How can you tell if a woman is wife material?

How can you tell if a woman is wife material?

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Honestly never get married. It's an absolute screw job

I have no answer for that

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only get married if you want to have kids otherwise there is zero reason.

very easy op. one question you need to ask yourself. will she make a good mother to my child? if the answer is yes marry her if it is no leave her.

if she cannot show any empathy bad mother which means bad wife. if she only lives for herself bad mother bad wife. etc etc

If she has a warm heart and a calming presence

if she looks something like this

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Does she browse Jow Forums? If she does she is wife material.

fuck white men , we are not pigs born for u ugly kids which u could to fuck

She isn't a financial disaster
She hasn't been around the block fucking everyone (although I believe in true repentance)
She isn't a "daddy buys me everything" girl
She isn't a "I don't want a child, I want a career" girl (this is MAJOR, no one who, into adulthood, doesn't want a child is sane in the head), in fact, she must really melt at the sight of a cute baby

Get married and have lots of kids, and don't listen to bitter people fucked up in the head about how to live your life

You figure out that none of them are, and then you leave it at that.

when we decide she is!

She wants children and is < 22 y/o.

Define 'been around the block'

>solid career path with lots of money in mind

High body count, you know what I mean: a whore with no shame of it.
Don't let them tell you it doesn't matter, it does, they literally, and scientifically proven, can't bond like they could before.
It's stupid to put a number to it, but more than 20 bodies it is safe to say that she is hardly salvageable

It is not normal for women to have a "whore phase" and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

No woman is wife material. If you really care about having offspring you'll impregnate the best female you can acquire, through money or otherwise, and once you have the kid you fuck off and make sure she will never get custody. If you can't do that, don't reproduce. It's not a mans world and if you want to beat their system you gotta twist it.

>wants to have children by the time she is 24 (at the latest)
>into housekeeping
>no tattoos

That's a good start.

That's not a healthy mentality and I hope that you someday get out of this mental prison

Better yourself so you can meet better females
become who you are, and then these coping lies you tell yourself, about how they're all just evil and misguided, will surelly disapear

I personally find conventional women even more repulse than any other kind. Something about them turns me off. Also having kids is dooming yet another poor soul to reincarnation into the endless cycle of suffering.

That's is your personal problem

why do you even want a wife. women are not only parasitic, they're obnoxious cunts. they're never satisfied and always want more. they bitch about anything and everything. they get in faggot ass moods that ruin your day and stress you out. fuck all that bullshit

His warped worldview is better grounded in objective reality than your aphorisms and vacuous dialectic.

Statistically, the game is evidently and demonstrably rigged. It's not a sound investment. It has an absurdly low ROI.

more like
>get out of this flawless logic
you fucking moralfaggot. there's no "better" females. they're all inferior parasites that want to latch onto a man, drain his resources until they get bored and they're no longer haAaaaapppyyyy, then they leave without a trace of empathy and find a better guy. rinse and repeat.

the only women who don't do this are genetic failures or the disparity of value between them and the dude is so massive that they wouldn't dare fuck it up.
shut the fuck up. you don't know anything you fucking wandering in fairytales of times past ass faggot

Oh, I know that most men have their resolve shattered upon becoming in union with a female. Always always always going on about how this girl they met is "different, special", how she's so perfect. Until she leaves them, inevitably, but by then they are addicted to the touch of a woman. I see how they abuse men they have power over, I see it in every possible relationship from my whore sister to my mom and dad, every single one of them. I've witnessed friends, strangers, and enemies fall to womens snares and I will not make the same mistake. If I have a kid, I want to be able to give him a proper and happy life. I do not need a woman interfering. Women are ugly, stupid, and annoyingly have this power of lowering the intelligence of men around them. If I could, I'd re design humanity so that women did not exist and men reproduced asexually.

>dooming yet another poor soul to reincarnation into the endless cycle of suffering
why do you go on living then ?
just AN HERO then

also, why is this ultra individualistic bs everyones fixation as of late?

If you knew anything about lifes struggle of thousands upon thousands of generations prior to your lazy ass you'd actually be content with an easy existance you enjoy.

But I feel like its wasted on you since I feel you are just another snowflake fag that subconsciously thinks they are superior to most people

Truth pilled

Always annoyed by how this narrative is pushed that "women get to choose who to procreate with".

While in reality - if you are a man thats in shape, has a good job/income, a personality and a goal in life... you get to choose and pick your sexual partners as well as when you want to/if you want to marry

>roasties with carrers
pick one my friend :)

Thats exactly why they need A MAN to check their impulses and to keep their highly volatile emotional state in check at all times.

If you cant do that, might as well be a carpet for all she cares..

There is no such a thing

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Well for one she's not white, that it is a given.

It's 2019 boyo, men are unironically better wives than women.

If she beats you up she's a keeper

This, if she is white and has been raised in the West you can forget about it.

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If you get married you are making a bad decision my man. Remember that. Don't let a woman blind you in to it. If you feel this happening, you aren't standing up for yourself enough as a person and you're letting her ideas take precedence over yours. (Not good)