Dabs on the alt right, centrists and leftcucks

>dabs on the alt right, centrists and leftcucks
Is there anyone this guy won't go after?

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bros how does his headphone stay up if it's just on one side

I hate this testicless shit

Why nobody ever calls him out for standing for nothing and being a bitch that hides his identity?

>Being a bitch that hides his identity?
you said, on an Anonymous Kazakhstanian flipbook imageboard.

Yeah but I think whenever you meet actual people that take themselves to public and talk about cause and whatever. He goes there and engages them and doesn't bring anything. He is biggest bitch and a psychopath a coward. People hardly ever confront him about it.

his own incredibly cancerous fanbase

Same reason I hate him, he's a fucking coward.

Gamergate one was the worst, he basically became the leader of the whole thing for awhile, and then just quit and went away into hiding. GG itself was cringe as fuck, but the extent he got invested in it, at least fucking own up to it.

>Why nobody ever calls him out for standing for nothing
plenty of people have

he wouldnt dare go after Christopher Poole

he's talked with Density and gone on multiple podcasts and stated his political beliefs. pretty clearly he's alt-right.

i unsubscribed a few weeks ago

That pretty much equals as nothing in my opinion. Then make his face known. Fucking bitch.

lol look at the robot with the shit life get mad at someone wanting a simple one

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>Is there anyone this guy won't go after?

Fuck off retards. Metokur is one of the few people that still has the old attitude towards the internet from back when no one took things seriously, it's always been obvious he was only around for the drama even without him stating it countless times. It's not like he actually stands for nothing anyway, he's stated his beliefs plenty of times, he just doesn't care for being an activist

You're legitimately stupid if you thought he was going to pull a sargon and start a political campaign or some shit

With exception of Destiny and Tonka, he's objectively worse than every person he's ever talked shit about.

Hey you don't see me roasting Sargon or others live. I'm never even given the chance. He is just psychopathic bitch and a coward with cancerous zoomer edgelord fanbase. I hope he will kill himself. People give too much attention to him for his awesome voice. He really needs to withdraw from serious topics and remain a court jester, which he kinda is now but. Meh

Except that with GG he literally did that and rose to a leadership role for a time. Then suddenly it got "too real" for him and he fucking pussed out like a coward, and hid behind his usual excuse of just doing it for the lulz and drama. If he didn't want to be in charge, shouldn't have fucking made himself so.

All he is a fucking pussy, a loser coward.

i feel like he was thrust into a lot of those positions tho? he's said countless times that he just wants to laugh at retards.
>his awesome voice.
his voice is pretty nice to listen to, not gonna lie

>leadership role
There was no leadership role lmao, people started seeing him as a leader, he was bored of making the same content for 3 months and never wanted to be a leader in the first place so he bounced. It's not that hard to understand. It was fucking video game journalism dude.

This is why he laughs at people like you and like Sargon, you actually think any of this shit matters at all.

I think he is far more vile than that. He has lived all his pathetic life off internet so his head is filled with fuck that he probably mixes into real world. Worst is that he thinks he has audacity to set rules for others. He is just a psycho cunt that would be better off killed. I still think he is very funny though.

>He has lived all his pathetic life off internet so his head is filled with fuck that he probably mixes into real world.
how would you know? he seems pretty normal to me.
>Worst is that he thinks he has audacity to set rules for others.
when has he done this?
>He is just a psycho cunt that would be better off killed. I still think he is very funny though.
lol ok

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Not but... what a nice little duck you are user

>what a nice little duck you are user
thanks qt lol

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>what the fuck jim you were supposed to join UKIP and get Donald Trump to tweet about gamergate how could you abandon us

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Sargon was his own doing. His ego and stubbornness was what drove him to the point of collateral damage that made everyone abandon UKIP

You don't remember shit all about it then retard. He was actively taking the role, I get that he may not have wanted it and it's not his style, but he didn't refuse it. He accepted and served it, only to later puss out.

remember when he fingered his gf on stream lol

Vee get back to the cage. It isn't ball-licking time yet.

>I get that he may not have wanted it and it's not his style, but he didn't refuse it. He accepted and served it
No. There was no real leadership role. It was retards on the internet that actually took that seriously and thought they were part of some big movement lmao, he was always in it for the drama.

yeah pretty based desu

funny shit lol

He's a pretty big faggot. Just a poor reminder of a time when guys like him were everywhere, and much better too.

>when guys like him were everywhere
what do you mean

>actively taking the role
He wasn't. You can't say he 'pussed out' as much as you want, but there's nothing to support that he was some 'leader' of GG. He's some dude who makes vids/streams about drama and never pretended to be some political leader or some shit

his gf sounds hot

he's essentially if lolcow.com was a human being, he's just your standard e drama whore but he has the common decency to not show us his pathetic identity

There is a plastic flap that goes around his right ear
Pic related

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It works as a hook.
It hooks on to the left side and works against gravity

glued to his head

he i guess critisized ragebeforethestorm. How he can be alt right?

didn't he critisized rage after storm? How he can be alt right?

he criticises literally everyone, just watch his destiny debate he's very obviously pretty far right

okay then, i will watch

>makes fun of people online
>doesn't stand for anything
>hides behind a cartoon avatar

That's pretty pathetic if you ask me.

The jews of course friend

sounds pretty based to me
>le the internet is srs bsns just dox yourself bro

Literally just keemstar for people with social disorders.

>enjoys vidya, comics and anime
>bant master
>asian gf
>shits on Jow Forums larpers
>shits on leftists
>shits on incels
>shits on thots
>goes berserk when he's dealing with pedos or zoophiles
Absolutely based. Any faggot saying that he's a pussy secretly wishes they could be as smooth and unflinching as he is.

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I got a bit of a crush of metokur when that pedo ross guy said metokur didn't care about him getting help and he responded by saying completely seriously and deadpan that if he had his way guys like him would be lined up against a wall and executed

Angry metokur is best metokur

Metokur is best boomer

oof, incels detected

I think YOU want to be him more than we do friend

i'm saving myself for metokur desu

>bant master
All he does is parrot the most obvious jokes he can to pander to the terrible people in his fans

I wouldn't even vote for you

Not the same user you were talking to, but I did watch the destiny debate and I don't know how you get that he's clearly alt-right. His whole thing was fucking with destiny a bit, not taking anything he said as true(without anything to back it up), was saying that there was a criminal element when you cross the border illegally so there's no reason to believe that there isn't a possibility to commit another crime.

>How is he alt-right

IBS shitshow was fucking funny tho, shame that jim goes by jimtime and the friday video still isnt fucking up, and he scrapped so many fucking videos.

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it may have been a typo but I really like to call that faggot "Density" from now on.

>Why nobody ever calls him out for standing for nothing
How do you know he doesn't?

I would want to stay anonymous with how anyone right of center is attacked when they go in public too. I dont agree with much of what he says but he has the right idea there.

I think sargon did just that and his party got fucking destroyed from him speaking his mind in public. Mostly people who have a cause or whatever is easy prey and their only use is to produce entertainment by means of fucking up again, again and again, not that theres no good causes, but more agitators are fags and nobody likes obnoxious fags.

Has anybody figured out exactly why it is that this guy gets so much support on this site which is supposedly anti-eceleb?

imagine how mentally deficient you have to be to let youtube talking heads think all your opinions for you. le alt right internet debater omg so based!!

because he pokes fun at retards and has provided alot of hitlarious content. My favourite being that sargon furry who got doxed midstream and got outed as being a degenerate who jacked it to cub porn.
shame there is so little metokur.org shit out there...

that being said, hes a lazy fucking cunt.

Literally straight out of Jow Forums.
The right prides itself so much on their ability to stay calm and collected during political conversations, yet they get more triggered than a leftists who got told there are only 2 genders, when they hear someone isn't politically aligned on a chart. Their brain practically goes haywire because they can't decide what that person is; "an enemy? a potential ally? but how can someone not be politically aligned during these times? he's probably a wimp, i don't want him on my side! ...but he's against the left too?". Like an AI frying its circuits from trying to solve a paradox.

Like imagine being a biological entity, but without the ability to adapt and evolve. That's what the left, center and right is. A failed experiment in a lab you could say, but pretty much a failure in existence.

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Why do bitches like you always have to bring in oh "well you stand for nothing" please. Jow Forums's early days we stood for nothing we did whatever we wanted fucked shit up and reveled in the chaos of bullshit and lulz. Not everyone has to have a cause. People just want to sit back and enjoy dumpster fires and tell everyone else they are shit. Every time someone comes in with a "cause" metoshit trashes the fuck out of them. So if having a cause is sooo important how is this fuck of a nobody continously ruining anyone who has a cause and even predicting how others with a cause will fail? Fuck your causes dude.