ITT: reasonably explain why your fetish is the best fetish. I'll start

ITT: reasonably explain why your fetish is the best fetish. I'll start.

Everyone argues about ass vs tits, when the real man's choice is legs. When a girl has a nice pair of legs, it's practically guaranteed she'll have a nice ass. Same for tits, to a certain extent. If a girl has nice, thick legs, she'll more than likely have big tits and ass. If she has some long, thin legs, her ass and tits will likely be smaller but more "petite" and "perky". It's just how body proportions work.

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my fetish is honesty
it's very rare in women
hence, it is the best fetish

>doesn't have nice tits, ass or legs
What ever should I do to please a man?

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Liking ass, tits, and legs aren't fetishes. They're the most normal shit that comes with being a heterosexual male.

loving him
originally :)

>ITT: reasonably explain why your fetish is the best fetish.
I literally can't. It's irrational and gay but I don't care I still love it.

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I mean I guess you could get this going for you. Also you're my e-gf now so you have to send me your discord.
I started off with something vanilla with the expectation that it'd get more degenerate as the thread went along.

My fetish is giving fembots free money. It's the best because it actually improves their lives rather than objectifying them.

Its fun to bully.

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I-Im your e-gf now? Are you serious?... whats your discord then...?

Love. It's not real but everyone thinks it is. You can look at porn all day, but there's no love there. Sometimes you see couples, but that's either all about money or a temporary thing. You're just always chasing something you only think is real and achievable.

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I asked first, but I guess I'll be nice.

what kind of things wouuld you do to bully your gf?

Ummmmm im a bit scared about adding you, though, actually.

>I must give fembots money
>Why? Because they're girls
>This is me not objectifying them by treating them like they need X from me because they are Y

It's okay, I'd never do anything to hurt a stranger on the internet. And if you don't, that's okay too, I understand.

just give me attention and make me feel wanted and i'll fall head over heels for you

My fettish is passionate love making, and girls with a little fluff. No aneroxic chicks. When one is making the sex, or watching the fuck on a screen, passion makes everything hotter. When sex is canned, or mechanical, it's instantly less hot. As for chubby girls, more to grab, and easier to find.
Admire your wife.
Some say our fettishes are evolutionary traits. Examples being big tits make more milk which means healthier babies. Same thing with asses meaning healthy woman.

Diaper girls are the best fetish. being one, being with one. Diapers are not for boys. Boys are hairy and gross and should be manly and not submissive.

Diapers are good because giving up one of your most basic abilities (potty training) is the ultimate submission. It mingles well with humiliation, obviously, you can make fun of diaper girls just for wearing diapers as adults, or you can make fun of them for being dumb babies (and treat them as such).

Submitting to someone so hard that you give up all of your basic capabilities and make yourself dependent on their care and affection is very hot.

The loss of status from adult to baby is far more powerful than adult to slave or adult to pet. There is far more intimacy and a unique relationship between a mommy or daddy and an adult baby. Diaper changes are an act of caring and an act of humiliation at the same time, and is a kind of experience unique to this fetish. Breastfeeding has similar connotations.

In conclusion,diaper girls are great and I hope you'll consider them for your next fap

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Those are both transgirls by the way.

No wonder they look like men in tutus.

Hypnosis is the best fetish. Nothing like commanding a girl to sleep and watching her head slump.

They're literally not, their pussies have been on cam during diaper changes.

Don't know what you get from accusing random girls of having dicks. How about this one?

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Wait nevermind they look just like a tranny diaper couple that I know. I wish I could remember their names. If you know for some reason pls post.

>The loss of status from adult to baby is far more powerful than adult to slave or adult to pet.

I respectfully disagree--a baby is still a person. A pet-girl/-boy/-slave has given up their very humanity to please you.

When you have a naked woman on her hands and knees, tongue hanging out, looking up at you like you're the God of her whole world, you'll know what it means to be adored and loved.

By turning a woman into a pet you instill in her the loyalty of a dog. She will do any trick, perform any act, suffer any punishment and love you for it, because you're the Master. You can love her without ever respecting her. It is the perfect relationship.

And that's all before the aesthetics. She can be a cute little puppy, a slinky sashaying cat, a fit hardworking pony, whatever you please. You can allow her on her hind legs or chain her down on the floor. The point is she knows she is no longer human, that you have taken the burden away from her, and she will do whatever she can to show her gratitude.

Pet slaves: best fetish.

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Only diaper trannies I can think of are Riley Kilo who looks like Cody'sLab underfed and autistic brother

Or based Natalie Mars who browses /gif/ and tweets about it

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Face and voice
I am better than all of you

Add me pls
1ww #0357

>a baby is still a person. A pet-girl/-boy/-slave has given up their very humanity to please you.
But this is the point. You can never care for a pet or slave like you would for your own baby. It's a unique kind of love. Furthermore a slave could be independent if free, a pet would go feral. But your baby needs you at all times

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Yeah but do you suck dick

Don't know if it counts as a fetish, but nothing is hotter than making out with open mouths glued to one another and tongues inside of each other's mouths, licking each other. I crave the feeling of a girl sucking on my tongue and twisting her tongue around mine. I don't just want to be kissed lightly or gently, I want a girl to practically eat my face and ram her tongue down my throat.

Why is this the best "fetish?" Because its the most erotic yet the safest. There's no pregnancies to worry about, and no STDs. There are no physical limits to how much you can make out with a girl. You could make out with a girl for hours on end and you never have to worry that you will lose stamina. There's no need to worry about performance, just relax and enjoy how good it feels.

And its easier to get. You don't ever feel pressured to get sex specifically because you're happy just making out, no matter how long she wants to do it so you become "an expert on foreplay." And because you're happy just making out, you're more likely to have sex anyway because of your lack of pushiness.

The last thing is that, ultimately, its a very tame, vanilla "fetish" to have. You don't have to worry about people discovering your porn history, because its so tame no one will think you're sick. Maybe a bit strange but that's it. You can use R-rated movies and even some PG-13 films as "porn."

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Riley is apparently pretty cool, but anyways it's not her cuz she's like 30 something now. This tranner is for sure gen z. Oh well I'm sure the pics will pop-up again sometime.

We sometimes get diaper thread on Jow Forums, maybe ask there. /hc/ almost always has one

I cant explain it cause I havent even experienced it

>no STDs
Yeah, not like HPV, herpes, can't transmit that way

The more fat on a girl the more girl you have
Thus meaning it's not only superior to have a fat fetish, but it means you're the least gay of them all

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I'm really into thick girls, but that's pretty much it. Unless I'm snorting my way through winter wonderland, then I get into some really strsnge shit tobh

90% of the population already has oral herpes. Most aren't even aware that they have it.

And you want to slobber around inside infectious flesh-caverns?

I'd tease and edge her. Tickle her. Choke her. Spank her. Pull her hair and pin her down.

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Yes, I do, more than anything in the world.

It's hard to explain why my fetish is the best desu
The best way I could describe (besides childhood trauma) is that it's rare to see it happen. Not only that but the fact I've only seen other men take a piss I got to the point where I'm kinda disgusted of it (so i don't get aroused when I urinate) but when I see women do it whether it be because it's coming out of the vagina, the sound on impact or that yellow is a warm and inviting colour and to see it in a stream. It's very peacefully. I personally don't like it in a femdom sort of way because I think it gets rid of the calm aspect of pissing