For the first time in my life I've met an autistic girl. HOLY. FUCK. She's so awkward but she's cute as fuck...

For the first time in my life I've met an autistic girl. HOLY. FUCK. She's so awkward but she's cute as fuck, she looks like a young Natalie Portman, and we're friends, it's so fucking adorable seeing her sperg out during conversations sometimes. I'm going to corrupt the shit out of this one, guys. I've finally found the perfect victim.

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Wow dude. You sound like kind off an asshole. You should probably try to be a better person.

That end wew what a twist.

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> I'm going to corrupt the shit out of this one
i bet you're not white

Describe sperginess

I bet he is. Only whites are evil enough to prey on disadvantaged also they are biggest perverts on planet.

Absolutely based user, ignore the normal/moralfags. Corrupt her.

I'm not, I'm hispanic, she's white though.

I don't know how to describe it, she's just really awkward sometimes, not like in the normal way but in the "Oh fuck that's cringy way" but since she's really cute it just comes off as cute, she gets really anxious in social settinga though, always looks down and stuff, it's cute.

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Too late OP I boned her Saturday night. Shit's loose as fuck you're not missing out

why hello, ernesto

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white girls go loco for the big spicy chorizo

It starts off as cute then gets annoying. Fast.

>biggest perverts on planet
You mean Jews.

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leave ruby alone lol

Don't corrupt her you nigger, wife her holy shit. Autists are so rare.

I've met at least four of them before, and one of them ended up becoming an FTM tranny

>tfw no hyper autistic pet gf to take care of in exchange for her neetbux

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I know.

Not really.

I will, we're good friends and she always talks to me.

Here's a pic of her

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autism is a result of bacteria imbalances in the gut, i will send you some of my neurotypical shit.
feed it to her

i see jf browses Jow Forums

Based and predatorpilled

I guess that is not the best pic you have of her, because if it is she looks like a men
However if you like her and think she is cute go for it fill that mouth with cum amigo

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>tfw no qt autistic artial martist gf

God she is so cute orgnl

She does look autistic