Make a thread anonymously about a femanon

>make a thread anonymously about a femanon
>somehow she knows it's about her and replies
>embarrassed she saw the thread
>relief but shameful that its doubtful she knew who OP was but if she did she wouldn't bother replying
>she uses thread to samefag and self promote

Pic unrelated but Mondays are for Miuna.

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Holy shit , can you not
I literally just have a vagina. I promise you there's nothing special about me

>I literally just have a vagina
Hi. How are you?

mtf doesn't count you fag

What? You lack her charm.

thats literally all thats special about you, thats literally all men want, thats literally all i want, give it to me

>front hole
not a vagina
not a vagina
>prolapsed asshole
not a vagina

Hurry up and become a statistic, tranny.

And what makes you special Incel ? I'm assuming youre a bitter virgin
I only browse this board for le epic green text which has dwindled on this board for years
Sorry desu, I'm poison

What do you mean, poison?

>Resentful of getting led on by transwomen obviously
>disbelief that there's another gender browsing this basket weaving forum
Sorry this isn't your secret club you woman hater and trans hater

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what makes you think i care if you think im special, i just want your pussy

Autism and summerfaggotry.

Femanon, I am so, so sorry for the awful and hateful comments that these anons are saying to you.

I'd like to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're a sweet user that doesn't need more misfortune and drab in the their life .
>enforcing the male stereotype of knuckle dragging reproduction thought process
No woman , or anyone in general doesn't care what you want sadly

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Are you okay, user? Is there something on your mind?

Tits or GTFO "M'lady" originally

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Sexually objectification of women's isn't cool user
>post dick pics then we have a deal
Then I can say it's small and we all laugh at it for epic screenshot
Don't feel sad desu, they're all self fulfilling prophecies

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You know, you're pretty cool. I hope you have a nice day.

The last person I showed my penis to told me they wanna smash in the airport bathroom.

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shes asking for it, do it

Why would I? I'm not dating them or anything.

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>The last person I showed my penis to told me they wanna smash in the airport bathroom.
Comparing Weiner sizes with other males in public bathroom doesn't count user
Its my sleepy time so I bid adieu user , good luck on talking to "egirls"

no balls ballet detected

It was over steam ok

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Goodnight! I hope we can talk again some day.

I don't wanna be like one of those gays that throw their sausage everywhere, they disgust me to no end!