Have you ever been sexually harassed? How did you react?

Have you ever been sexually harassed? How did you react?

fembots need not apply

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>Pants pulled down, underwear went with.

>Girls Giggled

Didn't react, or maybe I did but I forgot, was like 13.

This girl used to rub my arms in my english class sophmore year. Not really sure if that counts, but we weren't friends, just sat next to each other.

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lucky bastards, i never even been close enough with a woman that she feel comfortable enough sexually harass me, i've been told that im cute by random strangers tho, it made me uncomfortable

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It was when me and my family went out to go look for a new house to move into.

Everyone was going through the house looking at the rooms and such.

I was out in the patio in the backyard bu then came into one of the master bedrooms, where i saw my sister standing in the middle of the room.

I honestly don't remember fully why but i was talking with her when she suddenly tried to pull my jeans down.

I swear she must have been on drugs or something because she just acting really horny and was talking about just letting her see what my dick looked like.

I just kept telling her no and that i didn't want to, she backed off eventually and just left the room to go see the rest of the rooms,

I don't really kno why she did and i have pretty much put behind me and didn't want to remember it much.

She was sleeping with a lot of guys at a young age and such, so i was thinking maybe she just wasn't thinking right or something.

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But it wasn't even that enjoyable user, just awkward and embarrassing. She was just fucking with me everytime she did it, probably because of me being mostly a silent stonefaced faggot

In 8th fucking grade there was this one girl that would dress like an absolute whore and rub up on the guys. I think it was for laughs.

But she wasn't laughing.
I am and was a dorky looking person, so I was an easy target for her. She would moan behind you, or say suggestive shit on front of you. She had these overall things that were like barely clothes. Whatever. It would make me super uncomfortable every time. I was 14, and didn't really know how to react. I would just stone face her and tell her to fuck off. Looking back, could have got pusspuss if I played it right. Later virgons.

A cute girl in class kept grabbing my ass and told me it was nice, i enjoyed it and said thanks

>just awkward and embarrassing
probably right, but like most things, i just dont have the experience and im free to think is hot and sexy, just like the brother/sister stuff of the poster above, its a major fantasy for me

Came close.
>Be me, in thailand at bar alone.Smashed
>Old white guy sits down and we start talking shit
>Tells me hes a physiotherapist
>Not really thinking straight tell him I have a sore neck
>'Ill massage it for ya' he says
>Thinking hes gona give me a hard sports massage like I used to get when I played rugby
>He pulls my singlet shoulder things down over my arms like a woman and starts gently touching
>IMMEDIATELY turn around and say 'NO NO!'
>He apologizes, confused then walks away.

I was ready to murder him aye.

>Be in thailand bar
>Old white guy sits down
major red flags there, are you a cute asian trap?

>Was dating my coworker
>Female boss found out and said if I didn't fuck her then she'd fire me
>Things sour with my coworker
>End up getting fired anyway

No Im a straight white guy. I was about 25 at the time.Heaps of gay cunts go to thailand to either fuck traps or fuck other gay men. He was one of those 'bear' types.

>be with friends
>at hipster area in NY
>my boys girls gay friend wants to fuck me
>i'm obviously autistic and don't get the hints that he wants to fuck me
i found out about the following later
>he asks my boys gf if i'm gay
>gives a feminist theory queer lgtbqraikajxn response
>when we part ways he hugs me
>more like a caress
>gives me a sloppy kiss on the neck
>i sperg tf out and give him a thumbs up
fuck that girl she's a ho i'm glad they broke up she was toxic

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Some chubby skank (and I mean that truly) groped my ass when I was walking down the hall in high school. I just ignored it. Pretty sure it was just a prank since I was an ugly fat piece of shit back then. Don't even look like the same person any more

what is
>my boys girls

Yes, by a few faggots here and there, one who was VERY pushy about fucking me.

one native girl also was very forward, sexual and flirtatious when I played 9th grade basketball. she was flirting and rubbing her tits on me the whole game, saying filthy things. Didn't mind tho cept it was hard to hide my boner in sheer basketball shorts haha

>middle school
>be socially retarded and quiet
>zoning out
>stacy starts winking at me
>start to notice her winking at me
>she smirks and winks at me more
>socially retarded so just blankly stare at her because idk what shes doing
>she laughs and just says she wanted to see how I react
Another one
>change schools junior year in high school
>end up at some gehtto school
>new, still somewhat socially blind
>shaniqua approaches me in library
>ay boo wussya numbah, yu wanna be mai boyfren?
>see her friends laughing at the back of the library
>tell her "very funny", about to walk off
>ay come on yu cute
>nice prank I say, eying the her friends still laughing
>ay lemme getcha numba i'll let yu come ova to my house
>good prank I say again, as I walk off
Later saw her with another dude, have a last one
>be senior
>become office aid because nothing better to do
>walking to a classroom to deliver a note
>there's a door coming up
>as I open the door there's two underclassmen
>a chubby white female and another black female
>I walk through the doorway, holding the door open at the same time so they can pass through
>feel something firmly grab my ass as I'm moving through the doorway
>look behind me to see the females giggle and hurry away
>confused in the moment, slowly realise I was sexually harassed
I was surprised someone would want to harass me

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She was probably sexually abused by some close relative.

I used to work at Chickfila. There was a girl, A, that would work in the drive through with me from time to time. If I was in the "pusher" role, the guy that hands the food over and helps the customers with anything extra, it would mean that I would have to be physically close to whoever was on the window register. When A was working the register she would always stand really close to me and force me to bump into her or press against to do anything. One day she quite literally cupped my cock and balls through my pants and squeezed. All I did was freeze and pretend like nothing happened once I managed to get over it.

I was in 5th grad and this homosexual kept touching my ass, at first I ignored it then I started hitting him when he did it during an earthquake drill then I told my teacher about it.

>good prank I say again, as I walk off
smooth, if you said no thank you she would've chimp out

>girl grabbed my ass once in high school
>it was completely by surprise, I didn't consent
>she was my superior in a program we were both in
>didn't know how to react or if I should tell anyone, just said nothing because I didn't want to start any trouble
We talked a little after high school was over, she came into my old workplace once. I never brought it up then either.

This older gay at work used would make lewd remarks about my legs and ass.

Pregnant lady fondled my ass with the back of her hand in payment line at a buffet
Once I was very sure that this was what was happening I just took a step forwards out of principle but damn it I want more

When I was 10, my older brother was 12. During one summer he started getting boners and shit. He'd force his dick into my mouth, sometimes he'd jerk himself off while holding my hand, sometimes he'd get on top and dry hump me until he came I guess. The last one was the worst one because I wouldn't be able to breathe. Right now I'm 22 and he's 24. I don't think he's a pedophile or anything, just a really horny kid. Despite this, I really can't stand having anyone touch me. I can also sit with my brother for an hour or two just joking and laughing, then I remember what he did and just leave the room entirely if it's just the both of us in there.

I'm also a guy. I blame him for me being a khv.

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