Can someone explain to me the whole "top 80% of women compete for the top 20% of men" thing?

can someone explain to me the whole "top 80% of women compete for the top 20% of men" thing?

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Nice trips. So basically only 20% of women strive for big neet dicks. They just want to fuck neets. The other 80% of women hate chad and want to sit at home getting government assistance to pay for rent and groceries then go to work the next day at a job that doesn't cover rent and groceries.

so it's basically women have decided they're not going to settle for anything less than the best, leaving them alone

No. Only 20% of them decide they want the big neet dick because that's the best for them. The other 80% LARP as fembots and incels online to complain about chad. Only about 20% of these women will go on to reproduce because of survival of the fittest and the other 80% are basically choosing to be losers that could pull themselves up by the boostraps.

A level of polygamy (men with multiple women, not the other way around) was a normal practice before laws regarding monogamy were introduced and was ritualized through religion. In this interaction, it was normal for women to centralize around "top men", ie men with wealth, attractiveness, power or general status. Women are limited in their biology by a 9 month pregnancy, so their drive is to choose the most "safe" partner. The most safe partner is the partner who can provide the most safety (the powerful) as well as the best genes and status for females (women are low agency). Within modern society where religion has fallen in popularity and it has become increasingly acceptable to sleep with multiple partners, a similar trend of competing for the top women manifests itself naturally. It's possible to work past this problem and succeed as a non-top male, but it would require moving up the hierarchy via high agency, which most "normal" men in 2019 aren't capable of (which, is another reason for why women don't find them desirable).

what happens to 80% of men then

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They either choose to have big neet dicks that girls like, or they decide to be cucks. You sort of sound like a cuck, maybe you should download some comfy pepe images so girls want your big dick instead of cucking yourself up by your bootstraps.

not sure what i am, just kinda lost honestly. i've never been considered attractive but no one has called me ugly since like middle school. i have no idea if i'm just with the wrong chicks or if it's me

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Then you're probably below-average/average/above average, regardless, nothing to write home about. It might be the fact that you're whining on Jow Forums that's why no girl has liked you.

So I'm guessing a female hurt you?

cuttin deep man
well yeah, a couple months ago. didn't have too much of an impact on my question though

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That saying is not only related to women, my young friend.

It's called the pareto principle, and it's a usefull tool, much like the golden ratio

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what is the pareto principle? enlighten me

Did you just graduate middle school... Have you considered you just got big enough that people don't say it to your face anymore?
Maybe it's just me but it's pretty hot when they think I'm ugly but will put out anyway.
The principal is you put 20% of your effort/work into 80% of the results, then you spend the extra 80% of your resources on the remaining 20% of outcome you want to achieve.
When it comes to thots typically they just want the best 20% of guys and would choose to be feminazi's or hags instead of fucking the other 80% but a few of them like to get some strange on the side so people like to argue that doesn't happen.

I honestly feel sorry for the girls that so little worthy male material is available

same person, but no i'm 19. and oh, that's kinda sad.

The majority of females regardless of their own social status or looks are only interested in sleeping with the top % of Men. Women essentially judge men on unfair traits, traits they themselves cant measure up too. Then when they are 30 and used up they settle for the left overs.

sheesh, so what, i'm just fucked then? can't this be disproven since most people have different ideas of what's attractive?

He has a point. Jesus Christ fuck the spam filter.

Only 19? Don't concern yourself too much with what people say rather than why they're saying it. There is a paradoxical statistic trend when people believe an outcome is suppose to happen they go out of their way to try and make the outcome happen even if they're trying not to.

not sure how that applies here, i just want a loving mutual relationship HAHAHA. i guess i'm trying to make that outcome hppen

Good luck finding that these days OP


incel propaganda

leave before it's too late

so it's not actually a real thing, then?

Women go for the highest quality of men since they have a limited time to fuck around and ugly men are mad about it.

It's exaggerated pretty hard by incels who spend up their time pining for Stacies and coping with their incel them by imagining up every excuse in the book for why they can't have them when in reality they could be just an unapproachable autist. This top 80 shit is just one of the excuses. You'll find they'll say shit like all women like assholes or they'll finally have the last laugh when the Stacies hit the plus 30 wall and incels magically start becoming Chads for the same reasons. It's all coping bullshit.

It means "I am angry because everyone but me is having sex".

You know how in a scientific trial, you have your control group, and then all the other groups? Women are the control; they have less variation between them than men, and are closer to the average. Mean are the experiments; there's more variation there, which is why the outliers, the biggest geniuses and the biggest idiots, are all men. Women are the genetic selectors, they instinctively compete for the dudes in the top 20th percentile, and ignore everyone else. As a result, the human race improves as a whole. A corollary of this is the phenomenon where women will judge 80% of men to be "below average" and 20% of men to be "above average" in surveys, which is pretty funny.

so how do i know if i'm in that 20% or not? is this a case of "well if you have to ask"

how does monogamy stop and religious shame stop women only picking the top 20% though

Women don't want to fuck men, they want to fuck comic book characters.

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my ex could only form like actual bonds with anime characters. she is currently in love with bakugo from my hero academia.
this. that doesn't solve shit
nobody seems too angry here
here i am, normal person, reasonably approachable, And Yet

>my ex
Girls don't get like that unless they were hurt first.

>here i am, normal person, reasonably approachable, And Yet
Everyone who says this has some kind of woman repelling issue they don't want to acknowledge or solve.

well, if you have to ask user...

Pareto's principle is a phenomenon in which 80% of results occur from 20% of another factor. It's often been spouted on the internet by people who don't actually know what it means.

At best, it's a thing to mention during business operations, but often armchair statisticians end up using it as some kind of indicator of something, mind you, those people use casual links in their argument.

Let's say you run a shop, and you notice some regulars keep coming to your shop. They often buy the same things:
This happens constantly, and they may continue shopping at your outlet because of prices, closing hours, location or whatever.

Then you have customers who don't come in often, but purchase other goods:
>Other miscellaneous
It would be foolish to simply sell and specialize in the goods shown above but it would also be dumb to only sell milk, bread and sugar.
Your majority of income is easily earned with small input, but the additional abnormal profit requires more effort.

Let's say you sell tools using a 3-D printer, you know that most of the tools share similar features to others, meaning that around 20 percent of the tool is unique. Do you see where I'm going here.

Mentioning the principle on its own is useless. It's an oversimplified take on the factors of production, furthermore it's a focus on quantity, not quality of the result.

Statistically speaking, you're probably not, doubly so if you're on this site. Keep in mind I'm not talking about top 20 in the looks department, im talking about top 20 overall. Essentially, whether it'd be worth getting pregnant with your seed and giving birth. How viable you are as a reproductive mate, basically. There's a reason women will go for the guys with money, since those are the guys that can provide for children. Likewise, the reason why men go for beautiful women is because beauty is indicative of health and survivability. You dont want your wife dying of childbirth or getting your unborn son infected with tuberclosis. It's all evolution.
See, that's an interesting story. Religion primarily evolved to help foster and facilitate large-scale superrational behavior, which is what allowed human society as we know it today to flourish and develop. Without it, we would all be ultra-rational sociopaths right now. That being said, monogamy has a number of evolutionary advantages over other reproductive strategies, many of which you'll learn in good biology courses. One of which is it allows you to focus more time, effort, and resources in a few offspring, which makes them better overall. Really well-suited for mammals who only have one child per pregnancy. Another thing is that it quarantines all sexually transmitted diseases to individual mating pairs; without it, any STD that's fatal after a prolonged, symptom-free incubation period would absolutely assrape entire communities, which would prevent villages from ever being a thing.

yeah, she dated an old mutual friend and he was an absolute sociopath. seems like he ruined her which is so sad, i'll always be in her corner but unfortunately she's just about done with me

>>here i am, normal person, reasonably approachable, And Yet
>Everyone who says this has some kind of woman repelling issue they don't want to acknowledge or solve.
yeah i know, i don't know what it is though because no one can/or will tell me beyond "i just don't have any romantic attraction to you, user"

i still dont understand this HAHAH

Sorry, meant to (you)

Women have a biological time limit, about age 35, to create healthy children. This runs up against a woman's maternal instinct to procreate. Childless women will become more desperate and less choosey in mate-selection as they age towards this wall and beyond. Monogamy structures reduce the pool of available mates. As these women get older the top 20% of men are either already taken or they are interested in someone younger and more virile. Thus they are forced to gradually lower their standards and accept lower-quality men.

If monogamy is removed, then top-tier men cannot be "taken". One man can mate with many, many women. The top-tier men are no longer a scarce resource, so the bottom 80% stop having value to women.

Unfortunately, this spells societal doom if continued. The bottom 80% of men do not suddenly lose their instincts, and they hopelessly outnumber the top 20%. As can be seen in polygamy cults, civil unrest eventually tears the community apart

What are you having a hard time understanding?

Imagine wanting to buy a car, but not being able to afford a luxury car, so then you just never own a car at all and just rent something like a mustang from hertz on the weekends sometimes

i think i've kinda got it now, it's just really late and i'm exhausted.

Sure, then can you tell me what it is then?