I hope my grandma dies already, I need need the money she will leave behind so that I can be a NEET for life

I hope my grandma dies already, I need need the money she will leave behind so that I can be a NEET for life

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I really fuckin hope this is bait.

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NEET for life? What kind of inheritance are you actually expecting, half a million or more?

Do you actually even have the skills to manage that kind of cash?

Color me skeptical...

You shouldn't say that user. >:(

Same here user. I can't wait.

Ive never interacted with my grandma, shes like a stranger to me so I dont feel bad about her dying
Why not?

you don't know his grandmother. my grandmother was a horrible, bitter old bitch and the world is a better place now that she's dead. She didn't leave me a huge fortune, but if she had had one, you bet I would have been rooting (even harder) for her to kick the bucket. Just because you're related to a person doesn't mean that person is worth anything.

Sorry user's, you're right. I was just think of my perspective. I miss my grandmother.

Same this old fart just wont kick the bucket. She's really fucking annoying and her death would benefit everyone even if I'm the only one here who will admit it. Also for my dad, he has been a completely useless father. Why would you adopt a kid when you have four children already and you're making minimum wage? He didn't even raise the bastard nor did he bothered with me or any of my bothers. That fucker was too busy drinking to teach us anything. As if he could even teach us anything, he's a complete moron. Happy father's day FUCKER

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Sup Lawrence

Nope. Cody.

Had a grandmother with 300k, dumb ass old relative got it all.

>tfw neet and poor parents

i wont even get a god damn cent when my family goes

300k is a decent start but I wouldn't say that's full on NEET life money

user I legit want to strangle you to death right now. Go call your grandmother and tell her you love her. Have lunch with her once in a while, actually try to get to know her, and learn from her wisdom

Dejavu anons
I have seen this exact post a few months ago. The replies also seems really similar.
Did I travel to an alternate universe or travel in time or maybe can see the future?

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Oh shit, a universe hopper!

I guess the CIA and FBI will be after me now.

Good luck on your journey to evade them fren.

Kill the niggers.
They should either become our slaves again or die like the insects they are.
t. OP's Granny

based and NEETpilled
hope she dies soon

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Why did I have to be blessed with this curse?

What happens after

After what?
Could you explain?

Does my grandma die or not?

Because you're the only one that can handle it user.

Oh I never saw that part sry user.
I just insulted you for being a parasite that would live on your dead granny's money.
Just so you know that money will not last very long. Try to get as much welfare as possible instead.

Im going to invest the money

But why me?
Why not someone else?
Why am I special to have gotten this curse?
I have never succeeded with anything in life.
I failed 4 courses this year. I am shit at communicating with people irl.

Just not on crypto, please. Not 300k. Unless it's passive investing in equity/option markets you're going to lose before you learn. (Unless you're already master investor in which case ignore.)

Because user, you have the potential to be greater than any other.

On what exactly? Not surprised that this wasn't orginello

In Real estate

I use this curse for the greater good. I take the pain it comes with it and use it to my will. I shall become not the an hero this world needs but what it deserves.
I will become the Guardian of time and space.
I will travel and change time to eradicate the evil from this world, to protect the good.
I shall take everyone sins, hatred and sadness and carry it with me through the dawn of time.
Wish me luck.

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I wish you well user. Godspeed.

>imagine getting old
>imagine wageslaving for 50 years
>imagine not being able to blow off all your hard-earned cash on cocaine and hookers because your grandkids think they're entitled to it
>imagine these greedy cunts just waiting for you to drop dead so they can swoop in like the vultures they are and take everything you got

Fuck that noise, I don't plan on having kids but if I did none of my offspring or their offspring would see a cent from me. I never inherited shit so why should they? Youngfags can suck my future elderly cock.

Yall a couple of gay ass niggas

Shut up before I use my powers on you.
I can sense evil from you. You got to die user

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300k is like 3 years wage. I assume you expect to live longer than 3 years?