Anyone else here have a computer from 2013 or before that? I just do not see the need to upgrade

Anyone else here have a computer from 2013 or before that? I just do not see the need to upgrade.

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2012. I want to upgrade but can't afford that kind of shit.

I have a shitty 300$ laptop

I have a hp from 2005. XP 4ever

300 new or used? I bought a $300 laptop on eBay 2 years ago and I could easily sell it for more than that today

I'm still using my i5-750 from 2010

It chugs sometimes, but not enough to justify building an entirely new system

i'm still using an i5 2500k with a regular ol hard drive. would still have my old gtx 580s too if one didn't take a shit on me. wanna get a new ryzen+a ssd and probably will even though it can't be justified

mine is from 2012, except the graphics card.
but the graphics card broke so i'm using the old one now, gtx 560 Ti.
Gonna upgrade before cyberpunk releases. It's gonna be a huge waste of money since i don't play much games anymore.

my comps pretty old but i use xubuntu so it really matter, it runs fine. i dont play vidya anymore so i dont need to constantly upgrade shit. the only thing i'd like to upgrade is my nas.

I have a computer from 2012 and the GPU is fucked up so I have to use integrated graphics.

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Man I wish I didn't have to play as V. I love everything about the game except the player character, total dealbreaker for me. Guess I'm gonna wait 20 years more for a Neuromancer rpg

GTX 660
Intel i5 750 (4-core 2.67ghz)
120 GB hdd - soon to break

My other hdd broke but was an old sata 250 GB or something.
Can barely play any old games on low or medium low graphics with >25fps and forget about new.
Can barely watch or stream anything on higher than 720p. If there's a lot going on the screen freezes for over 10s or till I pause and rewind a bit even on 720

Asus ROG laptop from 2012 that I bought second hand in 2014. It's decent enough to run music software without issues which is all I want it for. Screen is fucked so I have to run it through my TV but that's comfy shit. Wireless keyboard and mouse and never get out of bed.

I'm hardly ever home though because I travel a lot so I bought a second hand ThinkPad X230 also from 2012, upgraded to 8g ram and SSD also for the purpose of running music software and it works fine, just a little bit of latency on really big projects but well usable and I can bounce tracks if I have to and eliminate it entirely.

I have $10,000 saved and I'd love to drop a stack of it on a really good laptop but it's not the best use of my money, what I have works fine so I'll stick with it until it doesn't.

>I'm still using my i5-750 from 2010

You probably use the internet like a slow witted boomer.

You shouldn't be having that much trouble. Before this GPU I had a GTX460 and that was fine for 1080p video and 60+fps in older games

I suppose you're jacked into the matrix right now

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hah suck it i have a rx 580 8 gigabyte one

I bought a PS4 just for RDR2 and hardly played it so I decided I needed to buy some more games to make it a worthwhile investment. Spent about $600 NZD all up (I think that's about 400 burger tokens) then had problems with my job so I ended up nearly broke and really missing that money, but far cry 5 was pretty sick so whatever.

I have a cheapo desktop
>gtx 750ti
>8gb ram

Does its job good enough. Can still play newer games on low.
I bought a 3dsxl and a ps4 as well, and recently a budget gaming laptop which was like 800USD.
Living that hedonism life bros

Why you get a gaming laptop if your pc is fine?

2009, want to upgrade but can't afford it.

I was gonna buy ps4 games but then I realised I can just jailbreak it and pirate the games
>can't play online
Boohoo I don't play online anyways fucking normalfaggots
>can't play newer games
This one is a bummer, the cuck crackers refuse to release a newer jailbreak because reasons and I can't play spiderman or rdr. For now.

Because I moved to another state and I only use it when I go back hone every 3 months or so.

Only got 97% on userbenchmark feels bad

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My biggest vidya sin is wishing more rpgs had characters written as shallowly as they are in Bethesda games so I could just dick around and do nothing but absorb the setting without ruining questlines. I'd kill for a Cyberpunk sim where you didn't have to do special shit or be the center of some conspiracy

Think the main reason is my corrupt hdd, and the motherboard is kind of scuffed as well but not really sure if that matters

Assuming your pc is decently specced lets say you got a GTX 770 and an i7 3770

youre good for low/med settings at 1080p for another year or two. Games are starting to use more cores and 4c 4t is dead as fuck with AAA titles and 4c 8t is soon out the door

Tbh get a r5 3600 when its out and keep the 770, so a new mobo cpu and ram would last you a decent bit

user, I have an R7 1800X, Dual RX 580s (for mining and gaming) with 32Gbs of DDR4 2133mhz

this pc is pretty decent for gaming but for 144hz its meh... id love to have more gpu horsepower but the way prices are today with gpus its fucking aids... $1200 for a $700 gpu is cancer

I have an old ass, like early 90s, Thinkpad that I like to take to my college classes for keks. It just had dos when I got it but upgraded to win 95

Oh yeah I'd consider that but I only need 1 more game then I'm set for like 2 years. New F1 game because I'm a motorsports autist. Only half finished far cry and haven't even got to Mexico on RDR so I'll be good for a while.

Shit nibba that old as fuck. Thinkpads should be called tankpads they are invincible.

Mine is from 2012 except i had to replace the gpu last year with a 1050ti. Other than that it does everything i need it to.

PC I built in late 2014. Not that bothered about upgrading, even though I have the money. I don't play games much anymore and if I do, it's rarely new games

i5 660 with GeForce 9600 and bluescreens sometimes and other annoying stuff
I hate this machine

2012, I don't see the need to, it runs literally everything. Haven't computers been stagnating for years now anyway?

ivybridge latitude here
no money and if this breaks i'd be fucked

I got a pc from 2012 if i remember correctly.
It's a gtx 650 and som i7 that boosts to 3.2 or something

(The same user)
It has seen better days. And I still enjoy older games but I can't play the newer ones.
I shouldprobably upgrade. I Could get a rx 580 for 100-130 dollars

My pc is also from 2012 but I use ARCH.
Arch is superior and uses less ram if you use a tiling windowmanager such as dwm

My PC is from 2013, this mother fucker has all the computer aids you can get, swear to god there's probably like 83 people key-logging me and waiting for me to connect my webcam to skype my parents only too hope that I forget to unplug the usb so they can watch me jerk my lil ding dong for 18 minutes and blast into a tissue. but this bad boi is fucking hardy. literally never downloaded any anitvirus software because yolo muh nigga, trend micro an norton security can succ my butt. honestly can't believe this fuck has lasted 6 years. gonna slam this bitch on the concrete in like 3 weeks to show it how much it meant to me.

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Literally what can't you play with a 2012 machine? How come I can play everything?

Upgraded my FX 4100 to an 8370 as it's the best my mb could handle. Fuck spending 700 on a new CPU mb ram combo

Yeah I got my PC from Best Buy back in early 2012, all I did was add a terabyte of storage, a new powers supply and a gtx 760 also Im still using windows 7 pic has been my set up for the last 6 years

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No shame in that. Really shallow, preferably silent and faceless, protagonists are much comfier and easier to experience the game as.

here is a better pic of my desk top

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>owning a gaming PC

Literally stop being a faggot.


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If you spent money in 2013 its fine. Stuff doesnt upgrade as fast as it used to, if you bought cheap in 2013 then...
It wont run vr though, and vr is amazing

if you're not into competitive gaming there is no need to ever upgrade


What if I want to play the new Doom games, or run heavily modded minecraft?

So says the Jow Forums troll

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you cant have sex forever,atleast you can always play a video game,fag

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Motherboard and i7 CPU from 2008, upgraded graphics card, SSD and RAM. Can play everything, recently upgraded to a 2k 144hz screen.

It'll get a new motherboard and chip eventually but there's no pressure to upgrade at all now, progress on CPU really has stalled.

>4GB DDR3-1600, CL9, later upgraded to 8GB
>initially ran the whole thing off a laptop HDD
>now runs OS from a 2014 120GB SSD, have 2x500GB and recently got a 1TB laptop drive
I'm thinking about making a GPU upgrade though. I ran AC: Unity at low 720p and still barely got 20 fps. But I really can't justify it though because the most I do on my PC anymore is browse Jow Forums and play games from 2012 or earlier. Currently going through Deus Ex: HR, am planning on another Life is Strange playthrough. Maybe a used 90 eur card like a 580? I was hoping AMD would announce some crap around the $200 mark so I could use that for the next 7 years. Because the 1660 is way overpriced, lowest I can find it is 220 eur and that's shipped from Germany.
My internet is complete crap too and it gets worse every year. I can't even play multiplayer anymore because my lowest ping to any game server is 90ms. We used to play a bunch of World of Tanks and Rocket League with my friends but we haven't gotten together for that in ages.
660 brother
I still have an E5200 somewhere in my drawer. Am planning to build a wooden case for it. Pic related is the system, the GPU is a 9500GT and it's hidden behind the motherboard because it's on a 30cm PCIe riser.
Based offline boy
>stickers on PC tower
>front audio
>AMD releasing 16 core monstrosity at normal price
It was stalled when Intel continued to sell us basically the same i5 chips from the 2xxx to 8xxx. It's beginning to explode again with all these cores and threads, and with Intel absolutely eating dirt because they'll have to disable HT.

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Hey dudes I have an old comp from 1996 would it be hard to turn this into a top tier sleeper?

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>have sex
How to out yourself as an NPC/roastie and instantly devalue your opinion on r9k in 2 words

not really as long as the motherboard I/O plate is the same size and your new power supply fits into this case.

Yeah, I got my computer like five years ago and haven't done a single upgrade on it. It's fine though because video games just kind of stopped being fun and the few games I still play are autism simulators like Vic 2 that don't require good hardware, I basically use it to shitpost and look at porn.

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