Materialism Thread

Hey anons, what stuff do you want to buy and how much would it cost right now? Post lists. I want
>Winter bike $750
>New PC $1250
>New wardrobe $1000
>Artwork $500

Net worth is -$45,000 right now btw, post money to get rich

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>As much winter glooves as I can afford, I love how they feel
>A corpse or human bones
>A decent PC
>The Johnny Joestar hat

These thing don't have any co-relation, it's just things that I would love to have rn

a set of golf clubs is all really. I have a nice phone and computer already

>enough acid to last me a lifetime; no clue how much desu

mostly just some computer equipment and /p/ stuff. I've been saving for a new tripod head and a 70-200/2.8. The RRS BH-55 is fucking expensive but everyone seems to say its the last head you'll ever need to buy.

although I guess I could use some good wedges instead of the cheap ones I have now. I want something with higher bounce, maybe it'll help me get out of the sand for once in my damn life

>I want something with higher bounce, maybe it'll help me get out of the sand for once in my damn life
haha yeah the sand's a bitch. I'm pretty much a beginner though and the clubs I have now I bought at a thriftstore for $20 just to see if I'd enjoy golf, but the irons are all different lengths which is a huge problem.

I just want money to give to other people.

new shirt 60 bux
cocaine maybe 60 bux and ys sharing
I actually dont have underwear 40
I like eyeliner 20 even if I need soap for me butthole

atfu buy yourself a delicious pretsel or gimme 20 bux to slap u

Why don't you have underwear??

because I just use soap and dont let stink build up

You should still wear underwear even if you use soap

I know but some part of me hopes people like you might actually need to inhale the pants I fart and cum into to survive
I am not male I just want to see what extent of suffering you can take
You do deserve it, you do

I don't quite get what you mean. Are you saying you want me to smell your pants?

Idk why this is giving me a boner right now

She's implying that you'll never smell her panties and then die as a result

>new PC
>House in the middle of nowhere
>Okay wardrobe
$400; I lost a lot of weight (75 lb) and everything makes me look like a slob.
>Straight teeth
>A regularly scheduled prostitute

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>new PC $1450
>lots of thai food ~$200/mo
>some excuse to let me quit the job i've had for a month and hate with all of my being

I enjoy collecting them but some can be really pricey, the more high quality ones I found online are around $200 to $300 so I tend to look around my local antique store for cheaper buys.
>Fleshlight with Liberator mount
Around $250 I think but I have no where to put it out of sight so I won't be buying it for a while.


You all need to kys

Fuckin consumerist waste of space fags

how about a fucking car and live in it

My current goal is to buy enough Mountain Dew to fill up a drawer in my dresser. It's a pretty lame goal but it's hard to get anything done when I don't have a car and haven't left my house in 3 weeks. I estimate I'll need 240 cans to fill the rest of it, so at about $10 for a 24 pack at walmart this will cost me $100. After that I'll have enough mountain dew to last me for years.

2.2 million dollars
>a house
200 thousand dollars
>net worth
45 thousand dollars

I am poor oh no

oh shit I forgot
>a cat

>>Winter bike $750
Oh shit knee-grow. That just sounds like a wipeout waiting to happen

Since this is a 5:1 mixture at 5 gallons, this should yield approximately 25 gallons.

wait, 30 gallons :p

want to buy a 2T bike I wanted as a teenager but they are all super fucked non runners

Waffen SS officer unifrom - $2,000
New mouthpiece - $80
New couch - $1000
All 32 NFL helmets - $5000
Desktop - $800
Adobe premiere pro - $475
2013 black Cadillac CTS - $20,000
Apartment - $1000 a month

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52.8 cents for a 12oz :)

where does one obtain an SS officer uniform, or even just a cap?

I would need a soda fountain to be able to use this properly. I could use one of those stupid sodastream things but I prefer cans for their convenience, plus I like to save the cans when I'm done because I melt them down.

money to start an urban farm and nursery, probably need like $6000
They don't have everything but it all looks good enough

Nobody is telling you what to do. You could use it in an IV drip.

Nintendo Switch - $300
Work shoes*2 - $100~$200
Extra food budget so I can eat out more often - $200 per month

>Budget avertising to boost my online business $1k
>New PC that isn't shit $800

>car $2000 or so used
>new clothes $100
>new gun $500
>new bed unknown
>new gf, priceless(not really but i had to do it)
turns out i'm more of a financially reasonable person than i thought.

>Blood Meridian
>A Farewell to Arms
>a gaming pc
>a new set of clothes, so I can throw all my old shit out and never replace it again
>an apartment
>all the music I listen to in vinyl or cd form so I don't lose it when spotify inevitably goes down. I am deathly fucking afraid of this, I love my music
>hair trimmer
>a trucker hat that says REPENT

Uhh shit forgot costs.
>20$, 15$, 2000$, 400-500$, a fucking billion trillion, ~5000$, 50$, 40$ (shipping)

Those are meant to be euros but Jow Forums doesn't allow that

it does not matter what I want because Im poor and
will always be .
its pretty shitty that I had any dreams to begin with.

>A Farewell to Arms
Incredible book

i want:
>a glass pipe, $45
>a grinder, $20
>like 8g of weed, $80
>karambit knife, $35

my "net worth" is a computer that's probably worth about $700. i have $1.89 in my bank account

what a threat

A karambit knife for 35$ will shatter in your hands

A gf/wife and a family.

Probably should budget about $250k lifetime expenditure per child, to see that they're raised up properly.

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>a bike $300
>a pair of wireless headphones $40
$30 in my bank account

Idk, but
>Kemper profiling amp: $1900
>half a g of moxy: ~$80
would be nice, I guess? But I don't really give a damn; I don't care much for things you can buy with money anymore.

>what stuff do you want to buy
A flamethrower.

A Tesla Model 3

I technically make enough money to afford one but the insurance rates would literally be more expensive than the loan payments.

I also live with my parents and my dad would beat me to death if he saw that I bought a new $40,000 car, he wants me to save up for my own house.

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>I also live with my parents and my dad would beat me to death if he saw that I bought a new $40,000 car, he wants me to save up for my own house.

Tesla's not going to be convenient if you're not able to install a charger on your own property.

>2003.5-2006 BMW M3, manual, Leguna Seca Blue: $25,000

You don't understand. I want a flamethrower to burn down my enemies.

>1mil in vstax
why does vanguard cost so much

After my dad is done beating the shit out of me he'd probably let me install a home charger in the garage as long as I do it with my own money.

Valve Index when it comes to my country - $1000
Sugar baby - $1000+ a month
Tech company - $1 000 000 or more

Have $150 000 net worth so I can afford some but not all

>$150 000 net worth
the fuck, how nig

Have earned in total around $120 000 on cryptocurrency investments, and some other profitable ventures as well.

>A house in the middle of nowhere
>However much to scrap by with food and property taxes

That is really it, can take on small jobs and projects whenever I need something else to have a small fund but other than that I just want to be left alone and have a simple life. With the coming of starlink and 5g even being in the middle of nowhere will have internet soon so nothing is lost.

oh, well at least u dont seem to have survivors bias.