Im lonely guys. You?

Im lonely guys. You?

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Yes. I lost 2 e-girls that I liked in a day.

youre blowing guys? thats not healthy user

Very lonely as well wish I had people I could talk and relate to

This. I isolate myself and act so awkward around new people I meet I just want more friends

very, very lonely, wish i wasn't an autistic sperg

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I've never thought of playing video games in that position, I'm going to go try it now

Of course I am. That's why I'm here.

Always and ever, thanks for asking.

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Discord? I need new bros to hang with now that I'm neet for the summer.

Why does she sit like that frens?

reporting back

It was shit don't do it bros


>tfw no Japanese hikkiNEET gf

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Yes very lonely. I used to want a gf and think tfwnogf but now I just want gud friends to be around.

Lonely boys are cute, i want to pat their head

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Mr. Never-Good-Enough checking in. Yeah, fell asleep hugging my pillow yesterday. Wassup

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Faggot dork ass bitch

I thought everyone did this every night? Comfy as fuck

Let's say that I'd cry myself to sleep every night while tightly hugging my pillow. The problem is, I have been unable to cry for over 6 years now

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I recently just became able to cry again it was nice. I'll probably have to be cheated on and dumped again though for a real good cry. I still doubt it at this point though.


>Im lonely guys. You?
No, I'm just one guy.