Bros... im so happy

bros... im so happy

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that's going to be a oof and yikes for me

Hah. She has a nice body I suppose. I try to not go on insta and Tumblr so hey. New culture.

What did I fucking say to you in the other thread? Fuck off. Reported for spam.

Do you realize that announcing you reported him is also grounds for reporting?

itt: virgin who falls for every piece of punani he sees salivating over yet ANOTHER egirl. yikes on fucking bikes dude

Why is this thot making pornhub account a good thing?


if she wont go nude for money, why would she for free? fucking retards

>hitting the wall so soon
Poor girl

Because she gets ~100k a month and hasn't even shown her nipple, people desperately want to see her naked. She's perhaps the most brilliant girl of our generation for figuring out how to make easy cash, and she's done so without even showing her nipple

>being good looking means ur zmart.

You some kinda stupid there mate?

This, it makes me happy though because roasties who do shit on cam make barely a fraction she does and are seething so hard.

Nude bodies are boring anyway, though I'm not giving anyone money on the internet.

the magic of make-up

instathots, and thots in general, are 100% fake. great make-up on women is like if men discovered a way to claim to be billionaires without anyone disbelieving them. it's a jedi mind-trick that bypasses all mental defenses and hits the reptilian brain directly. biggest scam ever.

that said i'll watch her vids lol

I'm pretty sure I've seen her nipple, user. In fact they're posted several times in this thread. Look, there they are

Prediction: She will make a pornhub account and post nothing of value to it, or at least nothing nude

Those are all photoshopped, she hasn't posted her actual nipple before

I mean, duh. Why would she? It's bait. She just wanted 1 million likes on a picture, now she'll make an account, but never upload porn onto it, she never promised to make an active PornHub account

was there some photo of her without makeup on and she looks like a crackwhore?

I'm so happy we fed this attention whore what she wanted. Now she's going to make a ph account and post the same shit she does on instagram just to push her patreon a little more. Hell, if you're really lucky she might post her patreon stuff on pornhub and it will cost more for her indivisual premium videos then it would if you pay her monthly

We can only blame the faggots that actually give their own money to these whores. It's literally so pointless when there is so much free porn out there and these cucks are literally giving hundreds and even thousands to people they have never even met before.

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>inb4 dood have you seen her w/o makeup
ill never give money to this bitch, but i can sadly understand why dudes do. her face is intoxicatingly cute. the little button nose her deep brown bedroom eyes, the cute little front teeth sticking out she's almost like a real life anime girl/cartoon. shits fucked up

>Not realising that she was joking, and that she isn't going to do anything on her Pornhub account
Though to be fair, this picture was more explicit than her normal ones...

Are you retarded? Have you seen her without makeup?

Is this the kind of women that men watch these days? Its no wonder you people are incels.

You were obviously never loved by a real woman so let me tell you: it's 1000x times more satisfying than masturbating to your fantasy world in your bedroom alone

So she will be doing hardcore porn?

No, brilliant girls have enough self respect to make success by studying medicine or physics and not by selling ones thot pictures to little boys

And so the countdown begins..

It starts with striptease and dildo sucking then as interest falls it's dildo in the vagina... then ass... then the wall.. then a blowjob... then first boy girl... first anal... first nigger... first gangbang...

Each year getting more depraved than the last for a small spike in attention. Then she either retires or desperately continues, no man wants her anymore after what they have seen, sure there will still be losers who want to fuck her but no marriage no family, maybe some accidental pregnancy bastards, she justifies her rejection with 'don't need no man', gets fat, gets exposed by her kids school mates and their parents, no skills, never learned to manage money, thought it would last forever, squandered it. 45, broke, on welfare, settles into single motherhood, gets a cat, clutches that glass of wine... whispers to herself 'everything is fine, soon I will find a good man'

You forgot girl girl before boy girl.

He should also flip gangbang first and then nigger, and then last full blown anus ripping nigger gangbang.

Keen eye. Nigger is always last. ALWAYS.

T. Coping landwhale
Belle is smarter than you cucks

That is the average thot. Belle Delphine probably has enough money by now to live comfortably for the rest of her life.

Not anymore, it's 2019, she won't want to be called a racist. There's 18 year olds doing nigger gangbangs on their second scene now.

No matter what order it happens or what race the men are who do it, she will definitely end up with a destroyed anus barely capable of holding her own shit in. Buy atleast she will be the highest paid porn slut of all time.

>There's 18 year olds doing nigger gangbangs on their second scene now.

No wonder these young porn starlets are hitting the wall fast and hard. So many of them seem to come and go really fast these days.

You're going by the average pornstar whore. 2019 is the era of paywhores (patreon,onlyfans,reddit,manyvids,etc). Paywhores progress differently then some bitch that goes straight from GDP to Brazzers. There's more steps before they go completely degenerate. Panties, lollipops and video requests go a long way.

Enough for you to live comfortably the rest of your life. Not for a thot though. If they have money they spend it. They waste it on retarded shit. You keep looking at her earnings but you can't see how much she is spending. You can bet your ass the amount she spends is absurd.
It's like when some moron wins the 100 million lotto, thinks the money will last forever and then within the next decade they are completely broke.
The cucks who give her money aren't investing in her, they are investing in the retail and hospitality sectors, makeup, clothes, fast food, restaurants, hotel rooms, a few expensive cars, an overpriced McMansion or and apartment. It will all be spent. She will give some away to family, friends, maybe even to charity. She'll buy new phones, iPads, Mac books as they are released. It's all going. Why save it when next month it's another 60 grand, it will always keep coming, the incel beta providers will donate forever... and then they don't. The bills keep coming.

It's just a troll probs. She might make account but she's not gonna upload porn

Time to become a Trap Camwhore.
Got to pay the bills and live NEET life.
What kind of dress do you lads want to see me in?

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How do you know all this? Your crystal ball?

If pic related, an orange jumpsuit probably suits you

You were obviously never loved by a real woman so let me tell you: it's 1000x more satisfying than masturbating to your fantasy world with perfect little e-thots

Nah, he borrowed mine

Do you realize that annoucing that him for annoucing that he reported him causes grounds for reporting are grounds for reporting ?

Sounds like you could afford to sell some of your expensive cars and shit when they stop donating.

i have visited her instagram and now i feel very anxious and chaotic. wtf. also i always get the same feeling after tic toc videos. how can people handle this shit? i am pretty sure that this is some kind of psychological weapon. she doesnt even look like a human

lel why was one of my posts removed for? What kind of a faggot board has Jow Forums turned into? This board used to be so much better years ago.

What would she gain from a pornhub account?
There are a billion camwhores in the business already, what makes this one so special?

Maw that's retarded and takes actual effort. This bitch is a millionaire with no effort, education, or nudity required.
The sooner thots learn orbiters are a valuable resource, the better.

>Still no account
Imagine my shock

If anything, making actual porn would lessen her value. She need to keep doing the tee hee silly boys shit to keep the money rolling.

I bet most anons who are actually paying her are reddit/twitch mods (for girls' channels) and r9k regulars

Sure user, it's not like everything gets logged and archived forever

I deleted it because I quoted the wrong post

They're not doing it simply to see her naked. They honestly believe she gives a fuck about them.

Naked doesn't matter, she could still do anything porn related with covered nipples and so on, just like she already does
Maybe you also missed some of her leaked thingies

Agree anyway, that's mostly why people sub/gift money

Wake me up when she does a 5-nigger rough gangbang

That body would be perfect

time for to get BLACKED, lads

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I just want to see her manhandled roughly with mascara streaming down her face, and the occasional "Ow!" between moans as some hung nigger beats her cervix mercilessly

my pp hard af


But why would she use her ace when she is still on top? That is something people do as a last step to stay relevant.

If porn was enough for men then real women wouldn't get any attention. I don't follow this cute slut but she must be great making her followers think they have a connection.

I want her to get fucked roughly by a big nigger

you dumb fucking niggers just upvoted her astronomically and will get nothing of it

congrats on being fucking used
god zoomers are fucking stupid

>expecting her to actually make any worthwhile fap material
you're still a bunch of mentally addled retards. it's going to be the same 'teasing' horseshit

>dumb chestlet thot with cat ears and visible ribs gets millions of likes and makes tons of cash without even going full nude
>meanwhile even 6'+ chad men still have to actually work for a living
Society is doomed, there is no turning back now.

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>the current state of women

this is why no one respects women.

Call me whatever you want, but I'm not seeing what the appeal of this girl in particular is. I live in Miami and (the one thing this city is good for) I see girls leagues more attractive than this any time I step out of my cave.

You may not like it, but this is prime female body

Would still fap

no plenty of people respect women despite this, that's the problem

She looks like a cartoon character. That's the appeal.

All these zoomers spending all their pocket money supporting cam thots

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This is new age worship and you can't tell me otherwise.

We need to meme her into bestiality imagine her servicing pic related in full elf mode

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correct, Babylon 2.0. There's no stopping this, might as well watch society crumble.

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You mean this one, or the fake?

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She looks so pure and perfect, I hope she doesn't make a pornhub account to be honest

I hope she goes in pornhub and posts only videos of getting fucked by black guys

If youre not a poorfag its pretty easy to give her money. Maybe your the cuck

Maybe she's taking so much time to create the account because she's making some amateur shit right now

>you're a cuck and a poorfag if you don't give a social media harlot who didn't even show her vag to become a millionaire money

>Belle makes a pornhub account
>doesn't upload anything
This is just like Pewdiepie saying he's going to delete his youtube account after 500 million subs, and then he deletes his alt account.

Yeah it's a classic retard influencer move

does she do anal?
if all she does is boring masturbation videos with a rabbit vibe or whatever then there's not much point

I really want to see her frail body gets destroyed by a big black bull

>She looks so pure and perfect,
This is the kind of retard giving her money, everyone.

She needs to be knotted

She was made for the knot

You're telling people they can't get girls while giving money to one who will never even lay in bed with you. You're retarded.

Wait gotta checkem.

Well it is for real and I even got dublettos.

>make money
>give it to roastie on the internet because she took a picture that made your pp hard
Yes, clearly you are the intellectual here.

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He can't even write properly

There's this. She objectively looks a bit worse without makeup, but I honestly prefer it. With makeup, she looks like a super fake eWhore. Without it, she looks like a plain old teenage girl. Actually looks a lot like a girl I went to HS with. She was pretty cute, but not a 10/10 or anything.

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cast her

I sure hope not. I feel like the kind of dudes who would do that are the kind of dudes who consider themselves "feminist allies" and look down on other men who don't jump through hoops for wahmin. Reddit or maybe FB would be their platform of choice, not Jow Forums.