Tfw finally got a job after being a neet for years

>tfw finally got a job after being a neet for years

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Congratulations fren!

Work hard and grow yourself as a person. There's an entire world out there.

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welcome back to Hell frend'o

Good luck man, things can only go up from here.

yeeeee boiii good shit

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>tfw i realize i have to get a job eventually

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Hell yeah man, happy for you!

What job did you get my man? Congrats

This was me a few years back. Work fucking sucks but I'm glad to be making money finally, even if I'm still not where I want to be financially or just in general yet.

Good job. Welcome to the new layer of poverty where you can work full time and still need government assistance like the tax leeches people like to complain about. If you work really hard at trying to cheat the system like everyone else that makes more than you does, only 85% of your income will go to taxes instead of 90% and their WAY higher percentage of money that's significantly more than yours gets taxed at a lower rate. Do you have a retirement account yet? Go ahead and brag about lower prices for houses in your area so someone can go and buy all that up and start charging more for property taxes while treating it like a slum in terms of maintenance.

Also, I didn't mean to make it all about me (I need to get better about that), but congratulations man. Good job!

Selling furniture. $11/hour.

First week went okay.

>Selling furniture

work sucks but congrats OP

is that bronson??

Yes it's our boy bronco

also if any fellow robots need a job Carolina&advn=9821036980071537&vjk=04d1fb1f19d84bca

Are there night shifts for that job?
thanks for sharing user

Noice! Where to next? Are you content where you are or do you have goals?

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i only know about him from that refn movie but it was cool

A read job or mcjob?