

I look exactly like him but got none of his personality or charm, but hes a good dad even if im an akward shy person compared to him

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jesus, kid, go to bed.

He was never quite the same after the divorce.

I am completely sick of mentally ill cunts and I don't care what's in their pants
I want to eat their goddamned brains

He's dating a chick closer to my age than his, and due to scrolling too far on his phone's gallery I know he's creampieing her ass on the regular.

wtf are you on about, you loon?

He was in prison for the first 4 years of my life. After that he got out and started his own construction and repair company but lost that after hiring an illegal. Then he went back to working for a construction company making about 30$ an hour. He always pushed me to do well in school and play sports. We moved into a nice house when I was 9 or 10 and was there for about 2 years but he lost that good construction job after sleeping in too many times. Started smoking meth and molested me. Didnt pay bills so we lost the house and I moved into my moms. About 8 months later he comes to my moms high and drunk and my step dad starts a fight with him and he got arrested at this point since hes already in jail my mom decides its a good idea to tell the cops about him molesting me. Got sentenced to 13 years in prison. Havent seen him since I was 12 and apparently he gets out soon. Good enough for you OP?

I have a theory that Evangelion is as popular as it is because everyone hates their father and wants to bone their mother just like Freud said

someone post more sad birthday photos

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He quit drinking in January and I'm proud of him for that, but I'm still not going to forgive my parents for betraying me in 2012. Day of the Pillow eventually.

My utter disdain for our relationship at this point will make his eventual funeral very easy for me, I think.

He's a fucking child with no self awareness that always make a fuss over something insignificant making you feel like shit and then blaming you. It goes to the point when my brother killed himself and he genuinely had no idea that he was wrong in some way. Basically he's a huge asshole that considers himself a saint.

A quiet and perceptive guy who played little role in my life. Handsome and hardworking. I have no strong relationship with him but I am also handsome.

my dad died early in my childhood but not before leaving us neck-deep into debt with hospital bills. Thanks dad

what did they do?
t. original post poster

It all started with my dad. If he rated anything I always hated it. With one catch - the beauty of life. He played Grandmaster Flash and Furious Five.

Just the fucking worst absolutely , the main reason I'm depressed , the main reason I'm a failure in college and the fucking main reason I'm starving right now , deth b 'pon 'm

I go some days without talking to him. Maybe speak 3 sentences a week. He is pretty socially autistic which likely was passed down to me. My mother was his only girlfriend, and she is from the Philippines so that's that.

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>a half-flip

Did he hit you? Also, why did you have to sperg out like that at the end there?

Forgive yourself and go see your dad. He seems like a decent man.

>>tfw realizing how badly I treated my parents as a kid
This is never a nice feeling. Particularly if you actually were a little shitter.