Why do people stay obese it's like living in your own personal hell

Why do people stay obese it's like living in your own personal hell.

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Because its easier to jump on the HAES bandwagon and convince your self that you are happy and healthy than admit you fucked up big time and have to work hard to fix it.

at least she's eating healthy

presumably they think diet and exercise is a worse hell. They're not entirely wrong, dieting and exercising sucks. People who disagree and think that being fit is worth the shit you have to go through are already fit.

mental illness, user.

Fat fuck detected. Enjoy that massive heart attack.

dude you can literally just don't overeat and eat fairly healthfully and you will lose weight. It really isn't hard.

I stand by my post. Anyone who would read your post and think "Oh, geez, this is worth it for my health" is already in shape. The fat fucks are the ones who read that and think "fuck off, I don't care". In other words, nothing you can say will persuade fat people to lose weight. All the persuadable people have already been persuaded.

Literally natural selection. I honestly don't understand how you can enjoy stuffing your face more than being able to live a normal life. I once spent about 6 months super depressed and let myself get to like 22% bf, felt fucking disgusting. Nothing feels better than exercising and making progress.

They're addicted to pleasure eating, presumably because they're unhappy with their lives.

>t. Fatass

if i had a box of Cosmic Brownies i would eat all of them in the next two hours

>Nothing feels better than exercising and making progress.
let me repeat: everyone who's fat disagrees. If they didn't, they wouldn't be fat. Everyone who agrees is already in shape.

have you tried food before nigger? some of it is delicious. there's also the fact companies literally chemically engineer their food products in a lab to be as delicious and addicting as possible and then provide as much as people want if they got the money


Fat fucks have never tried real exercise, because if they had they wouldn't allow themselves to get so fucking fat. Stop defending literal subhumans.

Because people hate me anyway, this way I get to die sooner and indulge in hedonism.

Look at the fatties getting mad.

>just stop eating like shit
>work out and burn more calories than you eat

Fatties are legit cancer. Waste of genes and energy. It even makes their brains toxic and defend their lifestyle.
Just admit it to yourself that you are weak minded and can't help yourself. Once you tell yourself that then you can make steps to change that.

I run everyday. Work out everyday. And fast once a week.
It's all about effort. Fatties just don't understand what it takes to stay on top of the ball.
Be mad fatties.

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>r9k-pol cross poster complaining about cancer
You're not wrong in most cases, yet you're making it awfully easy to right you off as a retard.

>user you make good points I can't rebuttal
>I am out of shape and lazy so I am going to feel personally attacked and insult you.

Maybe use that self hate you have on making yourself better user.
I like what I see in the mirror. I feel good everyday after running knowing I the fitness and can survive in nature.
Do you feel the same ?
You should feel like shit if you are feeling attacked. It should be fuel to change that weak body.
Yes I am a polock and a robot. Because I am into self improvement if you can't see the reasoning why I am in shape for the /future/ you're just as retarded as you assume I am for getting your booty blasted.
Run a 5 min mile then come talk to me pal.

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Fat fuck anons, how the fuck do I start to enjoy eating more? I'm so fucking skinny, I think that getting more fat in my body will probably make me look better and will improve my self-esteem.
I really don't get that enjoyment out of eating unless I'm hungry, but if I only eat when I'm hungry I will never gain weight.

just eat fast food. it's orgasmically delicious and it'll put weight on you in no time flat

How much fast food? Like once a day? More than once?
I can easily maintain my weight, I just need to gain some first.

>me ubermensch you untermensch
Keep sucking your own cock and you might help someone while doing it one day.
>I like what I see in the mirror.
Nice, but you're literally just skinny. Probably the body of most self righteous pol posters.
>if you are feeling attacked.
Lol, however i'd respond to this you'd convince yourself I felt like I was. It's more like I was baited into responding to a poltard on a high horse.

Be depressed, find a way to develop diabetes, eat american processed foods laden with sugar and fructose corn syrup, drink soda.

Short term, immediate satisfaction at the cost of long term health.

Same as drinking, smoking, shopping excessively, cheating on a spouse, etc. It's mostly people trying to fill a void in their own life and sacrificing their future selves to feel happy in a moment. A healthy person is able to control and judge their actions for long term scenarios.

Dont do it user. I am skinny too but I tried to get fat to get size and it didnt work out. Just do push ups and pull ups Everyday.
Dont eat enough to get fat but to fuel you.

How well did daily pushups work for you?
My arms are literally sticc, I need to give them at least some shape that's not a straight thin line.

>Keep sucking your own cock and you might help someone while doing it one day.

I plan on it. If weak faggots dont like what I say then I challenge them to follow as I do then. See if you can keep up

>Nice, but you're literally just skinny. Probably the body of most self righteous pol posters.

Just skinny ? Nigger are you dumb it's called being in shape fool. And self righteous? You mean cocky dumb ass lmao. And you aren't even making any sense. Because I lurk pol I should have a Jow Forums body ?

I am this user.
and And I am skinny as well so dont worry. Just do daily body weight exercises to get in shape then once you're in shape you can form your body how you want it. But you'll soon find out that you will prefer performance over aesthetics. Run , push up and pull ups. You WILL get in shape then you will thank me later user.
Don't forever to do it everyday or else you won't reach your goals.

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How long until I get any visual result at all?

Ah physical fitness whatever. Whatever. You do what you like to do. I do what I like to do okay. But you're a sucker. You're getting fed this line tlike you're going to live forever or whatever. Someone will kill you. Someome will kill you with a knife. Make sure you're uh, abs are freakin ripped. You got some good guns You want to look good when you get stabbed with a knife.Sorry that's how it works.

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nice hairline retard dyel

Maximum fat cope

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