How do i know if he actually loves me or if he just wants someone to stick his dick into

how do i know if he actually loves me or if he just wants someone to stick his dick into

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Don't let him stick his dick into you

he texts "i love you!" or "

Does he try to initiate holding hands?


You stupid fucking roastie. You should be HONORED somebody wants to fuck you. Every time I've tried to get with a girl I have failed. I am 23 years old and a virgin. The fact that I have never fucked a woman, let alone been kissed by a girl has fucked with my mental health in horrible ways. Earlier today I was in a store near an attractive woman standing about 4-5 feet behind staring at her ass which looked SO good in yoga pants. My dick has never been harder in my life, all of the porn in the world couldn't give me that erection. All I thought about was how easy it would be to come up behind her and just start violently humping her. If were were in the 11th century and a similar situation happened there's like a 46% chance I would have raped her on the spot. I'm so mentally fucked up and I've never even been this horny since I was 12. I want to be intimate with an attractive woman more than anything on this earth and I have been denied this opportunity my whole life. If I do not get laid within ~2 years max, I will probably kill myself or do something very very stupid and illegal and then kill myself. I was never like this as a child. I used to think getting laid would be a cool thing but it was never a pressing issue. Now my desire for sex is akin to being a man who is starving but cannot die. I have been rejected by women in public, humiliating ways that makes me hate them with a passion. I've been led on, insulted, gossiped about, and even called a creep to my face. My past experiences have scarred me and I'm too scared to be sexual with girls like a normal human being.

I fucking hate my life

This is the best way to find out.

Why would you even type that out, you sound so pathetic.

For me, I think you'd just be able to feel it. The way he looks at you, talks with you, his tone, his mood. If he seems bored and hurried with normal conversation and only gets interested when it gets to the sexy stuff, that's when you know he only wants to fuck :0

torture him. if he still likes you then its love

I'm always scared of this when asking girls out that they think I just want to fugg em.

Because sharing my pain with anonymous internet strangers will not ruin my life will sharing it with irl people will

Fucking stfu and let him smash. then move on to the next guy

i dont know about the situation plus im a social inept but im no virgin so ill make a guess
if he makes plans with you that dont even involve being alone then he is into you, if all he wants is alone time then MAYBE he just wants to fuck, its a MAYBE, maybe he really is into you and thats the reason why he wants to fuck you so bad

here's a foolproof guide for women:
the amount you're attracted to a man is equal to the amount that he will mistreat you

fuck. youre all right. youre all right in some way. i dont know what to do because i think i love him and it would be hard to leave him because of something stupid like this but every day he gives me more signs that he just wants me to fuck

This post is all truth. Could you rant more? I mean, post more about your life? Please.

You have an entire board dedicated to you, fag.

He marries you and then sticks his dick inside you.
Either way you gotta take the dick.

First off, if you've already been duped into such a thing before, it doesn't matter anyways.
Second, the best way to tell is not to have sex before marriage. Again, that is utterly pointless if you've already lost your virginity.

It could just as well be both

You know the worst part about trying to hit on girls? If you are unattractive to them and try to hit on them, they don't even treat you like a person.

Think about it this way:
You enter college, never went to any parties in highschool, never had any friends, never been kissed, never done anything remotely sexual with anybody ever. You want to change that, so you google how to get girls. You read a bunch of books and websites and blogs and stuff about how you should act """non-needy""" and idgaf and confident and shit and you test it out. This is all mindblowing shit, like "WOAH, here is this whole other world I never knew about!". So you keep reading and reading for months...years even. You know all the theory, but eventually you realize all the books in the world won't get your dick wet. You have to actually talk to girls. The best way to do it is to just be direct and bold...but that requires balls and if you had balls you wouldn't be some incel virgin PUA book reading autist.

So you talk to girls, ONLY attractive ones. You flirt with them, and suprise! They actually respond well to your "high-status" behavior. They hug you, touch your chest, make super long eye contact, genuinely smile around you and act happy to see you.... Holy shit, the books are working! You have all of this positive female attention, now you just need to convert it to a lay.

This is where the fun ends. 24 women.

I have attempted to fuck 24 women during college. I have failed with all of them. Some flirted super hard with me. They would stare at me when I was not looking, touch my chest, arms (one girl literally put both of her hands around my bicep and carressed it for a good 15 seconds), laugh when you blow kisses at them. You have casual conversation with them and thanks to all of the books you've been reading, you vibe with them and it goes well...until you try to make the interaction go somewhere. You tell her she's cute and/or you want her number... 3/10 times she tells you she has a boyfriend, 2/10 times she gives it to you and when you text her she casually mentions her boyfriend, 1/10 times you tell her to come to a party dressed sexy and she comes with a DUDE unannounced (a whole nigga I have never seen or heard of in my life), 0.01/10 times she smiles and says no thank you and goes about her business (like a decent human being), 1/10 times she looks at you like you just rolled out of cow shit and walks away with visible, 1/10 times she publically calls you a creep in the auditory range of everyone around, 1/10 times she rejects you in the most public, humilating way her twisted evil roastie brain can think of, and finally 1/10 times she (falsely) tells the police you assaulted her. Those last 3 scenarios really fucked me up. Like I have not tried to move forward with a girl since the false accusation. After so much failure and pain it's just too much to continue. Women have a way of treating you like you have a chance and then swiftly and emotionlessly denying you while insinuating she used you for free food, attention, social status, or an ego boost. Heck, maybe she was bored and just wanted to emotionally scar you for life because you were """CREEPY""" (unattractive).


The worst part is that about 5 or so girls very much wanted my dick, all ranging from a 4-9 in attractiveness (the 9 was a legit actress that appeared in many college/teen dramas and some commercials). But for some fucked up reason, you were too scared to go for the layup and now they too are out of reach. It's like when I try to be sexual with girls, my confident cocky facade shatters and this aura of desperate loneliness rears it's ugly head and makes the cute bubbly girl a demon. In reality, most of the girls I talked to haven't activaly disrespected me, just like ~5. But the ones where they disrespect you because they feel like they're out of your league are the worst. I swear to God if another woman calls me a creep or is rude to me because I literally thought she was attractive, I will beat the ever living shit out of her right there. How can you be so evil to someone who thought you were attractive enough to sleep with? It blows my mind. Girls wanted to sleep with me (even an ugly one) and I was flattered. I still have memories of how onlookers just looked at me in pity getting rejected by that sociopathic bitch roastie and up till recently those memories haunted my waking hours. Hell, I don't even mind being rejected. It's just that 9.8/10 girls will either string you along as an orbiter or reject you in the most degrading way imaginable. Women have 0 empathy for those they are unattracted to.


I can't hide my desperation and loneliness brought by a fucked up childhood and it's costing me the only thing I ever wanted on this stupid fucking planet, intimacy with a woman I found beautiful. The urge to fuck grows stronger, it's like a virus that spreads and grows stronger with time. With eachI fear one of these days my lust will overtake me and I will make a grave error. I'm currently taking a break from college. Right now I'm just lifting and dieting so girls will approach me and be more receptive to me, but if that TOO fails, who knows what I'll do...

Thanks for listening to my blog.

Are you ugly fat or old? Y/N

If the answer is yes you'll just be a practice GF

Fuck off slut, this isnt a girls board.

I'll tell you the answer, but you have to promise tits and timestamp, and to never post again after.