Ls Keanu right?

ls Keanu right?

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why is keanu such a hot topic these days?

Imagine being so lonely that you make up a fake dialogue so other people think you have friends

Celebrities are never truly single unless they go live on a remote island all alone.

ya, right now my life is so full of activity that coming home to be by myself is a blessing

No, where ever Keanu goes his fame will attract others to him, leading to interactions and positive experiences.

If not for his fame, company would not even be an option. Such as it is for the average/lower class of men.

John Wick series turned Keanu Reeves from legendary actor to god tier status.

this is an easy thing to say if dating was never a challenge for you, but for robots a lot of us have to try insanely hard to get a gf, an even then it may never end up working out. I find it realy funny when rich people say "money isnt everything," yea because it has never been a problem for you fucking retard. live like a poor person for a few months and say that.

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Keanu Reeves is dumber than shit.
Like rock retarded. That's what makes him such an incredible man.

He seems pretty smart to me.

keanu is a MGTOW confirmed .

really depends on the person and mindset

honestly i want to be alone
no gf, no friends, nothing, i fantasize about it everyday

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Yeah if you contextualize it with the knowledge that he's a celebrity and no doubt has a fulfilling social life. Most >tfw no gf posters are sad because they want someone, anyone, to care about them. If they had a wide circle of close friends they probably wouldn't care as much about being single.

He's got millions to spend on cool experiences and items all day long, he has fun stuff always available to fill his time, of course he takes it easier than a 9-5er or a neet whose major expenditures include unremarkable grocery trips or a 2 or 3 piece mall haul of "h&m chic". If we had the money or time to pursue truly cool shit and not just settle for accesible stuff, most of us wouldn't take loneliness as hard either.

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is that a fake quote from that interview that somebody faked?

Wasn't he fucking Martha higareda?

He's not.
He is just incredibly observant and knows the ins and outs of other human beings.

That's what happens when you're dumb yet caring. You are so with it that you become a social god.

When it comes to IQ, his is in the toilet. It is down the drain. In the sewer.

The only reason people don't know is because he looks Asian to them.

But he's rich and can afford to live an easy lifestyle regardless.

Do you have any proof of this assertion?

He doesn't, just hates him for an undisclosed reason.
Anyone with that opinion in the first place already has a higher IQ than your average person.

Look at the size of his pupils.
That is mental retardation when you see the height of his forehead. He is a dumb guy that cares so much about intelligence and appearances that he hides his biggest handicap.

I feel nothing but respect for him.

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this is the type of guy who has some anti social disorder, maybe even SPD.

Keanu Reeves is dumb.
But he is a god because of it.

Keanu is a rich guy who had lots of sex with supermodels. He really is a robot and /ourguy/

so is this man. women are losing the elite men because they are selfish cunts

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it's interesting you note his small pupils, as there was a study a few years ago drawing a positive correlation between pupil size and fluid intelligence

And that's precisely what's going on.
The more feminine you are, the greater the pupil size as well.

Reeves is very feminine, but his pupils are very small. That means there's nothing going on in his brain.

I hope he hasn't been raped by the hyenas in Hollywood.

Lol that man isnt mgtow Hes closet gay bud

You seem to operate on some plane where 115 IQ is the bottom of the bell curve.

That's not 115 IQ.
That's like 60 or 70 IQ.

is titanic a legitimately good movie?

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Depends on your personality, If your a Introvert then yea its true to an extent, If your a extrovert then no its not true.

If your in the middle like i am then its not true

Titanic was legitimately a movie where they cast a feminine gay man as a ladies man brainwashing both sexes into believing real men act like this feminine

>"oh no the rich desirable powerful men of society don't want to settle down so he must be gay"

you cunts ask for this with your #metoo bullshit and no due process. also getting very greedy with your voting rights.

>metoo made white guys gay
uhhh alright bro

But I would take social advice from him before I take it from anybody else

He is rich for that reason. Like a woman, but not.

i thought this was a fake interview and he never actually said this
i find it hard to believe a guy like keanu isn't dating and having sex all the time

He isn't though.
Being mixed-raced is extremely difficult.

Most men actors are gay its been like that since the beginning of time

Im sorry you grew up thinking they were actually the men portrayed in their roles

Checked and this one hundred percent. Especially with the rich people point. The only people who can say that are the people who can AFFORD to say it.

nice cope. women are losing the rich elite men.

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Yes, both based and redpilled.

This implies most lonely people are rich

don't worry they still have lots of big black cock.

>When it comes to IQ, his is in the toilet.

You don't get to his level of success in life by being a retard, retard.

>Being mixed-raced is extremely difficult.

This so much.What will it take for normies to understand this?

both Neil deGrasse Tyson,Bill Cosby and Morgan Freeman got fucked by #metoo. blacks don't want to deal with that shit either and they should worry the most because the court are biased.

Yeah this. And I call bullshit on the single claim. He probably doesn't consider all the casual sex he gets as being with somebody.

I believe the story is that his girlfriend who was pregnant with his child had a miscarriage, and then a few months later she died in a car crash. It's possible that Keanu never moved on after losing the only people he loved.

Yes you can and do.
Bushmen are 60 IQ, and they rock like hell.

Joe Biden was called a dumb motherfucker by Donald Trump himself.

>Keanu is a rich guy who had lots of sex with supermodels. He really is a robot and /ourguy/

that guys a basedboy sjw faggot

>Look at the size of his pupils.
how does that have anything to do with it

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Pupil size is directly related to IQ

If you put a genius under the same lighting conditions as an average person, the genius would have larger pupils.

Black men are based and are tag teaming your mom right now. Most people have no idea what metoo is because they don't use twitter

I invite you to watch this video in which Keanu speaks at length about his motorcycle collection and offers advice to prospective riders and see if you change your mind:

>I find it realy funny when rich people say "money isnt everything," yea because it has never been a problem for you fucking retard. live like a poor person for a few months and say that.
Even worse is people who have had gfs and hookups and tell you that sex isn't that great. Yeah maybe that's because you can get it regularly.

His brain is totally stuck on detail.

He talks like a 2nd grader.

seems like an utter brainlet desu hasn't used a single big word

Listen, I love Keanu Reeves too, but I accept that he's just not a smart dude.

I used to think he was smart as well, but then I took a look at him with a critical eye, and there wasn't much brain to the man.

he's a celebrity, he speaks from a position of power and wealth where he has a huge network of relationships and friends. true isolation/loneliness is self inflicted and/or externally inflicted alienation from society, a profound feeling of "I don't matter and no one cares and I can do nothing about it", a feeling anyone bourgeois or above that will never truly experience.

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The thing about it is this,
Most people would crumble if they stepped into his shoes. Reeves is extremely conscientious because he's dumb.

He is still an absolute legend.

Fair enough user, I suppose you may be right. Intelligence is not the only thing that matters in life.

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Reeves came from shit.

>Reeves' father earned his GED while imprisoned in Hawaii for selling heroin at Hilo International Airport

He's only where he's at because of his own strength and luck. Probably got molested a couple of times too.

>implying its better than the matrix
fuck off zoomer.

he also has dyslexia and dropped out of high school, but don't forget he has some advantages over a more normal person; namely he had close connections to Hollywood and NY Broadway which 99% of aspiring actors can only dream of having. I'd argue luck played more of a role in his success than just strength.

he's still a very good guy and easily the most wholesome and inspirational celebrity around.

Whether you broke or rich you gotta get this
Havin' money's not everything, not havin' it is

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Yes and No.
The thing is those Hollywood companies take who ever is fit. Reeves was exceptionally attractive as a young male, but he was also terribly strong in the brain.

Most actors can't get through because they are entering a human chopping game, and if their skull isn't what the judges want, they're gone. If they can't do what is demanded, they're gone. If they're too dumb, they're gone. 100 ways to be nixed.

It is an extremely perfect balance.

Reeves is just perfect for cinema.

He's another form of BASED BLACK MAN.

>giving up your seat for some fat goblina

Isnt he a volcel because of this?
>On December 24, 1999, Reeves' girlfriend,Jennifer Syme, gave birth eight months into her pregnancy to Ava Archer Syme-Reeves, who wasstillborn. The strain put on their relationship by their grief resulted in their breakup several weeks later. On April 2, 2001, Syme was driving alone on Los Angeles'Cahuenga Boulevardwhen she sideswiped three parked cars, rolled over several times, and was thrown from the car. Authorities believed she died instantly.

well she has to rest her money maker

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Was she not wearing a seatbelt?

whoa, gnarly scene

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>banging Jewesses

that's one way to correct your brainlet genes

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The Hollywood elites are putting him in multiple consumer products. For these products to succeed, they have to shill him EVERYWHERE. Wouldn't be surprised if OP was a shill too. It's obnoxious and I'm beginning to hate seeing his face. They did the same with Jason Momoa a while back. Look at how many talk about him now?

>but for robots a lot of us have to try insanely hard to get a gf
I don't try because I don't care. There are more fun things to do than being in a relationship imo.

Saying a famous guy is devoid of intelligence because their pupils are small seems like an odd way of coping of extreme jealousy, user.

But for them its all fake, most people will only want to be around them for their status. Its hard to make genuine friendships while being famous

No. Those sort of things are just diversions to distract ourselves from the emptiness inside. I do the same things. In the moment I can take my mind off how alone I feel for a time but in the end it's just shallow surface level interactions and empty consumerism. Ultimately hollow pursuits lacking the substance necessary to truly satiate my cravings and fill the void. The moment I stop moving, that I stop consuming, it all comes back.

easy to say when you're literally a movie star and have your pick of the litter in terms of women.

>company becomes an option

that's the essence of what he's saying. lonely people don't complain because they have the option of company and reject it, they complain because they are alone despite their best efforts. obviously he's ok with being alone because he's only alone when he wants to be, he could have a 10/10 gf in a day if he wanted.

He's probably just on blood pressure medicine you dumb fuck. He's really old.

I can literally Google small pupils as a side effect of blood pressure and link way more support than that one study you listed. He also builds custom motorcycles and shoots there gun competitions. Both of which you can't be retarded and do. Oh wait.....I'll wait to see what thing you create. Go on. Show us.

Of course he is right, but you have to remember that he's fucking rich. There is nothing in this world better than being alone

I like Keanu and I'll continue to like him long after the redditards find their next flavor of the week and forget him as another le based man but this is bad normie advice that needs to stop being given.

how do i measure puil sizes?

Easy to say when being single is an option and not the default.

He wasn't that famous a few years ago; nobody gave a shit about him before the recent E3 event.

ive never even heard of john wick before seeing it mentioned alongside cyberpunk 2077

i literally only know keanu reeves from the matrix