Walk in

>Walk in
>See your mom being intimate with a guy other than your dad

What do

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well if you could do that with some other milf, you would do that too.
so i will just let them have fun.

kill him and rape my mom

Duck behind the corner and masturbate while filming

>well if you could do that with some other milf, you would do that too.
>so i will just let them have fun.





Lmao stay mad incel. I fucked my neighbor who is 42 and got divorced last year. She has a 14 year old son who was on the other side of the wall playing video games while I barebacked his mommy. I came on his moms face after pulling out of her pussy. I have fucking herpes too so I hope she got it :)

on one hand you're disgusting

on the other hand I'd want to do that too

I'm not an incel lmao, I've literally fucked women hotter than you L M A O

The disgust is what makes it hot. Bitch smokes cigarettes and her mouth tasted like cigarettes. The smoking does keep her thin though.

Not give a shit cause parents are not together. Shit question OP. Try again next time

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>ive literally fucked women hotter than you
>ive fucked women hotter than a 5 foot 5 r9k poster with an ugly penis and hairy back

Congrats bud. What a Chad!

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Shut the fuck up bud, you'll never be a woman

Did you bribe the kid with said video games? That's what I'd do

Phone my dad, inform him and let him sort it out, not my problem. I wouldn't be on friendly terms with my mum after that either, of course.

I didnt need to bribe the little bitch. Mommy was an emotional mess bc her dad died a month after the divorce and she started drinking a lot. She just rang my doorbell when she was drunk a few times, and I would happily fuck her without even once offering protection. She liked getting roughed up a bit so I always wondered if he noticed the bruises on his drunk slut mommy

>ratting them out

Fucking cockblock, this is why youre an incel. People like to fuck, get over it

My dad died over a decade ago. I'm glad my mom is finally dating again, she deserves to be happy.

I'm not an incel retard.
I'm just calling out hypothetical cheaters out for their disloyalty.

Blackmail her for sex, it's what I did.

>it's what I did

plural noun: lies
1. an intentionally false statement.


fuck you