Fuck trannies, fuck namefags and most definitely fuck NIGGERS edition


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Looks like i have no choice but to support based yang for 2020.

you are retarded if you wouldn't get on all fours and spread your tight asshole for YANG 2020

B&rp, secure the bag

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Ya boi ESTP and sometimes ENTP here

Is it good to be an ISTJ?

INTP are useless useless people.

I know the charts are subjective and all that but I've seen a lot of INTP's dealing with lack of motivation myself included. Is there any other INTP's who found ways to motivate themselves without major personality and outlook changes? Or is that the only way?

Do girls like INFP guys?

Do girls like ISTJ guys?

the majority of women, no. certain types do find INFP males attractive, although rare.

ISTJ comprise the majority of the male population. they are mostly cucks. they are the ol' reliable beta males for women. they will be structured and usually see to their duty of providing resources for women to take advantage of.

they can be great potentially, but for the most part they are ATM machine, worker drones for women to take advantage of.

I started going to the gym. It actually did give me motivation to go outside more often.

You can't rely on motivation to get things done, this is true regardless of your type. What I do is keep things withing reach of my computer since that's where I spend about 95% of my time. If I can start doing something without leaving my computer my chances of doing it increase exponentially.

well shit. I took the test and it said I was an ISTJ. I've never had a gf before and now I'm worried.

what about, INTJ, any type compatible with them, and how many of those types there are?

Women love your money. If you run out of money, they stop loving you, so always make sure you have money.

I never see any other ESTPs in these

Does everyone in here just think we're drug addicted, adrenaline seeking sex addicts?

Can anyone explain to me why INTJ have such a bad reputation? Especially amongst women?

What? INTJ don't even exist in women's radars. Likewise, INTJ don't even think about women at all. They don't hate each other, they're just unaware of each other's existence.

>mrw you faggets start making up words that i have to lookup
t. 36 boomer

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>INTJ don't even think about women
but im INTJ and wish i had a gf

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Sorry Anons. We're doomed if this is how we're seen.

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but snape is cool and mysterious, and turns out to be the good guy at the end

I read stories from people that women find INTJ men to be very mean because we tend to value logic over emotion and tend to be very distant from people.Some of us just need our own space, i never understood why women have such a big problem with this.

ISTJs need to arm themselves with knowledge about how women see things to not fall into the trap of being mindless worker drones that service them. ISTJs have great potential, but usually fall into the typical sensor Si comfort and Si Te structures and become almost mindless.

i'd recommend working on your Ne inferior and learning to work with it and not around it. looking at different possibilities and seeing potential alternatives and not relying on your own experience. be more open to alternatives so you don't get taken advantage of.

INTJs are very attractive to women. the silent, but strong and accurate type. no bullshit. their intuition can be their downfall in their prepensity to overthink and overcomplicate things. similar to INTP, but for different reasons. their intuition is forward-thinking and future seeing. if they forsee the future negatively or too ideally they can fuck themselves over. combined with inferior Se, they can be a bit detached and not trust the opportunities they see in front of them. the Se inferior makes them distrust what they see and making up for it with foresight, Ni.

for INTJs i'd recommend that giving into Se inferior greed and primal desire for dominance or sexual urges is normal and not to be feared or insecure about. a lot of INTJs see giving into Se sexuality and desire is a bad thing. but it can work in your favor because you can learn to use it and form accurate deductions about what's really happening with Te and Se.

AS TO YOUR QUESTION, types highly compatible with INTJ are ENTP, ENFP, INTP, INFJ, and ENTJ. depending on what they personally like. even INFP. tertiary Fi in INTJs can be very pure in intent and very Te accurate.

>not ENTJ

i guess they are right, but its not because i value logic over emotion, its because i get nervous and when im about to spill the spaghetti i turn stone faced and rude

Except those who are autistic enough to actually succeed

INTP here going on a date with an ENTJ girl on Wednesday. Guys I need your help, the fuck do I talk about

>got ESFP-A

Am I fucked or not?

What does "Se" stand for?

Women are just trying to feel out their social status among the men, and see who finds her valuable. If a man isn't paying attention to her, she'll wonder what's his deal since she thinks she's the hottest meat in town. Women have various group-oriented goals while the INTJ has very independent minded goals, so there's tension.

so just dont be insecure, seems like your average 'just b yourself' advice. are you some kind of personality expert or are you googling everything?

Guess it really does come down to simple solutions and not overthinking it. I'll try it and I'll also try your idea Thanks for the ideas.

No, speak for yourself

talk about whatever she talks about. give your perspective. ask her questions. let her control the conversation, but ask her questions that fuel her and make her elaborate and help the conversation move forward. answer questions she asks you honestly. don't overthink things. don't be afraid to say what you think about things. later on in the conversation make sure to validate her inferior Fi and tell her that you think she is a good person and is beautiful and has good intentions if you think it's true. WORK WITH HER. she will control the flow of the conversation and always be a bit skeptical of what your intentions are. lay them out for her and tell her that you like her and you've never met anybody like her if think she's being wary of you. give her Ni validation and make her see that you want something long-term if you really like her.

Se is basically "what is going on around you." it's extroverted sensing. the physical world. the interactions between people and objects that are occuring in the physical world. the objective world itself.

what do you mean? what part in particular are you referring to when you say "just be yourself" type of thing.

>extraverted feeling: unused

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INTJ confirmed soulless insectoids

big off on the J senpai

Not too familiar with these types of tests, why is INTP shit?

What MBTI is Conor Oberst you think?

I was listening to his song about dating Winona Ryder. Winona is my longest standing waifu. One of the lyrics in the song is: "She said I kissed her different, that all the men her age were mean". That instantly made me think oh, he must be an INFP.

introvet over extrovert meh i'm 100% intro until i meet some other real niggas
>sensing or intuition.. those words are too similar but sensing is feeling someway over reasons you can't explain where as intuition is like "i think your full of shit because your story doesnt make sense"
> thinking over feeling no fucking brainer there....

>judgemental over perceptive.... i get why channers would be judgemental but if your never willing to admit your wrong your basically a fucking boomer. so idk wtf he's talmbout seems the best to me if you took that test truthfully

Another INTJ, hit the nail right on the head. I really should just go fuck women I get the instinct are attracted to me.

Also, based Yang is based.

INTP shieet

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Imagine literally drawing yourself as what's essentially Chad just to produce propaganda. sad.

I tend to argue that by putting in work right now I'll reduce the amount of work I'll have to perform in the future

Many consider INTP a bad type because it struggles to interact with other people, with love and with putting its skills to good use at work.

Simple reminder to remain ever vigilant against the vile anti-INFJ propaganda which is relentlessly injected into each and every one of these threads by people who are suffering from something known as untreated Borderline Personality Disorder.

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What's wrong with the propaganda? It's better if they dislike us.

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this is not an argument. why is the anti-INFJ propaganda wrong?

I'm ENTJ but I don't feel like a commander. How much longer can I deny these parts of myself and wallow?

>dAtZ nOt aN aRgUmEnT
Shut up stupid retard, it was never a fucking argument to begin with. Go donate to freedomain radio you filthy nigger.

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oops teehee I meant to reply to this fag

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>what do you mean? what part in particular are you referring to when you say "just be yourself" type of thing.
i meant so say that its a general, average advice that anyone might give, you told me to give to primal desires for dominance or sexual urges, basically be more confident and less insecure, i already knew that, i heard that before a bunch of times, that perfectly applies to me and you're not wrong, but thats not the solution really, thats the core of the problem, how do i go about doing that, i assume at least half of robots have that same exact problem, thats why i asked what types are more compatible and how many there are, so i can know what to look for in a girl to make it easier for her to like me and easier for me to approach her

Yang's amazing. I was apprehensive about him after listening to his talks at first because he seemed only focused on UBI. But then I heard him talk openly about all the issues he's expected to tackle as president and gave solutions that are just as well thought-out. Compare him to other candidates are just waving the party flag and have no real thought behind their responses.

anyway, I'm INFP so I may not be the best judge of character when it comes to politics and practical solutions.

Give the Chinaman your guns and he will give you FREE MONEY! HE PROMISES! There's no way this could ever backfire, just trust us.

As an INTJ myself I recoil at the thought of anyone sharing my personality gaining even an ounce of power over other people. I have to activly drag myself out of my global domination flowchart fantasies.

Fs will inherit these threads. We will make this a place of understanding, compassion, and respect. It will be niceposting all around and no meanposting, and we won't tolerate any bullies like you. We'll be free to share our feelings and yes, even cry with each other because that type of emotional, spiritual expression is who we truly are. And we SHALL NOT be shamed for it.

>There is no reason to have a job

Except you know, keeping the society where someone who is unemployed 24/7 doesn't die of starvation. How do you think the economy works, faggot?

Different user, but...

>what is game theory

The economy is a spook

Go kill 6 million more then we'll talk
Genocide more, whore

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no one gives a fuck about that here, its all about having enough money to support whatever autistic hobbies you may have.

haha gonna cry about it sissy (F)ag? get bullied and fucking BAMBI LIMP

took the first test
got intj
i'm pretty sure i'm really different than yang
i can't really relate to any character

INFP clocking in.

Where my irl Shinji's at?

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Shinji is my spirit animal
I hope I get someone like Asuka in my life that I can strangle one day


Makes sense, I'm sorry for your terminally low IQ.

This seems so stupid, the point of having a free society is that you can work as much or as little as you want. If you don't want to work 40 hours a week work less and have more free time, but you get to buy less stuff. Work more you get more stuff and less time. It's up to you, but you're not entitled to money simply for existing

Every other candidate is more anti gun than yang.

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I don't have to care about it to want it to exist. Those weird autismo hobbies only exist in a post Industrial society, where even outcasts like us can form a demographic that is marketed to.

shut the fuck up
none of them infjs want to be my gf, ergo, they're evil

Hmmm... It's almost like this whole political system is a sham designed to screw us while giving us the feeling that we are able to control it, thus preventing us from organizing a revolt against it... But I'm just crazy, right?

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ENTJ master race
all bow to the true king

Go kick INTP and ENTP ass for me please.

he should've dated rei ngl

would that technically be incest?

hello im here

Do girls like INTP guys? Unfortunately, I really doubt it. I'm going to be alone for the rest of my life.

why do none of the other personality types like INTPs?

I make it a point to expand my musical taste faggot

INFJs are made for rape

I am an original INTJ.

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Ayyy I'm INTJ too.

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Wait no, ISTJ. Still love papa Yang though.

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LII is the MBTI's INTP.

Even if we did get Yangbux I would still work. Just use half the extra 1k to spend on worthless garbage like anime figurines, probably. Other half would contribute to Roth IRA because Yangbux would not be around forever.

INTJ didn't feel super accurate anyway, I'll take INTP, it's reasonably good.

First of all, when using MBTI type names, all Ixxx have the j/p inverted in Socionics.
INTJ(mbti) is INTp(Socionics) but ENTJ is still ENTj.

As for the 3-letter names, let's take INTp and INTj as example:
The first one is called ILI and stands for "Intuitive Logical Introvert", but the second one is called LII, that is "Logical Intuitive Introvert".
The last letter doesn't ever change, but the first two can change the order and it's based on the function order: ILI has Ni dominant so "Intuitive" comes first, and LII has Ti dominant so "Logical" comes first.
The feeling in this naming is called "ethical", so ENFj would be EIE(ethical intuitive extravert), the rest is the S is still S so ESFj would be ESE(ethical sensing extravert).

Why are INTPs and INTJs such a focus when we are such a small percentage of the population?

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They are the types likely to browse this place and also get interested in MBTI because they like them theories.

no one likes either of them so they always get shit on

Why, in either case?

they are brightest and have the highest iq, why do you think Jow Forums was the source of all memes on the internet, and why do you think that all stop once Jow Forums was flodded with normies

>a nerd that can get laid
ENTP GANG GANG literally cannot loose

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no one likes INTJs because of there massive superiority complexes. INTPs are just the weird nerds

I don't know enough about myself to answer mbti quizzes. I don't have any experience in life to get the information from. If I just pick what I think seems good it tells me INTP but I have no idea if that's true. I have all the flaws that are usually mentioned for INTPs.

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Because INxx is a deadly combo for being the absolute outcast, and T adds focusing more on what's not people-related.

I is self-explanatory, introverts gonna introvert.
N is a huge minority, only 25%~ of people are intuitives. Sensors hardly understand Intuitives and due to having 75% people thinking like they do, they are just gonna circlejerk you out of it.
T and F are tied here but pretty sure Jow Forums in specific would attract more Ts, because those seek to discuss anything without caring about ethics or identity.
J and P are equally tied, pretty much the only difference here and that J typically don't enjoy shitposting too much and are more anal about rules/ontopic

Is he completely retarded regarding race like all other democrats?

I didn't have to motivation to keep going to the gym. I hated it the whole time and after about 6 months it became less and less and now I haven't done it for years.