Why do people HAVE to marry girls. why cant you just get in good shape and work on yourself to fuck girls...

why do people HAVE to marry girls. why cant you just get in good shape and work on yourself to fuck girls? why do you HAVE to get married? whats wrong with just fucking girls wtf

why cant you just bang someone and move on and wait around in bars and shit to find another drunk slut to fuck and then drive off the next morning. do you wanna change diapers? no. do you wanna give a girl money and pay for dates? no. do you wanna raise a kid and give it 1/2 of your money? no. do you wanna watch some bitch grow old and ugly and lose the only value she has? no.

whats the advantage of settling down with someone. frequent sex. thats it. and all girls are whores. why would you want their used up pussy that often?

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Their asses are fucking pathetic.

The point is to provide for women and take care of their needs. What more could you ask for in a relationship?

Imagine being in this room. I am actually at a point in my life where I assume this is photoshopped because I simply cannot suspend my disbelief anymore.

OP is a degenerate and should be hanged. there is nothing wrong with traditional marriage. sage

I dont see any advanatges to marrying someone as well, OP. If I had to think of something, it would be moral support, but in today's era, the chances of ever finding someone who provides that are minimal.
>frequent sex. thats it.
Kek, unironically, sex becomes less frequent once you get married. Like one user said last week, you dont get married to have sex, you get married to STOP javing sex.

>why do want to marry a female?
>why not just have one night stands?
you are retarded
what the fuck do you think we are trying to do? at most we want a relationship, at least we want to have sex...any sex...at all

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I'm with you to an extent humans are naturally meant to be polygamous but you cant have a world revolve around that and also slut shame

Stuff like this happened to me in uni you just have to be in the right place at the right time

>slut shame
has this ever happened in modern history? did it even happen in the 50s?
I think it's just made up like racism or the holocaust

Must be nice being a chad desu

Yes it happens all the time especially with christ or muslimfags

>Yes it happens all the time especially with christ
again, gonna need source on that
and non-whites aren't human

College guys are so hot. I really want to fuck one before i graduate and I'm graduating soon. God I want to fuck a college guy like the one in ops pictures, he looks attractive and tall. I'm dripping wet.

If I don't get to fuck one I might end up with a college guy fetish for my entire life.

One night stands are lame because unless you're an absolute retard, you'll need to always wear a rubber.

And while having a gf is awesome because you can creampie her to your heart's desire (so long as shes on the pill), there's plenty of other reasons to have a gf or a spouse. If you do things right, you'll have someone there to help you take care of the household and eventually someone to take care of you into old age.

But disregard all this if you're in a shitty relationship or marriage. Its better to be alone in that case.

You just lost your virginity to a slutty girl less than an hour ago, didn't you?
Just masturbate furiously, empty your balls and come back again with a rational mind.

the human race has taken a dip.

why do my moral actions and goals in life make me depressed?

blowing my brains out is the only way I'll be able to handle this world.

Can't trust, never will trust anyone anymore.

sex is gay i want genuine connections and a fulfilling relationship and life

>genuine connections
hollywood lie

shut up. chad has a nice ass

>hollywood lie
i won't believe your jewish lies

you know whats even better? fucking hookers

uhm... I mean I really dont want aids or any of that shit user.

I honestly won't have the chance to have sex because manlet and no girl not even a hoe would want to fuck me so

With the pill there is always a possibility to fuck up your gf's reproductive system since it is all chemicals. Just Google it and you'll find some cases.
Also OP is a 15old who can't think in anything but sex

ONS experiences get old and so do you

bang young hot thots as long as you can

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kek no they don't youre just a faggot. I've fucked 50 roasters and 65 hookers and im 28. that shit does not get old dude.

wait fuck I forgot he literally got aids. what do I do? I dont want to settle down with girls

Not necessarily marriage but I do think something else with a similar function should take its place. The old way marriage works is you find a babymaker you like and mayhaps like you back, then she provides you all the pussy you need and takes care of you and you make sure as a guy you guys dont die from starvation and any hostile entities. At least to the best of your ability.

Hookup culture is the biggest reason why modern women are trash. Men shouldn't be enabling it.

The fundamental issue there is that the men who are reaping the benefits of hookup culture won't do anything to change it. They basically have commitment-free harems and they wouldn't want to give that up. While they are fucking a different woman every night, other men are getting so desperate that they don't give a shit if they're enabling hookup culture and do everything they can to get laid.

This isn't going to change anytime soon either. Even if all the men without harems opted out of dating completely, women wouldn't notice it until they've hit the wall and easy hookups aren't a thing anymore. And even after that happens, there will be a new generation of young women ready to burn themselves out.

You don't HAVE to do jack shit. You can just lay down and rot if you really want to

Winner winner.
Yeah, the best you'll get is engagement. Marriage is a powershift and there is no way divorce industries would let go of their pie. Expecting women work as equals or more was the worst idea humanity had besides nukes.

am I the only one who thinks people look ridiculous?
look at them. it's pathetic. wtf is wrong with humans

Eventually you will get enough people with enough influence to go Elliot Rodger on a national level.
Roast and toast it up all you want. But this is the future of monogamy fails. We go back to acting like apes that kill chads and rape staceys. This is not a future anyone wants.

Sex in a relationship is a 100 times better than one night stands. Everyone will tell you that, even sluts and man sluts.
It's just a lot more enjoyable with someone you trust and care for than with someone you barely know

I feel like we're on the road to disaster right now and lots of times I wish I could just look away and pretend its not happening. Both of what you guys said is true though. Eventually, the men who are not getting any sex at all are going to get too angry. Chads don't want to stop having their massive harems and women don't want to stop exclusively fucking the top men but something's going to happen if society continues like this. This level of extreme promiscuity in society is just not sustainable.

>With the pill there is always a possibility to fuck up your gf's reproductive system
who tf cares? why do you care??

>commitment-free harems
not much of harem if all the chicks are getting dicked by other guys

People who want kids with their current or future long term partner care, obviously. Just say "lol fag" next time.
The pill also does a whole lot of other shit that's bad for the relationship and society

"lol fag" is not original enough retard.

Sound logic user. No reason to settle for some bitch for the marriage to become stale and have her resent you in a year and a half. You'll have a much better /honest relationship with women if you remain single :p

The point of marriage however is to raise a family. You need not feel any emotional attachment to your partner just as long as she has a womb. I'm aiming for a negress. They loyal, they have ass, they like white guys (me), plus I get respect from the homies maybe?

I wish we had arranged marriages still. Not just women but people in general often can't be trusted to choose what's best for themsleves, it'd be better if your parents, people who know you best and want you to do well more than anyone in the world, just paired you up with someone they think is a good mutually beneficial fit. Chances are you learn to live with and even love whoever you get paired up with and the expectation that marrying a stanger entails a realtionship that's going to difficult to make work guarantees both parties put more effort in and not just cut and run as soon as the "love" fades and things get rough. The contractual monetary/status nature would also force reforms in how divorce is handled since the welfare of multigenerational families is involved.

"You have to spell out exactly the full sentence or I'll show how petty and subhuman I am, loleksdee retard"
You talk like a woman.

shocker; pills designed to basically sterilize can have some adverse effects. only a complete retard wouldnt know that right off the bat, especially considering you arent the first person to point out the obvious to them. the guy made a point about being ABLE to nut in your gf if shes on the pill and you just go "huuurrrrr durrrr, birth control pills can fuck your gf up", no fucking shit. The doctor says it, the medication itself says it, the sex ed teacher says it, and of course some random retard on the sad boi board has to say it too.

try rewording that. i dont speak tard.

this. wish if bitches couldn't keep it in their pants they got dragged to the city center and got rocks thrown at them

well user, i got some news for you...

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I feel that a lot. I wish we still had arranged marriages. Its a much better idea than people act like. Who on Earth thought that making super hormonal teenagers/young adults pursue their own relationships was a good idea? This is something that should be left up to the parents who actually know what's best for their sons and daughters.

Women wan't the modern narrative with the traditional ending. It's a lose-lose situation for men. You get fucked financially without even getting your qt virgin wife.

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Their asses are fucking great though, what are you on about?