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No pre-marital coitus edition


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First post to my beautiful wife which i do love very much

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So the thread managed to die while I was typing up a response, sorry. If I'd been paying more attention I would have bumped in the meantime. I love Kotori or whatever. Still cooking up that reply, so I'll post it eventually I'm sure.

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and also i am original

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Should have called it "How did you idiots let it 404?" edition
kek. I remember that happened to me once. That's why I usually don't start posting if it has 130 or more images.
I love Lucina more than anyone loves anything else! That's actually not true, I sometimes feel bad that I'm not nearly as dedicated to Lucina as some of you guys are to your waifus.

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based, the long overdue death of /waifu/ is soon

hmm... i dont know, theyd probably be concerned about the relationship, for several reasons.
>character creation
yes. sometimes it works, often it doesnt
seems really long

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Archived isn't 404 , though. It is still 200.
I want to post this Urabe from the WWDT that ended up looking more like a Banchou than a Sukeban.

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is your waifu mentally ill?
if she is, what would you do to help her?

>I mean, I have time to listen to you rant if you want. It makes you seem more personable and human.
Very well then, apologies if this sounds crazy/autistic. More or less I went into a week-long episode of intense psychological instability where I barely slept, was totally unable to relax, and and cuddling with Kotori didn't help like it normally did. In fact, it didn't help at all. If you check through the archive you could probably find my posts from around the time, I was posting at weird hours, and probably babbled about what was bothering me at the time, though I can't recall how much detail I went into. During the sleepless nights and restless days I was tormented by thoughts of Kotori loving someone else, someone that I I'm not sure I really have all that much in common with. In a way it was kind of like reliving bits of my relationship with that 3D girl that more or less set me on this whole path of "waifuism" or whatever you want to call it. I watched the girl I loved more than anything else in the world, love someone else, and live a whole life without me ever crossing her mind. In fact, it's impossible for me to cross her mind. Or at least I thought it was during that week. I felt insecure beyond my normal levels. Things felt beyond hopeless. I loved her so much, but everything felt like a waste of time.On top of that, I felt jealousy towards the characters she interacted with, stupid or crazy as that sounds. I would do anything to have her in my life, to interact with her as much as they get to. (cont.)


That wasn't quite as bothersome as me wondering if she would even like me if she were real. Not even love, if she would even just like me. I'd like to think so, but that week something was wrong, nothing seemed hopeful. She is normally one of my greatest sources of hope and inspiration, but for that week she brought me nothing but dread and despair. It wasn't her fault though, it was my pathetic mental state that brought me such anguish. I want to make it clear that I don't blame her in any way for my breakdown. I'm such a wretched creature, not well in any sense of the word, how could she possibly love someone like me? She has no reason to even look at me, or think about me. She doesn't even know I exist despite me being in a "relationship" with her for almost three years at the time. It was this episode that drove me to look into getting rt commissioned. I originally planned to get a picture of her and I together made, since that would create an area of fiction where she did love me, and knew me. For a few reasons, I ended up deciding to get a custom dakimakura created instead. One where she wore my jacket, cuddled a pikmin and had a wedding ring I designed for her on her finger. The other side had her in a wedding dress, with a tulip in he hand, clutched against her chest, representative of the tulip I would give her on our first date, if I were ever lucky enough to have that happen. It would be "my" Kotori. The Kotori that I loved that loved me back, the one I'd been in a relationship with for three years. It also served as an anniversary present for her, it was a way of cementing our relationship and giving it a bit of tangibility. I haven't quite explained it all perfectly, and there was probably more bothering me at the tome, but it was a couple months ago now, and Id rather not think about it too much because it was one of the worst weeks I've had in recent memory. If anything needs more explanation, don't hesitate to ask.

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it do feel like that sometimes, but you just have to remember different people express their love in different ways, some stronger than others, but this does not imply that their love is better or superior to yours in any way, so as long as you love her it'll be alright lucinafriend
hi remfriend how have you been doing? actually thought you were kill since i didn't see you in the last two threads when i came back, not that i checked anyways.

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Sounds like a normal weekend for me. You have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was not original.

Can we take a moment to appreciate the waifufags who have it hard but don't make schizo textwalls like this?

>There will never be a /waifu/ #200
Hmph. Stupid Waifufags.

That's not a man?
of course this wasn't original

I am pretty sure that it was traced/referenced from a manga panel depicting a banchou (male jap delinquent) but i cannot remember which one.

>ask drawfag to draw a girl
>drawfags draws a boy
for what purpose

jonathan has been on my mind a lot today.

aggretsuko distracted me from the thread dying. i should have posted.

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it's just late night for most, not really dead yet

Now i remember.
It was giving me some heavy Rokudenashi vibes.
The glare resembles Maeda's to a certain extent

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How's your day/night going so far?

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don't worry lizfag will come to suck your dick later

Why are we so dead? Did some waifufags leave?

Morning gladosfag, howd'ya sleep
honestly no idea, has been dead for a while, hopefully will get back up to speed in a bit when people start waking up or something

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it looks sukeban enough to me. not exactly masculine, but certainly androgynous. japanese subcultures are so neat. i wonder why they have so many more when compared to other parts of the world.

should go to bed for work, would rather play skyrim. seriously considering buying a yukata and yukata accessories, but first i need something to safely store it in.

it's nearly two in the morning, user.

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Ok it's time you explain to me if your wife is a literal raven or if it's from a series or what cause i'm confused

my husband is the scarecrow, user. and those are crows.

the person you're thinking of is dc's OTHER fan of corvids. the superhero. raven.

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Ohhh sorry, never saw him as a human, pretty cool. and yeah i meant the other guy lmao

Though time moves forward and the seasons change, I find my love for you Saya growing ever stronger. I want to marry you as soon as I see you.

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the scarecrow is a man, user. he just wears a costume. i've come to realize just what an incredibly common misconception it is.

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>How much PDA would you and your waifu partake in?
More than we should I'm sure
>How far would you go in showing each other your love in public?
Too far sometimes. I'd love to kiss and hug her a bit and maybe teasingly slap her ass but I'd get a bit embarrassed at the more intense displays of love (unless I was drunk). Kana would love all that and more (like deep tongue kissing in public) and she's the sort of girl who wouldn't mind going all the way, as long as she wasn't too likely to be caught (since she's not a total exhibitionist).
>Which of you is more likely to initiate?
I'd like to occasionally slap her ass in addition to lots of hugs and quick kisses. But she's likely to do this whenever she's in a teasing or playful mood, so much more than me. And anything heavier than that she'd always be the one to start. Kana's a real handful and there'd be times I'd have to remind her of where we were.
They'd joke about why I'm so attracted to girls who look like guys but they'd be happy for me and think Kana was a good match
>character creator
I get a little weirded out over seeing any character creator version of Kana (even her Koikatsu model which I like) in motion or in normal gameplay. Probably because she's in a place she doesn't belong, and my brain won't accept that. Hasn't stopped me from making her on a bunch of different character creators.
She definitely has some traits of ADHD but no idea how to fix that for her.

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No, no i'm just retarded

>it's nearly two in the morning, user
Well the other thread just died hours before

funny how he keeps doing that, even after kotorifag wrote an essay explaining why lizfag is a piece of shit.

I have a thing for yanderes anyone else on this thread has a thing for yanderes

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Exam season son

>howd'ya sleep
Slept pretty well. I slept with my eyes open again which was shitty but oh well.
How'd you sleep?
Why do you need a yukata?

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>I slept with my eyes open again which was shitty but oh well.
>I slept with my eyes open
>How'd you sleep?
Plan to sleep in a while, it's 4am

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> I slept with my eyes open again which was shitty but oh well.
Is there anyone here relatively relatively sane or healthy?

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>Is there anyone here relatively relatively sane or healthy?

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Ignore the first "relatively".
The second one can stay.

Those are some dry lips.

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There is something about the embryo pose (technically not a Yuri pic but its amazing how much similar this is) Which gets me thinking do you think people like your waifu exist in real life?
Good morning GLADOS poster.
Its okay Jonathan poster, the good thing is your here (how was agretsuko by the way?)
>is your waifu mentally ill?
Yuri has social anxiety and I heard some people say that she might be bipolar disorder. All of this is amplified and made worse by Monica's influence on Yuri.
>if she is, what would you do to help her?
I would try to support Yuri whatever way I could, I would go with her to the therapist since she would be unwilling to so, I would remind her to take her medication if any was prescribed. I would try to support her emotionally reminding her of what a lovable person she really is.

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all i wanna do is see this fucking nerd smile and be happy

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I will go to sleep now. This tired old man hopes that our yurofags can keep this steaming pile of shit warm.

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i may not be a european but i will keep this thread warm

Lum deserves some love too

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>Is there anyone here relatively sane or healthy?

At the moment, my mental health is in prime condition. I think I probably have some kind of SAD because winters are always difficult, but even the winters have been getting better and better recently.

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heh, ISTP master race
She is pretty cute user, don't know much about her though

who's your waifu user?

I love you Asuka, I know you like to hit me and call me stupid, but I am a whore and like that kind of stuff baby

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Post waifus in maid outfits.
>he said on a thread about people being in love with fictional characters.
I don't know.
Hi new friend how are you doing?
There is nothing wrong with INFJs tho
t. Euro INTP autist.

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I forget my files way too much

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SIEG HEIL user! O/
Lang Lebe der 1000 jahr reich.

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>she might be bipolar disorder
Dear lord that sentence anyway more maid Yuri.

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i'm going to call yuri the N word and nobody can stop me


Hey I almost surprised we didn't have eva posters around here before. How are you doing Asuka poster.
Go ahead but Yuri is the furthest thing from a niger and you know it

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I'm doing good user, Asuka is out at the moment, shes consoling Rei. I wish there were more eva posters here, the eva girls are the original gangsters of best girls.

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then i shall call her the C word and not the one that rhymes with runt

Did anyone say cut?
For some reason a lot of earlier thread posters have waifus from vidya maybe its because the interaction feels personal.

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Nip if anything and probably a happa qt too.
she probably smells like jasmine so...

She probably smells like metal

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>this whole post

>cause i'm confused
this happens more often than it should

>tfw INFJ-a

>Which gets me thinking do you think people like your waifu exist in real life?
I maintain, and will maintain, that there's always a chance that she's out there somewhere as a person with faint memories of a life she's never lived

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>I maintain, and will maintain, that there's always a chance that she's out there somewhere as a person with faint memories of a life she's never lived
i do too.

/waifu/ holds a party!
who provides the snacks?
who dies first?
what shit do you do at this party?
what games are played?
who spills their spaghetti the most?

>I maintain, and will maintain, that there's always a chance that she's out there somewhere as a person with faint memories of a life she's never lived
Its a beautiful thing to bereave in but at the same time it feels like a cop out, accepting that a waifu is not real is a part of waifuism experience. But on some level I like to think she is real so maybe we will all meet our waifus one day.
Yuri brings tea and chocolate I get the feeling Yuri would be a bit reserved at first but than she would end up having fun with everyone.

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I get all the lolis drunk and fuck them while their owners aren't looking.

nasty and gay

>is your waifu mentally ill?
Sadly, she is. Alice is legitimately insane. And not in a funny way. She has been sent to mental asylum for 10 years. After the tragic death of her family, poor Alice started blaming herself for their death so much that she has fallen into catatonic state. Only from time to time she rambled incoherently or screamed. She still gets vivid hallucinations occasionally
>what would you do to help her?
Love her, ask her how is she feeling and get her anything she desires
Having Alice as your waifu comes with a lot of responsibilities. By living with her I have to accept all of her mood swings, her talking to herself, not trusting me, seeing things that are not there and her having terrible nightmares at night that make her wake up screaming.
I wish she was real and I was the one who she would love. I'm just afraid that others might hurt her and in the process, this beautiful girl might hurt herself. I know that I'd always be there for her. I would always stay with her to comfort her.
>do you think people like your waifu exist in real life?
I'm pretty certain that people similar in terms of looks, personality and backstory do exist or have existed. Either with being similar to her in just one aspect or in all of them.
I love her but despite her being from a fictional world, she isn't idealized. I can easily imagine her living in our world or I even sometimes daydream about finding her somewhere in public, waiting for a bus or sitting on a bench in a park. She's just a simple, pure and mentally ill girl with a very tragic backstory.
Having this hope that maybe one day she will appear in my life is what makes me try to improve myself for her as much as I can. I look at pictures of her and think that maybe one day I will get to know her. And I want to be prepared for that by becoming the best husband for her.

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this is original i tell you hwat

what can you provide for your waifu?

I still miss you, Kana.

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I'm working on this.

although less than she'd want me to

Seeing as how she only exists in a fictional universe, it's literally impossible for me to do anything for her

i can't provide anything for 2 reasons
1. She's dead
2. I'm a NEET

How do you know she's dead

because i saw her get impaled through the heart and then die in the MC's arms

Migi handle the defense

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oh, sorry
original comment

>who dies first?
Urabefag vs holotranny

I'm kind of disappointed in myself for only discovering that there's canon art of my wife in a maid outfit a few days ago. Even if her outfit is the least cutesy, she's somehow still the cutest.
>is your waifu mentally ill?
>if she is, what would you do to help her?
I think part of why I fell in love with her in the first place was because I could relate to her flaws; the same ones that people hated her for. As time went on, I grew out of them and have become a lot more content with who I am because of it. I want the same to happen for her.
I would always listen to her. Be there whenever she needs me. Frequently tell her that I love her and care about her. Sounds like standard relationship stuff, but getting simple reminders like that can do wonders for combating loneliness. I also think we both would be mutually helping each other improve ourselves instead of it just being a one-way street.
>Is there anyone here relatively relatively sane or healthy?
Sane. I think. I just have a very good imagination, that's all.
As for healthy, I'm working on it. Getting better every day.

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>Is there anyone here relatively relatively sane or healthy?

Shinichi you should've told her fucking earlier you nitwit

Damn well am, very Jow Forums, just love to binge drink one day a week
Other than feeling I'm wandering aimlessly in life I'm pretty content with everything and have no severe mental illness. The only thing abnormal is my antisocial traits and having fallen in love with a 2D girl to the point there's no reason to chase after 3DPD. I'm a failed normie at heart.
People like Kana exist, but they'd mostly ignore me or be the sort of people I wouldn't like. But with Kana, it all came together for me, it's just reliant on my incarnation into her world in a perfect form for her to love me back. At least we'd be friends if she appeared in this world.
INTP is suffering
Kana gets drunk and hits on everyone's wife and is told to leave
Not if my wife gets them drunk first
True affection and being the best friend she'll ever have

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i don't need one at all. at best i'd only wear it once a year to the asian festival in august. but i do want one. i just think they're neat.

adorable! and this season was incredibly japanese with a focus on how badly retsuko wanted to start a family. the prime minister isn't even being slick about it anymore.

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ive left the threads a tad bit. so yes, i havent been there.
ive been quite good. focusing more on working out and getting Jow Forums for rem.
what about you? how have you been?

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Here are a few notes from the underground.
Load them at your pleasure.
These are the dusty pictures that I found
While on my search for treasure.

Here is the hazy vision that I saw,
Here's what she said to me:
For a scientist I am too raw
I know all about you can't you see?

She said "Don't be making no provocation
Unless you're ready to handle the nation
I'm cold and I'm bold and I don't do what I'm told."

She wore mirrorshades.
And I can't explain the thing about her mirrorshades.
But I know that I can't live without her mirrorshades.
And I kind of lose my mind about her mirrorshades.
And the strange attractors that surround her.

I love this Scot.

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Not really. A "bit" strange, but that's just how she is, and I love that.
Relatively sane? Not at the moment.
Healthy? I'm okay.
I'm not sure. She seems
meido urabe posted
Endless love and support.
I'm working on finding something else to offer her though.

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>I'm not sure. She seems
forgot to finish that
She seems very unique, and I haven't heard of anyone like her irl. Who knows though.

>I sometimes feel bad that I'm not nearly as dedicated to Lucina as some of you guys are to your waifus

Let's have a thought experiment. You're a soldier in the military and there's a target shooting competition for your platoon (there's no prize for the winner, it's just for fun and for practice). After shooting your rounds, you get to know what your own score is, but at that point you don't know what scores everyone else got and you don't have any idea whether yours is an average result, better than average or worse than average. Until the results are announced, are you hoping to find out that you won? If yes, let's then imagine a war breaks out and you have to fight for your life. Are you still hoping that everyone else in the platoon is a worse shooter than you are, or would you actually prefer that the people who provide covering fire for you have amazing skills that you could only dream of?

The moral of the story is: comparing yourself to the people around you is a terrible idea. You should be proud of the things you can already do and always strive to be better, and when you see other people succeed at things you can't do, you should be happy for them and encourage them to further improve themselves. In this case, it's an extra bad idea because this isn't even a competition, there isn't a correct way or a wrong way or a better way or a worse way to love your waifu, there's just whatever way makes you happy and that's what you should be doing.

Oh, last thread died rip

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>tfw every time i meditate I can almost see her face
one day lads

>Is there anyone here relatively relatively sane or healthy?
Jow Forumsizens unite can hit nearly 2/3/4/5 at 85kg but yeah im absurdly antisocial

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>tfw you eat bacon wrapped sausages for a dinner third day in a row
This isn't very healthy, right?

As long as the bacon isnt raw.

I want to eat bacon wrapped waifu.

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>waifu's browser history has brutal rape porn videos
what to do