Does anyone else think mental illness is complete bullshit?

I believe in bi-polar and schizophrenia but everything else is total bullshit.
>""""borderline"""" lmooaaa
etc etc

Those aren't illnesses or disorders. Its just pathetic, impotent faggots trying to rationalize being exceptionally WEAK people. Get used to being in uncomfortable situations until they're not uncomfortable anymore. Yea, I fucking hate and despise interacting with people, but I do it so much that I can subdue that sensation to accomplish what i need out of the interaction. depression is inevitably if you perceive reality correctly. the world sucks ass. get the fuck over it, its not a fucking mental disorder. jesus CHRIST. I had to go to court ordered family therapy when my parents got divorced, and the therapist diagnosed me with "major depressive disorder" lmooaaaaaaaa no shit cunt my family is being broken apart, im gonna be a little down about.

fucking faggots

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i tought it was all bullshit, until i had a schizophrenic episode while high on weed, made me realize all those videos of crazy people doing crazy stuff isnt as outlandish has i tought

i honestly wish it were but MDD is a thing for me, at least you fags have traps and anime i dont enjoy a god damned thing

>had a schizophrenic episode
schizo is genuine in my book.

Schizo is real dude. I've experienced meth psychosis which is a type of temporary schizophrenia. The voices you hear sound exactly like real ones, they're clear as day, not muffled or garbled and certainly not "in your head." They also say stuff you yourself would never say or think up and they even seemed to be more quick-thinking than me. It was really, really strange.


I'm replying to that guy who replied and said it wasn't real, but then deleted his post. notice the strikethrough, DUMBASS

Depression has been neurologically verified multiple times. There's a reason SSRIs can help it, even though it's possibly the shittiest way to do so.
You're also trying PTSD doesn't exist? Come on user.

schizophrenia is as real as it gets

you literally depart for another plane of reality when that shit kicks in

oh my bad PTSD is the 3rd one. that shit is legit

I'm a tranny with PTSD, and I've had tranny thoughts LITERALLY as long as I can remember.
The mind is something NO ONE understands. There isn't a single person alive, or in recorded history who has ever described or modeled the mind accurately.
Perhaps ancient Pagans had more insight, but most of us certainly have not been privy to that information.

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Bait thread at least try bro

PTSD is real if you've ever talked to war veterans who have actually lived through traumatic shit. I knew a Vietnam veteran who would call the cops on himself when he could tell he was having an episode or else he might flip shit and hurt somebody or himself. The problem with PTSD is that anyone can claim they have it from the most bullshit of causes and as a result the actual disorder has been watered down so much that it means nothing now.

lol you haven't had "tranny thoughts" as long as you can remember you just had normal taboo thoughts everyone has but you're extremely susceptible to manipulation from your unstable upbringing which caused you to give in to those thoughts because your mind wasn't strong enough to combat them

that will be 10 cents
you people are such a fucking may may

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I got BPD and I would say PTSD is less problematic.

Whenever I get reminded of my early childhood I just begin to hear unfortunate son in my head. Joke. No. I just begin to really dissociate and become absent minded that's how far it goes. Maybe also big part of my violent behavior might be due to ptsd. It's fight or die to any situation that actually can scare me.

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What about shit like adhd or ocd? I guess they arent the disorders youre talking about, so I would imagine you back em up, but still would like to know your opinion for sure.

Also I fucking hate people just acting like ocd is about needing to be organized or whatever the fuck, when its obviously not if you take 2 seconds to look it up and read.

I agree, you can work through most mental illnesses. If you cant you're a pathetic pussy

>It is not I who is sick, but society.
Yeah, I think you're right. I think most of the symptoms are real, but the causes are lack of love and attention as well as being cut off from nature and a good sleep cycle.

I wish you good luck and success on your transition into a body you'll feel comfortable and complete in, user.

Hey faggot retard, read the OP next time

What about people just being depressed in general? Do you see any depression as weakness, or is it like they can be depressed, but are a pussy if they stay that way for too long?

>""""borderline"""" lmooaaa
Holy shit you've apparently never met anyone with borderline have you?

if you hear someone tell you they have BPD, fucking RUN

>omg a scary overly emotional bitch ahhhh
you literally just beat their ass

People who always doubt the legitimacy of mental disorders make me laugh

>I know more than millions of psychiatrists with years of experience studying the actual physical, chemical and sociological causes for mental illness
>You just gotta tough it out

No, BPD is more like
>I love you
five seconds later
five more seconds later
>Haha I'm fine, it was just an episode [Is currently planning on finding a knife and threatening you]

Yeah, sounds about right. Any other BPD people on this thread? What is your favorite knife? I prefer fillet knife. It's easy to conceal, sharper than average and fits right through rib cage.

Yeah, the 23 years of isolation and repression and telling myself I was just gay wasn't a desperate attempt to avoid admitting I'm trans.
I don't even WANT to be trans. I'm like a guy in a dress, and hormones aren't going to fix that. But being an ugly hon is still more desirable than having to use tons of drugs to keep myself from suicide.

Thank you user. I just want to be comfortable with myself. Even if it means acting like a faggot when I'm in public.

Heres the cure for BPD (as in Borderline PD)
>if male
being regularly, viciously beaten down whenever they try to get uppity. those "ups and downs" will quickly disappear when my foot goes up and down on your jaw
>if female
beaten lightly, raped viciously. that'll "straighten em out"

I know you're trolling, but if you aren't, enjoy prison!

Bah, bitch you can't even get laid.

oh man you are lucky not to know what depression and anxiety feels like. they are very much real.

cringe Jow Forums idiot trying to talk about subjects he barely knows about, how typical of that shitheap of a board

Why is is so hard for you people to not constantly make everything about your dick or mental pussy? It is such a narcissist thing to do to constantly revolve everything around your own fucking self identity. You know, for you its not "Have Sex", for you its:

Get a god damned hobby that isn't about yourself.