What are your dreams anons. Personally...

What are your dreams anons. Personally, I really just want to get my degree and then move somewhere really cold and secluded, but at the same time, has a lot of nice people within the country. I want to live on my own, work and hopefully just be at peace.

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Want to have a novel published. I'm on the editing stage of a completed first draft of one at the moment; whenever I finish with editing then I'm running the gauntlet of trying to find an agent/publisher etc.

Beyond that I don't care. I don't care about raising a family or having a lot of money or being popular. Just want to make do on the back of what I love to do.

I dream of a painless death before I turn 27

I'm not asking about a dream that is likely to occur. I'm asking what you really want in life regardless of how improbable it is.

since the moment I was born I've dreamt of nothing but a painless death the only difference is I keep having to increase the age I want to die by >_

That honestly sounds like a good plan user. Just focusing on your passion and nothing else and for no petty ulterior motive like fame but just because you truly enjoy it. Good luck on your book. What genre is it?

I want to own a large woodland, ideally on the coast, build a cabin, hunt game, forage seafood, grow my own fruit and veg. And live a secluded self-sustained life with shelves and shelves of books.

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I can't really blame you for wanting to die, my life is pretty painful too and even if it wasn't, I can't blame for wanting to end your pain. I'm just wondering, why specifically 27?

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my life is only physically painful, I only want to die because it's the right thing to do.
cant say I want to die by 26 because I am 26

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If you don't mind me asking, what part of your body is in physical pain and is it constantly in pain?

Want to be a professional musician. Been working at learning new instruments since i was 7. I got into Slamming Technical Death Metal the other year and figured out its literally the genre of the gods of music as it uses so many cleverly written measures with such intricate little subtle nuances in every song. Im now in a Tech Death Meme band called Anal Cough and we're getting ready to release our debut single with yours truly on vocals :3

You're band reminds me a lot Anal Cunt to be honest.




my lower back is almost constantly in pain and laying bed all day makes it worse and I get stress headaches whenever I get stressed out which is always because I'm a very high strung person

That sucks. I'm assuming that you've went to a doctor and was prescribed medication for this. Does it not work? If so, can you ask him for higher doses or a different type of medication?

I don't want to waste money being another opioid addict. Especially since this world is just getting uglier. I would much rather die.

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drugs could change your mind

Are we sure you're not talking about alaska? Seems to fit the bill perfectly. Correct me if im wrong though

too many to list, most too grand to ever happen
one is having a BIG family, like 12+ kids plus adopted kids
possibly more with other women having them be surrogates/egg donators for my sperm probably too taboo for big christian family

just be polygamous

hard drugs, maybe.

Have my own land and make my own honey and food. And enough of whatever we will use as currency at that time to keep my shit safe and secure from roving bands for degenerates. Simplicity provides happiness but if I need to go through flames to achieve that then so be it.

Yeah i know lmao. Musically speaking we're nothing like them and i actually made the band based off of a meme before i was farmiliarized "beating up hippies for their drugs at a phish concert" is def my fav song by them. We have an instagram if you want to check it out \m/ we're more on the Rings of Saturn/ Infant Annihilator vibe though. We're actually collaborating with The Ogre Packet Slammers on out debut single kek

Pic related is our single cover :)

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