Reminder that this 19yo makes in 3 months more than you will make in your lifetime

>reminder that this 19yo makes in 3 months more than you will make in your lifetime

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not from me tho

Why would I care? Is she stealing money from my bank? I'm not a communist who gets mad at rich people.

And there are people who make milllions a day, so what?

So when is this bitch going to get her own Vice special? Before or after she hits the wall and is all dried up

she'll probably burn out really hard once she hits the wall

I can't wait for this generations "behind the music" but with thots. because I want off this ride

Imagine being OP and mass posting about some e-whore.

She makes a shit ton of money but still wears adult braces because her genes couldn't bless her with naturally perfect straight teeth like me, so who's the real winner here?

she did sell her soul and dignity for it but yeah her life is a lot better than mine

She's not even attractive, I blame the 40 year old white IT boomer guys with too much money and spare time.

I don't blame her for taking advantage of the guys throwing money at her. I blame the enablers.

>not made
Her 15 minutes are up, she's not making much anymore.

Maybe. But at least my dad makes more than her so I get to live a comfy neet life.

your dad makes more than 1.7 million a year? bull shit. total bull shit

Oh I thought she only made like 700k. After taxes it's about one million a year for him.

Thats basically what any famous person is to you lol.

Good for her I guess. The beta faggots deserve to get drained for their money

i would pay 5 thousand dollars to suck on her asshole for an hour

I'm not mad at her, I just curse life for not being born as a decent looking woman

wtf does your dad do dude

how do you even end that neet with a rich dad? couldn't he just hand you money to invest in shit and just make money from your room or something

man i hope she doesnt have kids because theyre gonna have it rough

He is one of the higher ups in a big company and works part time as a professor. He could but i'd feel bad and he was born to a poor family and worked hard his whole life to get to where he is so he hates handouts.

its all good. when he dies you'll probably get fat stacks. stick it out for the next 40 years

well I guess its better than being a NEET you could just invest money until you get some nice income coming and wont have to sponge off him forever

Is there any better life than being loved by thousands of people and rich beyond all you could ever need?

I mean probably but I don't want him to die. Plus he might give it all to charity. I would get his fancy cars though.
Yeah but I don't know how to invest well. Maybe I should learn. He's paying for all of my college though so no debt at least.

Love it that you'll even defend this bitch to own the libs. So much for those numale leftists

That's just supposition. You have no idea how much I will make in my lifetime.

>capitalists will unironically defend this
wooo sure is an efficient allocation of resources

There's nothing better than capitalism in a non-homogenous, large population pal. we can't wrangle all these gross beady eyed dark underling people to emulate the noble value of our radiant white forefathers, so socialism is an absolute no go. capitalism keeps mongrels languishing and suffering

She's going to kill herself once her youth fade away, she dropped out of school at 13/14 so she can't do anything else

Under communism the same stock of women would blow men for potatoes and cucumbers.

Whores will be whores under any one system of governance.

if she invests the money she makes wisely, she won't have to work a day in her life. lets also add that she will absolutely, 100% have a massive selection of rich beta cucks to take her in when this bilking operation comes to its end

She's never going to have a family. Imagine having kids and finding pictures and videos of your mom doing the shit she does. That, and I'd imagine no real men would bother giving her time. Her getting this much attention probably means she has absolutely no personality. Once she starts getting saggy the hype is going to die. Good luck getting any sort of career with pictures like these associated with your legal name.

the thirsty betas who want to marry her will keep her patreon afloat for years

>rich beta cucks
Imagine being so dumb as to believe these exist.

>literal clown that happens to give people boners

ya i'm mad

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If taking pictures like that when they are teens prevents girls from having a family, than 50% of the females will not have a family when they grow up.
I think in 20 years or so will be totally acceptable to openly whore out in your teens as a female.

This needs her to be smart enough to save up the money and not blow everything on travelling/cars

Do you think she isn't? You're making up a fantasy because you are jealous. It's pathetic.

Wont matter cuz she will be loaded and wont have to work ever.

She is has a bf who clearly know what he is doing.
Its probably him who starts all theae threads even.

>She is has a bf

Kys beta you never had any chance of a relationship with her

fuck you you just crushed my dreams, i will murder you

You're so fucking pathetic kill yourself you loser lmao imagine giving money to a slut in hope to fuck her

>my dreams


Even as a commie I don't really get mad at people who got rich without having workers and exploiting them

If her orbiters want to pay her then it's on them

fuck off jealous landwhale

This, its men's fault for women living on easy mode

I'm a man dumbass, that hoe ugly as fuck, imagine wasting your time and money on smelly makeup covered holes

Hats off to your dad, if what you're saying is true he is what i wished i could, but failed to become.
t: suicidal schizo born to a dirt poor home who never amounted to anything

same. amused and confused by the whole thing.

SAGE op is a faggot

Yeah, he was in a dirt poor family but studied hard and got his phd. For grad school he got a full ride to cornell. I won't amount up to what he did which kinda sucks.

rich people tend to spend money faster then they gain.

That's really specific. Are you a white IT boomer guy?

You right now is pic related .

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hate to break it to you user but the braces serve to enhance the lolicon effect that her orbiters enjoy

Alright, I gave her $200 once, but what's the big deal? Everyone makes financial mistakes.

we really do need to support trans people though.

And make sure to kill yourself asap

roasty getting toasty af

I always imagine their parents, they failed to raise her.

She's crazy talented, can't say I'm not jealous but I admire her so much

At least guys like me IRL
The only hope you have in getting a guy is by never leaving your computer

I've absolutely no hatred for her in my heart.
That being said physical violence, torture and rape of the mongoloids who watch her can't be UNjustified

whoring yourself out isn't a talent

She wouldn't have two pennies to rub together if there wasn't a ridiculously huge amount of stupid, sex starved, desperate men for her to exploit

Don't blame her for using her looks to make some easy money, blame the retards who are so spineless and thirsty they get baited and milked by her and other e-thots

>implying women want a family

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Good for her, she'll hit the wall hard pretty soon, it's good to make bank while she still can.

>2 failures of capitalism in one photo
>see don't you leftist soibois feel silly!

>post a picture of some girl in a costume
>make a statement that contains no legitimate source or citation
>at least I don't have braces
>at least I'm not a whore
>she probably fucks niggers

>doesnt know the most well known internet thot

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I bet she's gross without makeup, photoshop or plastic surgery.

what i find sad about this thing, and even this thread, there will be many grills that will try to become the next big e-whore, flooding the market of e-whoring so much that very few will find a bit of money, but undoubtedly all will ruin their future

>Under communism the same stock of women would blow men for potatoes and cucumbers.
>Whores will be whores under any one system of governance.
this. based and capitalismisawesomepilled

>without having workers and exploiting them
>If her orbiters want to pay her then it's on them
Umm, workers choose to work.

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>I think in 20 years or so will be totally acceptable to openly whore out in your teens as a female.
i give it 10 years, tops, if current trends continue. i mean fucking Teen Vogue has articles about 'sex work'. The self-objectification and self-commodification train is still rolling on full steam ahead

True but its just pathetic and sad. All that money for what? Secret pictures she will send you? Google image search is a better deal.

because selling pics of my body online to horny 14 year olds is somthing i wanna do

also UK sluts are disgusting desu

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literally all you get are fakes

Okay? Reminder that I can interact with other humans without them wanting to rape and abuse me.

>Having to worry about beta incels stalking my every move both on the internet and in real life

Ya, no, she earned that dough bro. She can keep that life.

Supporting trannies is getting kids abused. So no, we don't.

I don't get it. Why would you donate money to her? In fact, why would you donate money to ltierally anyone on the internet? What do you actually get out of it?

Silicon valley exists

If people are willingly giving her money, I don't see anything wrong with it. They should have the liberty to part with their money as they see fit.

Do you know why it exists?

quite opposite, she probably looked decent before all of it, to me she is fucking gross and dsigusting as she is now, literally looks like a sex doll, and considering she has no soul, its even fair to say she is one. i truly dont know what people find attractive about her.


You straight stupid boi.

women live on easy mode

>I'm not a communist who gets mad at rich people.
>but soviet chinese and every other communist country executed rich people causing economy to collapse
is this what they mean communism is mental illnesses

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>Love it
Don't type this when you are obviously mad af.

I unironically hope this cunt dies. I hate her. She doesn't deserve to live.

how much does she make in 3 months?

I hate her so fucking much. I hope someone kills her.

she'll rot in the same ground as i. what do i care if she has more money than she could ever spend. she sold her dignity for it. it will be hilarious watching her age like a banana.

I'm a fembot but if I catch my future boyfriend paying money or following this thot or any other e-thot on his following list i will drop him like a hot rock. Begone unfaithful thot enablers.

Damn, you my type of gal, got a discord Babycakes?