Asian femanon here, what do white guys mean when they look at you this way?

asian femanon here, what do white guys mean when they look at you this way?

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Probably mean that OP is a 30 yr old basement dweller but show tits anyway

>damn why is this gook staring at me? is she autistic?

When I do it it's because I accidentally made eye contact with you and want the situation to end without it being too awkward.

it means he will love you a long time

if i look at a girl, its because i want to fuck her

That's my fed up facial expression.

i only smile at asian girls. i can't help it.
>tfw no finngolian gf

I'm not white so i cant Answer this

Get out of my thread then

it means we were looking at you and you looked back, making it awkward, but pls stay away from white men, date your own race. we don't need any more mentally deficient hapas running around

you can't make me, slut. tits or gtfo

It's white people way of nodding or acknowledging your presence basically.

To me,the expression conveys:

"You are out of my league, but I regret yet accept that as my life."

It means 1 of 2 things:
1- some autistic shit is going on with either you or your general area
2-we looked your way for some reason and you looked back and made eye contact, and its getting awkward really quickly

they want to BLEACH you

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Why do asian people eat babies?

Why are you being racist in response to such an innocent question

it means you're both autistic, and your kids would probably shot up a school

How is that racist? It's a legitimate question

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bleach stuff is really cringy desu

That's chicken made to look like a baby. Fucked up, but they're not really eating a baby retard.

I don't know anyone that makes this face. Is it an American thing?

>why do Asian people eat babies?
Sorry im not very well spoken in English, but may I ask if this statement implies all Asians eat babies or just some. I am pretty sure it means all Asians eat babies which is incorrect, so I am curious if im missing something or the first person just forgot to add the word some