Fapped to bestiality again

>fapped to bestiality again

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It was horses wasn't it?

no. hard to get off to because horses don't thrusts. just a bunch of videos of dogs fucking their mistresses

Eight chans zoo has a beautiful amateurs thread up now. Ctrl F for the phrase and there is a clip of a legitimate Stacy working at a vets office taking the knot during work. Wife tier. Her body is so fucking tight.

I jerk off to bestiality regularly. I have GBs of amateur white girls fucking their dogs. I don't give a shit at this point, I just enjoy seeing a robot's oneitis getting her asshole licked by a dog.

>a robots oneitis getting her asshole licked by a dog

Truly great taste. Im surprised by how many stacies and fit normie women fuck their dogs, as i saw in


Link the thread
I cant find it

What the hell, I thought zoo got taken down?

No it just doesnt show up in a search. Search zoo, go to zoo2 or soemthing then just change the URL. The thread is called amateur girls

Its one of the top posts retatd, did you not find your way to zoo?

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Im there and I cant find it
Nothing comes up in the search

What the fuck is wrong with you? How could you possibly be attracted to animals? Especially dogs? You are a disgusting creature and until you fix yourself you're deserving of everything bad that happens to you.

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Yeah please link it, man. Can't find it either.

Wait I found it. It's 50652.

What are you, a faggot?

I assume they're doing it for some Chad bf. There's one video of some European footballer's gf getting eaten out by a dog for him while she laughs and covers her face.

Not him but any other animal is boring/unrealistic. You can't watch a cute Stacy record herself fucking a horse in the privacy of her own bedroom. Amateur bestiality is the best form of bestiality, not the fake shit that comes out of Brazil and Europe. Japanese bestiality is second best just because Japanese know how to make super erotic porn.

Seek help. Are you Jewish by any chance?

did you see that video of the dude getting impaled and killed by a horse cock, that could be you

No I'm Asian. I'm a normalfag in all aspects of life except when it comes to porn. I have a fetish for white girls in their teens and 20s who look like the girls in 2000s movies doing gross shit.

Wow, real constructive man

I guess there's nothing wrong with animals jerking off to animals.

It's not an attraction to animals, it's the fascination with women doing freaky shit. Guys who watch normal porn aren't attracted to men but they still want to watch a woman get teamed by 8 guys just because it's so nasty. Same with bestiality. You wanna watch a woman bang an animal because it's degrading and hot.

You can take the insect out of Asia, but you can't take the insect out of the Asian.

You're just mad because your high school crush is out here on video putting peanut butter on her pussy.

> high school crush
No I prefer Arabic and Latina women.

I do too. Not too many amateur Arabs or latinas participating in this fetish though, at least on video. I have maybe 4 or 5 videos of latinas and have one video of a Persian woman speaking Farsi while she gets eaten out. A have a few black girls too. But white girls are the main source of this content.

Oh yeah dude I came to that one twice. The cutie with the german shepard in another thread is the best though.