From now on, I'm going to be a fembot ally. Who's with me?

From now on, I'm going to be a fembot ally. Who's with me?

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no one, saged and also kill yourself

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user just do it please noone will miss you

I can't. I have so much more to do for them.

i came across a fembot IN MY CITY, she complimented my facial features and then never followed through with plans to meet up. im pretty pissed off. until i get some fembot puss, i refuse to be an ally

fembots deserve love and hugs

always was queer
just not if they post dumb shit

I always have been.
I love and care about fembots.

You are not entitled to sex with any fembot. They have the right to choose who to sleep with and should be respected regardless.

Not untill they put out

There are no fembots, only female normalfags and all normalfags are terrible posters.

All fembots got teeth in their jayjay

uh no dude. i only respect girls who have already had sex with me. the fuck are you smoking

I'm a fembot FUCKER!

I FUCK fembots!

See this post over here You lot all have some learning to do

What can we do to help them?

Jow Forums needs to become fembot friendly. It's the only way to evolve.

Yes, they DO have the right to choose, but they do not inherently deserve respect (nor does any person).

If you want to be respected, you gave to give respect too. The women who complain about not getting respect are the same ones who will call guys they don't find attractive creepy weirdos if they even look in their direction. I first hand see this happen at my workplace with the women. It's basically a game to them to have guys hit in them so they can later tell their friends about the "creepy" guy.

We're talking about fembots specifically, not your roastie coworkers.

you are not getting any pussy for doing that. Also "ally" for what? They should be our allies not the other way around. They live in easy mode

Being rude to a fembot should be punishable by death.

Shut the fuck up, you blithering fucking idiot.

I think punishable by ban is good enough. No need to get crazy.

>you are not getting any pussy for doing that.
Who says that was the goal? The fact that you even brought that up shows how bad this place has become.