Why is there so many communists nowadays?

Why is there so many communists nowadays?

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same reason there are so many far right extremists
because society fucking sucks and people are mad

Because capitalism is fucked and people are looking for an alternative.

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Right wing extremist:
>I want to kill the Jews

Left wing extremist:
>Everyone should have access to healthcare

Keking every lol

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Americans asking for a first world social safety net is not fucking communism, and the reason we don't have one is being idiots have been convinced that it is.

There aren't. You just think there are because the internet is making you more aware of people's beliefs. Some edgy college kids reading Marx isn't anything to worry about.

because they are losers that can't compete in a free market sense they offer no value.

i hate this quote, part of the problem literally is minorities, wages aren't going to rise if corporations can just import low wage immigrant workers to replace you when you get uppity and decide you don't want to work for $7 an hour
Left wing extremist:
>i want to kill the jews (bourgeoisie)

Right wing extremist
>People would be better off living more natural lives without arbitrary left-wing ideals

Left wing extremist
>Social standards are arbitrary, please give me the freedom to destroy myself and everyone around me, pedophilia, massive censorship, chinese-tier social blacklists, propaganda

See how easy this is?

Why do so many "nazis" on Jow Forums support capitalism?

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Right wing extremism
>It would be funny if millions of Middle Easterners were to die by bombing runs
>Since Israel shares this mentality, I like Israel

Left wing extremism
>I don't think children belong in concentration camps regardless of their skin color

my theory on this is, that the western world has been too calm for too long and some people just unconciously want some kind of violence or social unrest (in the history almost every generation had it's war), and since commies and nazis offer them a way for unleashing their desires - not knowing what the real violence is - they roll with them adopting their worldview

>People would be better off living more natural lives
Working in a literal wage cage after spending 1 hour in gridlock traffic, pouring tons of pollutants into the atmosphere is "living more natural lives"?

They're viscerally disgusted by the idea of a minority getting either power or assistance by the government. They would rather pay a massive, massive premium on their healthcare than bargain for healthcare collectively with a minority.

they don't though, not in its current form. They hate it and think corporations should be regulated to shit

right wing extremists aren't neo-cons

because the nazis were capitalist?

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Right wing extremists tend to be pseudo-nazis who think capitalism and PJW is based and that "tradition" is reading a book about a kike on a stick and having a 4 member family.

No, Nazis thought capitalism was how Jews controlled you. I'm a left wing socialist and even I know capitalism is the tool Jews use to control society.
"White genius" at work it seems.

Nazi Germany had public healthcare.

Right wing extremism
>I just want to live among my own people in an honest land, with our traditions and ways

Left wing extremism
>gee... I wonder what the border control is for... I guess just to keep the proletaryat down!

>Nazi Germany had public healthcare.
So what? The word privatisation was literally invented by economists to describe what the nazis did to the economy. Business owners made record profits during the nazi regime

>i hate this quote, part of the problem literally is minorities
No, the problem is the corporations who will fire Americans so they can hire workers who will work for pennies. The problem is the corporations who get new technology that cuts labor in half with the same productivity, so instead of making their workers work less, they lay them off.

Capitalism has some big problems and (((they))) turn us against each other so no one notices that the problems aren't football players kneeling, the problem isn't feminists, the problem isn't Mexicans, the problem is (((them))).

Right wing extremism:
>I just want to kick everybody out of their homeland so that I can continue to slave away under a capitalist for the remainder of my natural born life

Left wing extremism:
>I don't like engaging in illegal/unnecessary wars

>Nazi Germany had public healthcare.
Nazi germany didn't have many non whites. Since America has a large non white population and universal healthcare would benefit these non whites by default, American racists don't support it because they hate the idea of the government doing anything that may help somebody who isn't white.

>I like israel
>I want to kill the Jews
pick one you fucking mentally ill tranny, and then go dilate.

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Private business does not imply multinational corporations. On top of that "private" corporations were heavily regulated by the state. Meanwhile Jow Forums would have you believe in MUH FREE MURKIT
Jow Forums tards are roleplayers with no lives who have no real opinions of their own. They just repeat unsourced inforgraphics about their apparent ideology. Literally Jewish cattle.

If you claim to be a Nazi and argue for corporate insurance and healthcare you are not a Nazi. It's literally on par with a communist arguing in favor of corporations.

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There is literally nothing wrong with not wanting to support parasites of an opposing tribe living amongst you.

>Right wing extremists tend to be pseudo-nazis who think capitalism and PJW is based
Stop equating trumptards with far right extremists lol. They don't like PJW because he's one of the ones that refuses to answer 'the jew question'. The far right don't like free market capitalism, they despise corporations because jews and shilling degeneracy or whatever. If they had their way they would dismantle democracy and regulate the fuck out of big business.

>No, the problem is the corporations who will fire Americans so they can hire workers who will work for pennies.
This is significantly harder to do without third world workers. The rest is true though

> It's literally on par with a communist arguing in favor of corporations.
i mean they do that all the time lmao

You dont need Jews to have Israel tho

I disagree but that's your opinion. I just think it's idiotic to try to hurt other people even when you're ultimately hurting yourself and the rest of your people in the process.

I'm not talking about actual Nazis who know their ideology and can effectively argue for it. They exist, but most of Jow Forums (and others) are not like this.
See: Clownpepe morons.

Because they don't understand Economics, I'm as far as you can be from being a communist without being an Anarco-Capitalist (Im a Capitalist Minarchist)

Racism is just Authoritarian Extremism or far right cultural (Hyper-Nationalism)

Far-Right economic extremism is more of Writz Faire capitalism or Anarco-Capitalism, Or sometimes Corporatism

Free Healthcare is more of just normal left wing, Far left would be full blown Marxism and Communism with the Government abolishing Money and making everyone work for zero pay then feeding them treating them like Animals

My bad dude. Can you please explain to me how Nazis can manage to hate Zionists even though they put Arabs in concentration camps?

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>Private business does not imply multinational corporations.

Ford, AT&T, IBM, Nestle are not multinational?


It's absolutely laughable to suggest the nazis were socialist. The soviet union was socialist. Tito's Yugoslavia was socialist. Mao's china was socialist. Nazi Germany was purely capitalist

Holy shit. Imagine needing this much dense non-sense to explain why the profit motive is actually good and not threatening a mass extinction event

Right wing extremism:
>Far-Right economic extremism is more of Writz Faire capitalism or Anarco-Capitalism, Or sometimes Corporatism

Left wing extremism:
>From each according to his ability, to each according to his need

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>Left wing extremist:
>Everyone should have access to healthcare
The United States is the only country where this would be considered extreme.

>put arabs in concentration camps
Imagine actually believing this.

>>Americans asking for a first world social safety net is not fucking communism, and the reason we don't have one is being idiots have been convinced that it is.
gibs is not a legitimate function of government, or something government has any legitimate claim to steal money from people for.

>Clownpepe morons.
yeah they're completely retarded, I wouldn't call them extremists though, they're practically trumptards with 'we live in a society' thrown on top

I'm glad you asked

>Is Israel an 'apartheid' state? This U.N. report says yes.

>Gazans have survived years of war. Now depression is killing them.

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Nazi Germany was not purely capitalist, it was socialized capitalism if anything. You are trying to define socialism as if it's everyone gets an equal share. Socialism means the workers run business, and the people (the state) run the economy. The Nazis fit within this definition, even including working with companies such as IBM.
Hitler has many quotes directly attacking capitalism as a concept.
Pic related though, totally in support of Jewish capitalism. The fact you're trying to rewrite history in favor of Jewish interests says a lot about Jow Forums "Nazis".

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The only based and redpilled Leftists are old left Marxist-Leninists. Anarchism, Syndicalism, "Democratic Socialism", Trotskyism etc are pure fucking cringe.

Daily reminders:
>Communism is more interested in protecting your traditions than capitalism. Marx was very critical of capitalism's need to constantly reinvent and replace social constants with new ones that present more avenues for isolating and profiting off of individuals whose traditional support networks--the family, the community and so on, have been destroyed. Consider that East Germany consistently had a higher birth rate, higher marriage rate and lower divorce rate than West Germany even though a larger percentage of women worked in East Germany than West Germany (90% vs 55%) and abortion was legal the entire time in East Germany.
>Communism was not a "tool of the Jews". Socialist states have consistently been critical of Israel and been bad goyim that supported Palestine and other Arab liberation movements. On the other hand, basically every capitalist country in the world is Zionist.
>The fastest growing economies of the 20th century were the USSR and the PRC
>Communism does not stifle innovation. The USSR invented space travel, space stations, lasers, LEDs, microwave ovens, mobile phones (in 1957, by Leonid Kupriyanovich), patented the personal computer before the USA, and so on.
>The Russian Empire had roughly the same GDP as Brazil in 1917. Which country became a superpower, and which one stayed irrelevant?
>"Muh 100 gorillion" never happened, there is no proof whatsoever and you're a fucking liberal if you believe it

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Joking about genociding faggots, niggers, muslims, kikes, etc. is extreme.

>Yeah, Nazi Germany might have invented the word privatization, but have you ever considered privatized businesses are actually publicly owned means of production (socialism)?

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there wasn't really any consistent principle behind Nazism other than "what the leader says, goes".

I would consider extreme actually unironically wanting to do that.

Are you fucking kidding me?
Left wing extremists do whatever the fuck they want because they just were given the communist manifesto and a can of thinner, not to mention they also want to kill "rich" people.

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Because I want more welfare so I don't need to work and I can stay a NEET

Nazi privatization meant taking services and businesses that were owned and run by the state and handing control to private ownership (not the state). Hitler built his platform on unions, even if he dismantled them later on, replacing them with state run unions.

Oh and let's not forget how those fucking retarded right wingers like to deny the Holocaust just only to prove later on that even their own leader was a fucking shill.

I mean seriously, why do they believe that Jews are lying about the Holocaust in order to frame Hitler? They are lying about the Holocaust not because of that, BUT BECAUSE IT would ruin their image as victim, and the Hitler was their main Jewish co-operator in it, and even they admitted that he was a Jew, not to mention that according to Jow Forums, NS Germany was allied with a Soviet Union, and guess what did they both do together? They have attacked Poland, for no good reason. Welp, guess at the end of the day everything is full of Jews so I guess it doesn't really fucking matter if you are commie or a nazi.

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Also, let's not forget how Jow Forums loves to shit on Jews, calling them liars, bastards and all that shit. But everything fucking changes when a Jew says something that is actually in favor of their own opinion... Like, do you know how much of a Jow Forums has agreed to what Netyanahu said about Hitler himself... Quite strange considering most Jews hate Hitler, but then again... hmmm, this is really fucking weird. I wonder if (((Hitler))) was behind this...

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>Jews want to maintain control of society for their own benefit, believing themselves to be the only people fit for such a task
>Jow Forums want to take control of society for their own benefit, believing themselves to be the only people fit for such a task
>Jews hide their ideology behind coded language to garner support
>Jow Forums hides their ideology behind coded language to garner support

wtf i love jews now
based jews

Yeah I'm sure all communists want to do is build a bunch of hospitals and never genocide or starve anyone ever.

You got me on the "eat the rich." It's bad optics 100%

But putting anti-fascist action on the same tier as fascist violence is irresponsible. "I want to kill the Jews" is different than "I want to stop this guy from killing the Jews by any means necessary"

Are you going to elaborate or did you just really crave attention?

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>hey America, get with the program!!!

If everyone wants to jump of a cliff, it doesn't mean United States should as well

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If the establishments were privatized, how in hell did the workers run the business? That doesnt add up

communists kill most of their own and starve the rest

far left extremists think you should kill anyone they don't like, not even just real fascists. Even Sargon who is milquetoast centrist as fuck had leftists wish people were throwing bricks at him instead of milkshakes

Oh fuck, my bad, dude.

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Oregano senpai

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Worker run businesses. Union run businesses. Privately owned firms with unions. etc.
There are businesses like this today, even in capitalist society. Nazis thought it was better to regulate capitalism however. And eventually the private unions were replaced with public ones, to ensure unions were not a threat to the reich.

Indeed my friend, doesn't fucking matter if you are commie or not, Jews in the USA had always despised Communism, because at it's core, it was a revolutionary idea to UNITE the human race, which would definitely NOT benefit the Jews in any way unless they somehow took control of it. In USSR, while they were still in actual power, the Jews had no actual law to make them "God's Chosen" considering that they have outlawed public Christian telling (which is literally what Jow Forums hates to death), and since those Jews in USSR were "heretical", they decided to make a Cold War. Stalin dies in 1953, and a person of Russian descent takes the control of USSR, and then he starts the process of de-stalinization, which also included the abolishion of hate speech laws against the jews. On contrary, the JEWSA, had adopted a new slogan called "In (((God))) we Trust". And guess who has achieved more in space race then? Guess who has achieved an actual good relations with an Middle East? Guess who has achieved the peace with many countries?

>"Hmm... Hitler killed millions of Jews? I don't know if I can believe that, it's normal for a nation to propagandize against their enemies."
>"The Soviet Union--a nation of 150 million people--killed 100, perhaps 200 million people for no reason? Those monsters!"

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Most countries in the world are capitalist so that's pretty obviously going to happen. You can't feed everyone as communism proves.

>almost every country is capitalist
>very few countries have ever been communist and all of them have fallen apart
what a retarded argument

The Bolsheviks were literally Jewish. Capitalist Jews just won out over them and fascists.
Everything else you listed was achieved under Jewish rule of Europe and North America.



And even Hitler was a fucking Jew, don't you get it? No matter on what fucking side you are, there is always going to be a Jew, so why argue?

Stalin was the leader of the USSR you dunce

Wait until he realizes that North Korea probably doesn't exaggerate about the barbaric behavior the US displayed in the Korean war.

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you can go live in communist countries right now if you really like the whole starving thing.

Juche literally reminded me of National Socialism for a moment

>"Even though North Korea is poorer, I felt more free there. Neighbours and people help each other and depend on each other.

>"Life is simpler there and here they are just slaves to money."

is the pic supposed to imply that capitalism happened peacefully and naturally?

Yes, they are fed when communism is dumbed down by reforms. I knew this already.

And you can go ahead and move back to the confederate states of America if you don't like people posting facts that hurt your feelings.

Oh wait, no you can't xD

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i mean, it is nationalist socialism, but ol' hitler had to go and ruin the terminology for all of us

No, did you read it at all?

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>Thinks unironically that Communism is when da gubermend doez shiet
Why don't you read this shit instead of telling us crap you read from memes, faggot?
>Socialism is a range of economic and social systems characterised by social ownership of the means of production and workers' self-management,

Because a lot of degrees in college are a fucked overpriced scam & a lot of people fall for it. Now they're 100k in debt, can't file for bankruptcy & they were just following orders, "go to college & you'll be super employable & rich!" I think mostly youths are communist LARPers because of this I haven't seen anybody old who's a commie, unless they're literally retarded. Don't get me wrong, capitalism isn't great either. Big business is paving the way for demographic change due to slave labor being wanted, but this thread is about communism.

you can go live in a communist country. i don't see the problem. my family ran as fast as possible from the soviet union. most people seem to prefer being "slaves to money" if it means having food, opportunity and security.

I tried to move to Cuba but unlike capitalism, communism is anti-immigration. Beautiful country though I really enjoyed my (temporary) time there.

People would be so much more receptive to communism/socialism if its supporters weren't braindead retards unironically saying things like 'actually stalin and north korea are good'

yes, it's saying communism doesn't happen because of opposition. which implies that capitalism has zero opposition.

Capitalism literally had roots in Feudalism, which is literally a system that actually kinda resembled the kulaks in 1930s Soviet Russia, the only difference is that the farmers in USSR had to "redistribute it", while in Feudalism they had to give it to their king. This just proves that state socialism is actually Capitalism in disguise, since you cannot really say that workers control their own property when there is a state telling them that they MUST redistribute their earned money.

communism literally and unironically is when the government controls everything, yes. self management leads to free market.

The USSR's communist party had close to 20 million members, most of which were working class. So it's not as simple as "the government is in charge of the economy"

>Self management leads to le "free market"
Free market is literally the part of Liberalism. And there is no such thing as "Communist government", Communism strives for STATELESS society, mind you very well

>"Better join the party if you know what's good for you, comrade, wouldn't want anything bad to happen..."
yeah okay

>Communism strives for STATELESS society
Name one time this happened on a national scale.

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Well indeed, I've actually read about Socialism, and it's about self-management and not being a wage cuck to someone else. I mean, why would anyone be a wage cuck to begin with lol?

this is a very silly chart, capitalism causes none of these whereas communism directly caused its deaths (that is, they wouldn't have died if communism hadn't been around). in fact, these stats would undeniably be worse if it wasn't for capitalism

because most millennial's (ages 26 to 38) either got fuck up or fuck themselves up. Helicopter parents that never let them make their own independence and a crash that crippled out the other options leads to a lot of 30 somethings working at walmart or other basic end jobs while still living and depending on direct family, as such they want an exit out and what that life their parents had.

That's what makes this all weird as hell, you talk to most teens and young adults and they think Socialism is bad, same with older people. But that group nearing/in their 30s see it as a salvation to a fuck up life they both had brought on them and they brought on themselves, if you are in that age range and didn't "make it" you are a by product of your generation and will go down in the books as such.

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What? They had to stop people from joining. The communist party was the government so many people were trying to join with ulterior motives

Anarchist Catalonia, Free territory of Ukraine, Rojava, etc. Those are all examples of stateless societies in which Communism was actually put into practice, specifically AnCom ideology.

the reason its never happened is because it's literally impossible. Collectivism is not something humans naturally do in any society with more than Dunbar's number (150-300) of people. If there are more than that many people in your country, collectivism is impossible unless its imposed at the point of a bayonet by a powerful and oppressive government. The moment you let the boot even slightly off people's throats they'll behave in an individualist, capitalist fashion.

look faglord i can see all the gulag shit and murdering all the farmers and rich complacent people being justified in a time when arguing about a chunk of land usually ended in death anyway. but this is fundamentals. there is no reality where communism represents decentralized authority or "freedom". there's a hard line where the government decides which people it helps and doesn't help, and regardless of what kind of person you were, if you had a job in the government you were usually untouchable.

in the soviet union reputation was your currency. everything else functioned pretty much the same at the large scale.

Lmfao. The average anarchist colony lasts 3 weeks dude and it ends with you being dismembered by some right wing slob. If you wanna be an anarchist join a fucking commune. Don't play revolutionary because you know how that ends

That and misrepresentation of Communism by many Jews in USA, I mean, why does Dennis Prager loathes Communism more than an ideology that allegedly killed his own people? Communism isn't exactly all "sharing is caring for no good reason", it's about self-management and not being a wage cuck you boomer

History has proven this. That's why a a lot of Russians turned back to Christianity after the fall.