Do I look like I can pull women based off my body bros?

Do I look like I can pull women based off my body bros?

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Post your face and personality, millions of dudes have that kinda body and millions more have better bodies.

I dont really wanna post my face but my face is average. I have blue eyes and brown hair. Im pretty shy but when Im hanging out with people I can make them laugh. My ex said im funny but sometimes boring and annoying

Normie and bland af, you can pull dumpy looking basic women but only on dating sites*

*not apps, sites

Accurate as fuck. Only chubby women fuck me.

Your body isn't the issue. Women don't care about your body. This isn't a high school movie. It's your complete lack of charisma.

How do I stop being so awkward and shy? When i come out of my shell im actually funny and making people laugh makes me feel good

This is the right question. There's a million different answers out there. I don't know which one (or several) will help you.

ya just gotta BEE ursefl lmao

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My only problem is that im extremely shy and awkward. Do some girls like those characteristics?

Not really. Life isn't an anime.

I dont even watch anime original comment

SUre, but you're not likely to find them. Your best bet is to start expanding your circle of friends until there are some girls in it, and then pursuing the girl that fits you best

How to make friends? Orgimal

no one can pull based only on their physical appearance

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Dude that guy on the right could become King of the Neighborhood. Don't talk trash.

Talk to people. I used to spend at least 20 hours a week talking and meeting new people. Im gonna answer your next retarded question too: you know exactly where and how. You just dont want to do the work to get what you want. Fix that first or you wont learn. Socializing should be enjoyable.

i fucking hate how narrow your shoulders are its so pathetic. you need to do mad pullups my man. go for that bruce lee v-taper. like why are your shoulders so narrow. you look like some salamander BITCH. chin ups

Some women are shallow though
Dude 20 hours a week just talking to people seems like a lot
Are they really that narrow?

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Not a lot. Humans are social animals. If youre silent most of the day but crave attention or love then youre basically hurting yourself for no reason.

Thats true. But honestly I dont really know where to meet people besides getting a job which im trying to do.

yep they're fuckin wack. you need to do wide grip chin ups with your palms facing outward. do them as wide as you can. get to the point where you can do 3 sets of 20 with just your body weight.

you wanna look like the dude on the right thats proper shoulder width. he gets that V shape from working his latissimus dorsi muscles (under the armpits). chun ups elongate your deltoids (near his neck) and the lats (under armpits). you need to get that going. you look like some chucky cheeze ass nigga

>my ex
GTFO right now

I cant even do 1 wide grip pullup

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Do not post pictures of yourself on Jow Forums.
Do not post threads asking for pictures of other users.

All "rate me" and camwhoring threads belong on /soc/.

Please tell me this does not qualify as a valid post.

You are dyel and pasty.
Actually lift. Get some sun.

Social events. Music, food, art, alcohol, sports, basically everywhere that isnt your moms basement. Move to a city if thats the problem, or go to church if youre staying in a smaller town.
To fail at this step is to say that you have no functioning eyes, legs, or arms

Thats solid advice thanks.
Ive actually been interested in church lately

how long has ur dry spell been

No sex?? Original

>can't even do one wide grip pu-
exactly motherfucker. exactly. little frail ass chucky cheeze salamder body ass bilbo baggins paste bucket bitch boi

start eating alot of chicken/turkey/tuna and doing chin ups. kek i can't believe you cant even do one. god damn

nigga i was asking a question ffs i wasnt insulting you

damn youre insecure

I know its pathetic.
I was asking if thats what you meant

yea thats what i meant. just didnt know why you would put "Original" since i assumed that meant you were offended by what i said

yea. get on it. and post back when you've got some modicum of a body. not this play-dough tier paste bucket reptile bitch body

It wasnt an original comment. But like 2-3 weeks. I could have sex tonight If i wanted to i just dont feel like it.
Will do

...what are you doing on this board lol

Just because im able to fuck chubby girls doesnt mean im normal by any means. Plus I like you guys.

was gonna shit on you but im in a similar situation desu. if i really tried i can fuck chubby girls and have had a chubby gf in the past but i choose not to

not bc i dont find them attractive, but bc of societal reasons. fucking chubby girls makes you lower on the societal totem pole which sucks hard. like imo if you fuck chubby girls its worse to the outside world than if you just dont fuck at all and keep quiet about it

and a lot of people say "lol just dont care about what people think" but the reality is these people are often not really the "coolest" irl (hate that term but its the best i can think off of the top of my head). who you fuck can vastly influence how you are seen in others eyes and so i can see the reason you wanna change that

Understandable. I know how this board is bro. But thats true as fuck. Pretty much only chubby/fat girls show me attention but at least they have pretty faces? I would never date them though or let anyone know I fuck them. Theres that saying. Fat girls are like mopeds theyre fun to ride until your buddies find out. Lol

lmaooo yeah i feel that im not tryna get roasted by my friends about it

problem is i find chubby girls sooo hot. idk maybe its cuz i lost my virginity to one but i would fuck the shit out of a chubby girl but i mostly dont. have thought of just becoming a chubby chaser but decided against it

where do you usually fuck these girls from? meeting them irl or tinder shit? honestly might just start and keep it lowkey

Just keep it on the down low. But I meet them on POF. I dont even have a profile pic of myself thats how shy I am lol but put my actual height eye color and shit and a fake name. I just message them and ask if they have a snap and if they say yeah we snap for a bit and slowly it turns sexual until i know theyre dtf then i fuck them. If I can do it anyone can. Im 21 with no license no job and I sleep on my sisters couch lol

And I have an alternate snap with a fake name for this too lol

damn i want to but ive been on a dryspell for so long i think ive lost my game with women (not that i ever had a lot but its better than now)

ive had attractive, thin women show interest but i ALWAYS blow it by being a sperg and end up fucking it up. i cant even count how many times this has happened to me and its infuriating. literally the other day this qt at a show kept talking to me and was squeezing my leg nonstop and i STILL managed to fuck it up. i dont even know how to talk to women anymore

how do you talk to these girls, like what do you say and do? how does it eventually turn sexual? i just bore the fuck out of girls and they all seem to leave

Unironically no.

If the guy on the right just grew his hair and beard more he would get 10x the amount of women.

>how do you talk to these girls, like what do you say and do? how does it eventually turn sexual?
I ask about their interest and shit that i dont really care about. And i just ask what theyre looking for and based on their answer i can tell if theyre down or not. Also im pretty shy irl so i drink a bit before meeting them. Like 5 beers or something

damn i do that shit too but it literally goes

"whatre you into"

"blah blah blah"

"oh shit thats cool"

and then maybe another question which gets a boring response until it fades away and they lose interest. any advice?

also in terms of your body, start doing pushups and other bodyweight excersizes. shit changed my life in terms of how i like by doing a fuckton of pushups daily as well as dips and situps (im working on my ab game rn). once you get very comfortable with that then move on to the gym and such but im fine with the level im at now just doing at home shit (i used to hit the gym like crazy in high school but stopped in college)

but mostly pushups those shits work out your chest, triceps and biceps at the same time

are you delusional? your body isn't horrific but there's absolutely nothing special about it that would attract women based on it alone

>no abs
>average arms
>skinny fat physique
>average person pecs
>no v line