I'm at my parent's house for the first time in over a year...

I'm at my parent's house for the first time in over a year. My father spoke to me for the first time since I started HRT. I got dead named all night but at least they're willing to let me back into their life. It's all I want really.

Anyone else having a good day?

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Are you ugly b t w?

how long until the rope?

Not really no. I'm still in that "okay if I stare at you long enough you're a boy but you look like a 12 year old with soft skin and long hair so that's cute" range. Plus I'm like 5'6 120lbs so that helps. I'm sure if I was big it would be a different story. I'm not a hon which I'm sure is what you're really asking

I'm actually doing fine. I still struggle a lot with anxiety but depression has left me for the most part. So probably not any time soon.

Wait, so are you cute?

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>possibly cute girlboi
Interesting, very interesting...how big is your dick?

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I like to think so. People automatically use female pronouns and only VERY rarely hesitate. Also I never get that clear discomfort that most transgirls get.

Plus I get laid so.

6 1/2 burger units

cute! how old are you now?

Why'd you have to be a disgusting bong of all things? Can we frot telepathically tho?

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That's because your dad is going to make you hang yourself if not I hope you'll do it

i can't believe i'm in a tranny thread and the poster i hate the most is not the tranny
stupid tranny chaser

19 my duderino

I'm not a bong or I would have used science units. This time of night using imperial openly is dangerous so I make fun of it.

How big is your willy?

How's it feel to have fucked up your family with your little internet fetish?

Please post a picture or link one. I am so horny right now.

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Are you happy with it op

You managed to (you) jackpot all my posts. I'm a faggot, I know.
Same as you.

>6 1/2 burger units
>bigger than me yet I'm not on hrt

I'm already comfy though. Plus I'm bundled up in a sleeping bag which was kind of tough to get totally right.

Yeah definitely. I still get excited over small moments of progress.

Is it pretty?

It was a little bigger before I started. I'm really lucky it hasn't lost its stuff. Part of that is using that though I think. Apparently it atrophies more quickly if it isn't touched enough.

Que? Just like, change your name to a cute male name, not some gay foid shit.

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Please. It doesnt need to be original, just post an old one. You must have some saved, right?

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fuck you that's larger than me, hopefully your hrt shrinks it into nothingness :^)

Dumb, horny user. Just rub one out already instead of looking so pathetic and desperate.

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big dicks must make you gayer, thats the only logical explanation, trannys are always hung

scared to post boipussy cause you're ugly and unshaved, dont lie to us up

I ask people to call me Emily or some variation of it. My given name was Joseph. They don't want to give that up I guess.

I'm just not in the mood. Plus this is the wrong board for that.

It is slowly but not a lot.

Maybe. I've only been with one guy that was bigger than me though. Not that I'm huge obviously, rather that most guys under just under six inches.

Technically you aren't wrong, I need to clean up a little in my pants. Also sometimes you just don't want to do something, you know?

I have to think about it, so I assume no, no I do not have pretty penis. It looks like a dick.
Doesn't hrt also make it so you can't ejaculate that much? Disappointing trade off. Small cute cock, but you don't really cum anything.

>it's a slut
and dropped

You had one chance to be patrician, and you chose gay foid shit like Emily? God, you could have been a cute soft Jeremy or Cody or Chris.

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Is it cut or uncut? That usually makes a big difference. Smooth? Proportionate?

My semen is pretty transparent and thin so you would be correct.

I've slept with six men. Is that ALL that bad?

Valid point. Hang the promiscuous ones desu

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>you clearly disgust the fact that you were born with a Y chromosome so why in the world wouldn't you want a name traditionally assigned to those with one?

>not embracing the cute flat chest and soft boi thighs
God damn you're hopeless.
>6 men
this is pointless.

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Why am I still answering this shit. We're not fucking and I can't even jerk off to this.

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>literally posts attention whore thread
you thirsty anons are really dumb sometimes, all trannies are awful, you're unironically better off looking for a fembot

>hey guys, i destroyed my family, my future and the possibility to not die alone and miserable, just so i could live out my degenerate fetish until i hit 30 and my body declines. now give me attention please and appriciate my terrible life decisions.

wrong way faggot egomaniac evil frankencunt, everybody hates you

I'm just a monkey following base instinct. And I was here to bully the tranner and their tits.

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I hope you die OP, unironically

you have, give or take, maximum 15 years to live, how do you feel about that?

Because I don't want to be a boy?

Plus it is pointless! You're right, it doesn't mean anything.

Because I'm interesting.

>their tits
They exist but I'm not proud of them yet.

You don't know that. I know of the statistics but what if I'm an outlier?

But I just want us to suck each other off

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Its hard to not look pathetic when you are pathetic. Look at me, asking a tranny for pics. I'm not even gay. This is the level I've stooped too, even lower because I didnt even get the pics. You must know what its like to be hated, dont you? For everyone to wish you would just disappear and stop existing? What did I do to deserve this? I'm not even gay. The truth is I am desperate. I'm so desperate for female companionship and acceptance I'll take an imitation. But the reverse isnt true. There is no one desperate enough to want me. I hate you and all you trannies for announcing your presence the way you all do. I hate myself for being such a loser faggot that I would even ask you for a picture of yourself.

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Sounds like a fun date. What should I wear?

It seems like you have some stuff to work out.

A knit wool sweater. Some jeans. A beanie. Warm socks.

>but what if I'm an outlier
thats fucking retarded you're fucking gambling with your life, pic related is the outlier, your think they kill themselfs because muh society, muh feelings, no, you're doomed to live your life as a monster once your younger years pass

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You have nice and cozy taste. What type of panties do you like? Normal, laced, surprisingly sensual?

Yeah but I'm satisfied with what I am.

>Yeah but I'm satisfied with what I am.
>not thinking of the future
you're dommed already

Probably cotton. That satin shit looks tacky. Not really a big lace fan either.

Oh no I'm going to age just like every man or woman will. I'm going to kill myself!


I like my butt in a nice pair of tight cotton panties. Lace makes me feel pretty though. I have a few kinkier things that I've really only worn for myself.

>Oh no I'm going to age just like every man or woman will.
You're neither of those and will age appropriately terribly. You want to be a pretty girl so much you bring medicine into it and when that goes you'll be soon after.

Such a cruel apathetic answer.

>girls (male) have bigger dicks than me
Hold the rope, I'm going first.

Please adopt a child.