Welcome to the frogs and feels tavern

Welcome to the frogs and feels tavern
Happy father's day feels

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Its just a random monday where I live. Ill take a pint of the lager please.

I'll have the Grand Marnier with Ice cream please, I just want something nice and sweet

Vodka Soda please.

I feel good, but indecisive about social life, where to live, and other things. I'm moving in a good direction but I am so unprepared for all the little things along the way.

>happy fathers day feels
Haha my daughter is 3 years old and I love her more than anything.... I didn't get to hear her voice today. Don't fall for the fucking family meme lads.... when it all gets ripped away from you that is real pain.

Also I'll have a nice cold ipa. If you got any speed back there I'd love some of that to

I'm sorry user. Wanna talk about it

Anything with ice cream in it, please. And if you have anything to eat, some bucatini. Got a lot of conflicting feels last week, and expect no exception this week. Just waiting till it's over.

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St-Remy, on the rocks. Make it a double. 2 potential girls I liked both needed to be cut today. One fugged a rando at a bar last night, other had a bf already.

On second thought, 2 of those Brandy drinks please.

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Idk... there isn't much to talk about. I only get to see her 2 days a week now because her slut mother decided to go shack up with a fucking 31 year old neet and slap me with child support. I've fallen so far down the spiral in the last 9 months. I lost my apt and moved back into my parents house and work 50 or 60 hours a week managing a shitty fast food place. Turned into an alcoholic and have taken up doing speed a few nights a week. My daughter loves me so much and she genuinely loves spending time with me and always tells me she doesn't want to go home and she wants to stay here but the courts would never take my side and I can't afford daycare. If she knew what today was she would have called me if she could have. I just feel shitty right now user. Thanks for listening

>both needed to be cut today. One fugged a rando at a bar last night, other had a bf already.
neither of those are a valid reason not to pursue them you turbospergo

I feel so angry all the goddamn time lately.
I had this thing going on with this girl and it didn't work out. She started it all and then she decided she wasn't interestes anymore. Not that she would tell me, I had to basically cut the losses and get out on my own. So of course I ended up being the bad guy.
Then my best friend hooks up with her best friend and everytime I see them I'd like to kick the shit out of his smug grin. I feel guilty about it, but it's really hard to be around happy people when nothing goes right ever for me.

Oh, I haven't talked with my dad in 7 years but that's another story.

I'm dying for some whiskey. Haven't had any since I quit drinking and went to rehab.
These past two weeks I broke every rule tho. Made new friends, went on blenders, did drugs, hell I even got arrested.
Doubt I'll be seeing too much of my new friends. They're good people and I'm way too insane for them. I think I went over the top. It hurts a little but it's also a release. I can go back on living the functional life I was living just before, and maybe meet some odd peeps in the future and do the same again when the monotonous sober life starts to drive me crazy once more. In the meanwhile, cheers.

Yes it is, especially since the one who fugged the rando did so knowing my feelings about her. I guess the other you are legit, but being across the planet makes it hard

Things will get better but don't do speed man. A court will want to see that you can support yourself and a child.
I believe you can get equal custody if you work and stay sober. I know sobriety hurts man, but you can do it.

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I'll have a Strawberry Nesquick. I know, it's a bar but I'm not big on drinking. My mom suffered a heart attack recently and has an anoxic brain injury, she's getting better but I don't know if she'll fully recover. It sucks because I just started getting money from the VA so I could start treating her, I just wanted to do good by my mom and take her out for dinner like a good son should.

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I asked out a girl I met on an internship and she agreed to get drinks but also mentioned she was already recently seeing someone so I said I wasn't really interested in going on a date as friends, hope she isn't offended

the cost of living in my area is so high that paying child support and daycare costs will mean that i cant support myself and a child. I cant even afford basic healthcare for her let alone myself. its so much easier to just numb the pain away right now.... and for the speed thing its manageable i barely spend anything on it and always make sure i go to sleep. I have a nice stash of lsd if i feel like its getting out of hand i can always do that instead of rehab. I know it isn't gonna get any better unless i get sober but who even knows if that will help. right now i just don't want to die because my daughter needs her dad. So im numbing the pain away. which is how i ended up on this board other than my normal hangouts

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There are state options like first 5 to help you pay for child care.
You can do this.

Thanks for the kind words user.... I'll get there soon enough. Or I'll die. Who knows

Am I too far over the limit to be cut off here? 16 shots of whiskey and a beer in already. If i'm able to order, gimme a double of johnnie walker red or black, mixed with ginger beer. This is my new favorite poorfag cocktail, good shit for casual drinking.

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Someone ain't serving this joint, so fuck it.

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You and I both, brother. I go out every weekend, and desu I still don't know how to be "social". It's fucking humiliating being born autistic.

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No speed here, my friend, but here's the drink you ordered. Any reason for wanting to take the two together?

Forgot pick, had a few myself already.

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You still open
Give me something strong

Here you are, my man. Sorry to hear about this week being shit, though everyone else here will relate, I guarantee.

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Here you are, friend. Ain't we all got girl troubles? Just lost a genuine mommy gf myself, but I guess she didn't like me being open about my emotions the way she was open about hers with me.

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Shot of vodka please.

Some Grants, just as good as Johnnie, but not as expensive as black and above.
Gotta try and avoid the benders, my man. Went on one myself a while back, and it irreversibly fucked up my life; lost almost all my friends in one fucked evening. Careful.

Once again, my apologies.

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Good man, staying sober is a wise choice. Was like you myself, until earlier this year. Now, I'm a problem drinker. My own mum herself has some issues with health, and it's heartbreaking to know that i'm the only one in the family trying to help her along. It's quite the burden, so I'll pour one out in your honour, at least.

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Some spiced rum, for you. Not the strongest, but it'll give you a bit of a kick.

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Take some Alberta Pure, my friend.

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Thank you friend. Been needing this girl troubles i just can't seem to find someone, I am not unattractive (at least that's what my friends that are girls tell me so) i keep getting told to wait and then i will find her but the loneliness really gets to me especially this time of night

Thanks, my man. Just like any other week for me, nothing new. Drinks look great.

I've hit rock bottom several times, but now I live in a city and drink in another one, so my fuck ups are contained. I feel like the place I used to call home is my backyard now. I do go overboard sometimes, but I'll just return to the city I moved to and pretend nothing happened.

Same thing, friend. Last girl I was with said I was "beautiful", yet she was the only one to give me a chance, say she loved me, and then kicked me to the curb. No one else has, or probably ever will, see me the same way
Same, my man. Just cheated on my diet with the drinking tonight, sadly. But, just need to hop back on.
Well, at least you have a system for it. Remember though; you're not just hurting those in your life, you're potentially fucking yourself.

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Sorry to hear about that. The last girl who said i looked good i had huge crush on but the feeling was not mutual sadly though we remained friends what could have been haunts me

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I know this doesn't sound really optimistic, because it's a long-term plan, but for now just keep on going man. She can't keep her away from you forever.
I know it might take up to 15 years before she has a say in this, but this time WILL come. Just hope you can endure what you're going through right now. Best of luck user.

Well, the take-over bar tender has to head out early. I really wish the guys who start the threads would stick around but what can you do.
See you ll soon. Maybe i'll be the bartender who sticks around one night. One shot of Jack of everyone, on the house.

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It seems the night has ended, Thank You for your time barkeep