What made you hate women?

What was the event or events that caused you to be permanently jaded by females? Ill start.
>Be about 7 or 8. Parents take me to this famous beach. Didnt know topless sunbathing was a thing.Women pulls up 10 metres from my family, strips NAKED and remains there all day sun bathing in front of a 7 yo and his 4 yo brother. Extremely frustrated and confused and angry at woman but don't know why. Want to go up and squeeze her boobs but no I'm not allowed. Not fair
>Bullied by girls in year 5 and 6 because I was new andshort and they finally had the chance to take all their cock envy rage out on someone because they were super tall because of early puberty.
>HS-get rejected by every girl because Im short. All my friends get gfs easily and loser their virginity etc. Girls think Im weird and avoid me or just undermine me.
>Take up martial arts. Due to being small I have no males in my weight class so my cunt instructor p[pressures me in front of everyone to fight the girl who was a national champion. Get beaten by her in front of everyone because I was too scared to hurt her and too psyched out by the pressure of the situation. Humiliated.
>Join military to get out old life, seek brotherhood and belonging. Find out the military is infested with whores.
>Finally lose virginity at age 20. Cant get it up because drunk. Girl gets turned off by me and next day fucks 4 of my mates. Next day she comes back to me and makes me take her to the movies. I find out the day after what happened. Again humiliated
>3 months later, find out she gave me herpes and warts
>This then ruins the first and only relationship I ever had at the time with another girl. 3 years of loneliness ensues
>Have to put up with everyone around me getting pussy and me getting none.
>Female superiors always hostile towards me because they view me as a bitch. Stand up for myself, get disciplined.

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I used to hate women, but then I got a reality check. I realized how hard their lives are and that most if not all of their problems are actually the fault of men. Now my only purpose in life is to do whatever I can to improve their lives and serve them in any way possible.

>I realized how hard their lives are and that most if not all of their problems are actually the fault of men. Now my only purpose in life is to do whatever I can to improve their lives and serve them in any way possible.

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i dont hate them, they're just really cunty and i dont like being around them. women around my age have always treated me like i'm invisible or they don't take me seriously. i'm not hideous, but im not attractive, just average at best, so it makes sense they treat me like a big nothing. my brother is an absolute piece of garbage, but he's more attractive than i am and he has the bad boy thing going for him, and he's fucked countless pretty girls. i just really dont even want to exist, i dont want to think about this shit anymore, i dont want to think about anything anymore

>3 months later, find out she gave me herpes and warts

Isnt that illegal? Pretty sure you have to declare all STIs to people.

Yes it is but how would I prove it? Neither herpes or warts appear in blood tests. Chances are she didnt actually know she had it as it can only be diagnosed when its symptomatic. Most people carry it and its dormant like chicken pox. Also I was told by many doctors as well as many normies and degenerates that 'everyone has it, its not a big deal' so chances of anything going to court is pretty slim and a waste of time.

There's nothing to hate on women, only to admire. They are awesome

yeah basically what user said over here, I wish I was dead

Give dilate.

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>implying women have it hard

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This pretty much sums it up. They're liars in every regard.

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2/10 sorry pal, original bait but still

Yeah, bad bait mate. Try harder next time.

>IT Navy guy got cucked
Hahaha, what a fucking idiot
Actually, I was a Nuke MM and my fiance of 3 years at the time cheated on my while I was on deployment. Remember two things, kids: never join the military and don't ever trust a female.

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What are you talking about? Their suicide rate almost doubled from 2000 to 2016. The male suicide rate didn't even come close to that kind of growth.

don't really hate them but one must realize that they are just 3 holes with legs

When I was 14, I got a gf, no idea how. I was the world's biggest loser and too dumb to know it. She was EXCEEDINGLY hot, did latin ballroom dancing, slim with tits and ass and vaguely goth-lite. We dated for 2 years and at the end of it, we never had sex but she fucked a 40 something year old farmer. She then wrote about it in her daily journal, then asked me to read it. She then asked me to forgive her and I had a fit and yelled at her and sobbed but eventually gave in and told her I did and that I still loved her. She went on to fuck the farmer a handful more times and then also fucked a friend of mine and I broke up with her, finally having had enough. I then moved and saw her once more when I was so beta and cucked to actually attend her birthday party, at least I got to see my friends one last time before I cut contact with all of them.

I'm 28 now and I haven't been in a relationship since, I don't trust women, I tried dating but I can't wrap my head around it, I hate my younger self for being so shitty and weak and letting her do that, I hate women for birthing hellspawn like my ex

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I fucking hate women

Certainly unoriginal

How do I learn to become a pilot then without breaking the bank?

Oh boy oh boy
1st taste
>be in 7th grade
>go on theatre trip with some cunt
>im a shy nervous guy; obviously a virgin
>for some reason she said or did something genorous, considerate i forget what
>so i exclaimed in a very casual platonic way "god i love you." zero romantic intention or delivery etc
>she decides to spread around a rumor that i confessed my love to her
>i get made fun of for it
>there was absolutely no justification for her doing this and the way i said it did not correlate with the rumor at all
i wanna slit that bitches throat
2nd taste
>girl takes my virginity at 17
>too dumb and naive so start dating her
>go to college out of state and we break up
>im such a faggot so i ace out freshman year to move back to state
>we start dating again
>drug dealer, valdictorian 140 IQ chad with 12 inch dick starts dating her friend
>she blatantly pursues him right in front of my face
>she wants him so bad that she does not give a single fuck about my feelings, what i say etc.
>just dump her and tell her to kill herself
>she OD's on heroin when shes 24
thank fucking god
3rd taste
>date another girl when im 24
>talking about apocalyptic scenario
>mentions how she would want the guy she was fucking before me around because "he could protect me"
>i ended up dumping her and cucking her in her own apartment
>she then moved in with the aformentioned guy a few weeks later with some other roommates

Everytime roasties get shot, run over, murdered, beheaded i genuinely feel a warm schadenfreude. fuck them all. only azn qts get a pass

This sounds like the beginning of a very hot gay porn

First time ever I asked a girl out, I got called disgusting and made fun by her and her friends for three years, with other people either piling up on it as an easy ticket to get popular or because they agreed, but it became a school wide meme for me to be too disgusting to ever date or even do group projects with or be around. This was before the whole omg we actually have to do something about bullying instead of ignoring it

Befriended a few girls, found out that they just used me to taxi them around because I did not ask for gas money and was just blind to it all because fuck yeah first ever female friends. Highlights include also borrowing 200 dollars to a poor grill so she could buy gifts for her family and boyfriend and then never pay me back, driving another one who I thought I might have a chance with because she actually hung out a few times outside driving her to place, to her boyfriends house and watch them make out, and then pick her up the next day and bring her to the pharmacy to get a night after pill because she got raw dogged. The moment I stopped giving them rides every time they wanted and tried to do other things with them, they all ghosted me.

A friend knew two girls and brought me along as a double date sorta thing, but ended up angering the two women and they wanted to hang around with me instead after that. Cue to them trying to get me to get the friend to hang around with us three as they lusted after his dick 24/7. Every convo always went into them asking questions about him and if he was single, every thing they wanted to do always involved asking the friend, many of them getting cancelled when he did not want to join.

And after that I have only interacted with women online but it's been one shit experience after the other with these vapid beings, just piling up my overall negative opinions on the opposite sex.

Women have always been nice to me, I hate them but not because of the reasons you guys talk about. I hate emotional people, childish people, and boring people. Women are all of that and more, they're emotionally weak, they cry about everything, they're like fucking children. Most of them have sheep mentality, they have no personality, they're fucking boring, and yet they think they're God's gift to the world.

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>i dont hate them, they're just really cunty and i dont like being around them. women around my age have always treated me like i'm invisible or they don't take me seriously. i'm not hideous, but im not attractive, just average at best, so it makes sense they treat me like a big nothing.

big dis

I don't hate women, I just don't care for them anymore. It's surprisingly refreshing to be able to block out feelings of either negativity or positivity about such a large demographic.

I really really don't want to hate them, but I kind of do. I don't know if I hate all women or just Western women specifically, but these are the main reasons why I can't help but kind of hate them.

- The fact that so many of them seem determined to sexually reward the most thuggish and morally depraved men. Why does literally no thug on Earth have trouble picking up women?

- The fact that women care so much about men's social skills when it comes to who they will fuck really bothers me.

- The fact that women have absolutely no self-awareness on how fucking easy their lives are and then have the gall to be feminists and claim they are oppressed, irritates me to no end. I cannot fathom how they could possibly actually believe they have it harder than men, which means that every woman who defends feminism and the status quo is just a huge liar.

- The fact that they whine so much about sexual assault and rape culture, yet encourage chads to behave so rapey with them. That they ask attractive men to "pretend to rape them" and that so many of them enjoy blurring the line as to what is sexual assault. What absolutely infuriates me though, is how shameless they are about shaming men who won't act that way. Calling them losers and pussies.

- Going from the last point, the fact that so many of them are disgusting masochists who enjoy being choked and slapped around and shit like that. Its absolutely disgusting.

- I hate how they have the gall to act like "oh we're so frightened, we need to feel safe around men," and "girls are shy and need men to make the first move." Yet when it comes to fucking chad, I hear about girls straight up grabbing his dick and practically forcing it into their mouths and asking random chads if she can suck his dick. They are such shameless whores around chad yet they want to act virginal around us.

Its called confidence. Literally all you need. Nothing else matters. Idk why you guys cant get it after all this time...

Samefag here, going on...

- The fact that they will walk around half naked and act like men shouldn't be affected by their half naked bodies in public.

- The fact that they expect men to read their fucking minds and get angry when a man can't do that.

- The fact that they are so shameless about their conformist behavior. They are such fucking sheep. When they say they care about "personality," all they really mean is that they care how popular a guy is. They only want to fuck the guys who are popular. Not only that, but because they feel guilty, and they should, but they try to alleviate their guilt by acting like they won't fuck the unpopular guys because "the unpopular guys are all creepy misogynists." Especially given how misogynistic so many of the popular guys are. But only we are the ones that get that label. At least when men don't like a girl, they just say she's ugly. They don't feel the need to alleviate their guilt by saying she's a rotten human being who's evil to the core.

- The fact that they will condemn one man as a creep and a loser for doing the exact same thing a chad did.

- The fact that so many of them are just huge fucking liars. They lie all the time. Making false sexual assault allegations, saying certain guys did things they didn't do. Then they play the victim when they get caught in their lies.

I think that's all, but I'm sure there's more reasons. I know I'm not imagining this though. Even my mom says that "there's something wrong with girls these days." I hold out hope that all the things I mentioned are because we have a culture that doesn't hold women accountable for anything and allows them to be their worst selves without any consequences. I hold out hope that if we lived in a non-feminist society, that maybe girls would actually be the sweet, nurturing people I've always wished them to be. This last bit of hope is the only thing stopping me from becoming a 100% misogynist.

Literally fuck off.

You know who I hate more than women?

The cucked men who enable them, refuse to hold them accountable for all their shitty behavior, and defend everything they do.

I feel like the people who post stories like OP's are mostly American. But there are probably terrible women everywhere.

Like anybody cares what you hate. You're irrelevant to human society. Nothing you say, do or think has any impact.

When did i defend women at all?
I like the cucked men tho, someone has to do all the dirty work in our society and I dont really like importing subhumans, they smell bad.

>But there are probably terrible women everywhere.
p bad in britain too

i curse the boomers who americanised our culture and media

Apparently they do given society's obsession with incels lately.

You're reiterating their talking points.

"omg you would have so much success if you just became confident."

It isn't a well known meme that military wives and gf cheat every single time the guy is on deployment? You knew this user, don't lie, you just a cuck

I pretty much agree with every sentiment in here. The moment I started being a dirtbag I dated a girl on and off for three years and it rained blowjobs.

I seriously hope its just Western women who suck. I further hope its specifically, modern western women who suck. The men in countries like Italy and Spain don't seem to hate their women nearly the way American men do so I have hope.

>The men in countries like Italy and Spain don't seem to hate their women nearly the way American men do so I have hope.
Been to both countries

Women there have slightly more traditional roles, that's not to say they're all still following strict tradition(s). But rather they're more aware of their place in society. But that's quickly changing.

dude, we should accept it. Even it is impossible at some point, but we should. Girls won't date ugly/short guys.

i used to hate fat girls. thought they were really annoying and childish. i firmly believed they acted stupid for the sake of attention. they also look like giant babies so the contrast was like pottery. then one day i was trying to nap in class when i zoned in on a group of stacies talking. i got really annoyed by one of them saying stupid shit and thought to myself "must be a fatty". got up and took a quick look. she was thin and pretty. at that moment i realized all women permanently have the mind of a 12 year old. we just so happen to tolerate the pretty ones. the same goes for all men. theyre all selfish perverts obsessed with trying to outnigger each other, but only the ugly ones like me face ridicule. i mainly hate western women though. they have more rights than men yet constantly vote open borders while crying about oppression. i hate white women more than anything

Feminism is infecting everything in sight and destroying all that is good. It really is a cancer.

I think the only reason I don't hate women more is because I've never pursued anyone romantically or sexually and I've never really been close enough to anyone to be fucked over by them. Women in my family aren't ideal but nothing major.

If I really exposed myself I'd probably be about a million times bitter in no time at all.

i don't hate women. it's a waste of energy. pick any random person, male or female, and they're most likely shit. it's because we are selfish creatures from birth. the only thing that matters is the self. the ego is only amplified by this shitty narcissistic social media and consumer culture. no individual or gender is to blame. it's just human nature. wasting all of your energy on hatred for the symptoms of that is pointless and that energy is better spent elsewhere. this board is highly misguided and it's just a mirror image of the women they hate; they've become the way they are because they believes themselves special. because of their ego. same as any cartoonish female villain they blame.

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But yeah, it seems like traditional women are much nicer than the liberated feminist ones. For all the talk of how "sexist" men were in the past. They didn't seem nearly as misogynistic as men are today. They might have thought women were a bit childish in the past so it was a very mild kind of sexism but its only in the past 50 years or so that you've had this many men who actually hate them.

>it seems like traditional women are much nicer than the liberated feminist ones
When you know you can have what Anglo-American women can have, and realise it's highly undesirable, you're more comfortable in your decision and reach contentment.
>They might have thought women were a bit childish in the past so it was a very mild kind of sexism
And tbf it's true that they are
>but its only in the past 50 years or so that you've had this many men who actually hate them.
With the exception of rapists and like, aye it does seem that way.

How do I get rid of my anger and resentment? I really hate being this person. But I can't seem to get rid of this bitter anger I have.

i've found the one and only patrician here. Amen, brother

I got molested by my sister as a kid, and then bullied by her and my other one until they moved out.

i hate them because they hate me. i just want to punch them.

I HATE the shape of her head

I bet it was with a Marine grunt amirite?

I started hating them when I realised thats all they were.

>gay alien skull to the max
that ass is wild tho

>Be confident, thats all you need to do
>LMAO youre pathetic, nothing you do will ever work

Normies everyone. Contradixct themselves in two posts.

Negative visualisation and seekment of camaraderie

When you visualise a future with your wife and kids, view them instead as the mindless sex drones you see around you. Do you really want that as your wife and children?

Instead seek brotherhood with your male friends, seek good times and companionship. Be there when they need you, and they'll be there for when you need them, and once this occurs you will realise brotherly love is the purest form of love.

Threads like this make me ashamed to be male. You all need to be culled.

You lucked out then. Trying to get with a woman, only to fail makes you hate everything for a time. Then you just hate the woman, and the guy. I wish I could get rid of the desire to be loved, as sex isn't even a goal.

>to be male

Youre not fooling anymore.

Checks out to me. I pretty much have the same opinion and experience.
It's been common wisdom for most societies for most of human history that women are pathologically dishonest.

Just don't look for other people to validate that opinion. You have to realize that honesty isn't common among any population.
Be comfortable with your own truth. Have faith in yourself, user.
I get what you are saying, and I believe you, but pretty soon you won't be able to get validation or reassurance even on Jow Forums, because this website has been compromised.
Maybe this sounds like typical white flight, but we have to move.

>- The fact that they will walk around half naked and act like men shouldn't be affected by their half naked bodies in public.

>- The fact that they will condemn one man as a creep and a loser for doing the exact same thing a chad did.

Literally cannot defute this.

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This. Bad hand makes the game not worth playing. But the game is all there is due to how men are wired to want to fuck.

>Link very related

Can someone please take a look at this thread that I made? I need advice. Everyone on Jow Forums is cucked.

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This. They're banal, boring and plebs all around. I tried the normie life while at HS and I had a couple relationships and they were nice to me but it didn't change my opinion in this regard and I avoid them while I could. I wish I was gay.

>I wish I was gay.
Be careful what you wish for.

You pretty much described me and my brother. I should mention, however, that even though he gets girls, the girls he attracts are very much the same personality-wise, i.e. garbage.

Cuckholdry is disgusting, and I have no interest in you projecting your fetish onto me. I was young, inexperienced, and too trusting. I expected people to be truthful, honorable, and forthright. Obviously, the real world doesn't work like that. Autism is a hell of a drug.

>Was sexually active starting years ago
>Really got into female interaction with job
>Most are honestly fake and boring
>Went out with 2 at my job
>Females do lash out at each other 1000% for the same man and deep down really do hate other females
>Stopped putting sex on a pedestal and just simple glance and walk by females now

I learned a lot about women in the past 3-4 years. I'm glad because I was very naive years ago. I simply want no part anymore. If I get pussy in the future aside from an escort somehow then so be it. If I don't then it's okay.

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based as FUCK

bro love transcends romantic love imo. i wish society put more of an emphasis of friendships over romantic relationships but instead all anyone cares about is that lovey dovey bullshit

i used to have friends that would legit make me feel complete and made me happy to be alive. ive also experienced romantic love and i would choose that bro love any day. obv i would get physically deprived without a girl but still

once college started and we all went our separate ways everyone kinda dissolved as we all focused on our new lives and ive been chasing that dragon ever since

i just want a bro i can really love and i feel empty without it

you're an irredeemable faggot in denial

dont b mad that youve never had and will never experience a friendship like that nigger

Not that user, but brotherly companionship isn't gay in the slightest. Only actual fags get hung up on making sure they fuck other dudes every night. They cannot have an interaction that isn't based on their degenerate lifestyle. Actual friendships, true companionship, is very fulfilling.

They have no personality, they are not funny, they are not interesting, they have nothing to offer to you yet expect you to give them everything

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>OP gets angry at a woman getting naked
Is this when you realized you're gay?

Go die in a fire roastcunt slut

Can you blame a dog for getting angry when you dangle meat in front of it and not let it eat it?

Women shouldnt show off the goods unless we get to fuck it. Its not like theyre doing it for any other reason so why are they surprised when they get FUGGED

That's a long post just to say "I am a flaming homosexual."

It's not so much hate as being stuck in the past. GF and I were head over heels for each other, we were talking about getting married after high school, whole kit and kaboodle. Young and dumb, but at the time we were blinded by mutual love, and I honestly feel she was my soul mate.

I was driving her home about a month before our graduation and we got t-boned by a car full of drunk roasties coming home from the club. They were in a new model suv, we were in a run down honda civic, so you can imagine how it went. Roasties got away with fractures and some broken ribs, while I got to hold my girl's hand as she struggled to breathe with a punctured lung and other chest trauma. Some sniffles and and a slick lawyer got the roastie mostly off the hook down to involuntary manslaughter, while I picked up a permanent limp and the memory of the light fading from my girl's eyes.

The only ones I hate are those smug cunts, but other than that I just don't feel anything towards women anymore. They're a part of the scenery to me now, like trees or rocks.

>person goes on rant about how people dangling meat in front of him but not letting him eat it pisses him off
>mongoloid projects and calls person a vegan
Negative reading comprehension

I hate everyone. Hating women is just easier because they have it better on average.

you are completely wrong, Spanish women are pretty and are somewhat sweet, but they have the highest standards. Every Spanish man knows it. I have seen hambeasts and harpies with crooked teeth DATING Chad. I'm not even talking about fucking. Also all of them feels very superior to everyone is what we call "Endiosadas". Also check Spain and Italy divorce rate

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This. All I want is a woman to serve and worship but alas I am not worthy.

>Huur duur you homosexual

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It has doubled but it is still far back, even the approach to a woman who wants to commit suicide is completely different than to a man.

Jesus user thats fucking depressive, Hope your okay nowadays

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Jesus fucking Christ dude. That made me fucking sad.

at least you are not a virgin

Women are innocent until proven guilty
Men are guilty until proven innocent

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i love it when normalfags are more miserable than me. did your roastie pet die?

Wow, damn thats really sad. Legit no meming thats a life changing experience.


Post-2016 election has made white women turn insane. Interacting with them is like interacting with a twitter bot.

It's because for the first time ever things didn't go their way and their whole world view has been challenged because of it.

Any time I've had the displeasure of having to conduct business with women be it for either group projects or services, they're completely fucking useless compared to their male counterparts.
That's my problem with women, they're completely and utterly useless outside of sex.
And since I don't much care for sex anymore, women are a nuisance that I'd rather just not bother putting up with.

Sorry rasties Im too busy hating my self.

Im also in isis.

Thats a lie Im actually jewish.

Fug I thought I knew emotional pain
You're a trooper user

The funny thing is, I don't even hate women or I'm not annoyed by them anymore. Not even the ones that look like pic related. But after all the things I've seen them do, or I have done to them, I really don't respect any of them and find that hard to establish a serious relationship with.

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Especially when they tell you in front of your face that they are proud of it too.

That's great sweetie that you're owning it up to it but I'm less likely to consider even being in a relationship with you.

nah lads don't hate em.
but there is a real problem of thots and emasculated men

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I dont hate women, Im just learning to understand them.
You dont hate lions or sharks do you? They generally loaf about, sleep, and royally fuck shit up but its in their nature